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Roush Propane Y-Pipe Heat Sleeves- Tech Tip 16-0924PP-

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NYSDOT and Blue Bird has in the past required that the Roush Propane Exhaust Y-Pipe Heat Sleeves be present. However, due to harsh Northeast road conditions, we have seen these sleeves need replacement due to deterioration.

Blue Bird engineering has determined through continued testing that the heat “sleeves” which were initially installed on the Y-pipes of the Roush propane product are NOT required. NYSDOT has been informed and is in agreement that units will not fail due to missing or damaged sleeves. Therefore, if the sleeves are damaged or missing, their replacement is NOT required.

To download the letter from Blue Bird stating these are no longer required click http://www.newyorkbussales.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/edited-16-0924-RP-Tech-Tip-Y-Pipe-Heat-Shields.pdf
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