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New Idle Time Display in Center LCD Panel

With the new models this year Blue Bird introduced an “Idle Timer” which is displayed in the LCD screen of the dash anytime the engine is running and the bus is stopped.

Concern: We have had customers comment that this feature is not something they would like and wish to have it removed. We have checked and it is NOT a programmable feature. In checking with the concerned customers, they expressed the fact that drivers come to a stop and then fill out their driver logs which require mileage and the Idle Timer feature is displayed where mileage is displayed blocking the driver from recording.

Solution: We have found that simply turning the ignition switch off and then back on will display the mileage in the LCD screen. We also found that having the headlights on and then shutting the unit down, will also display the mileage once the key is turned off as well as alerting the driver that the headlights are on.

For more information, go to http://www.newyorkbussales.com/wp-conte ... ISPLAY.pdf

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