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Central Chapter Meeting minutes 16 February 2011

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16 February 2011 10:02am

Members present: 23
George Toper – ESM CSD Daniel Elderbroom – Liverpool CSD
Donald Brown – Lansing CSD Scott Estes – Solvents & Petroleum Service
Harlan Pudney Jr. – Dryden CSD Steve Becker – DeRuyter CSD
Paul Abend II – Onondaga CSD Robert Frost – Leonard Bus Sales
Jerry Ratliff - Liverpool CSD Brian Slick - Matthews Buses
Lacey Grip – Groton CSD Clarence Smith – Marcellus CSD
Jason Larrabee – Tully CSD Dan Hill – Homer CSD
Thomas Scott – JD CSD Mark G Wisnieski – Superior Lubricants
Kevin Dattler – Cato-Meridian CSD Lyle Johnson – Cook Brothers Truck Parts
Daryl Wallace – New York Bus Sales Victor Tripp – Carthage CSD
Paul Monnat – Lowville CSD
Kevin Lamson, Teresa Carr – Frey HD

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Kevin Dattler.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by president.

Thank you to Frey HD of Syracuse for the sponsorship of this meeting and the support.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 19 January 2011 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made to accept, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval:
Account Balance; $3428.49
No Checks written $0
Received membership dues $50.00
Account closing balance $3478.49
Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Old Business; None reported.

New Business; None reported.

• WEB Page: No issues noted, Harlan again requested that everyone should check their information for being correct and please register if you haven’t yet. If you need assistance with anything contact the Central Chapter officers. It was noted by a vendor that it would help to have a vendor information area on the page. Harlan advised that he would look into that and get back to the Chapter.
• Summer Seminar: This will take place the same week as NYAPT seminar in the Capital area, hopefully in will not impair our turn out. The volunteer’s list for the summer seminar will be posted and available for anyone needing their help, if you’re interested more help is always needed. Contact Harlan
• Sick Call; None reported
• DOT; Mike Nuber is inspecting buses today and was unable to attend.
• State HMA:
1. Harlan is in route to Albany again this week for more meetings with other representatives from DMV, DOT, and other’s.
2. The retro-fit of fire suppression date of September 1, 2007 is still being looked into and hope for answers will be soon.
3. “Consolidation” issues were discussed with many questions on the procedures and value to this possibility.
4. Mechanic to Bus ratios were discussed and the 2006 NYSED – DSR was used as a reference of what is needed compared to what has been offered as the suggested.
Vendor Information;
• There is a possibility that the grease that was installed in the steering box system at the Factory of C-2’s may be the wrong material watch for recalls or contact you dealer.
• Brian noted that they are also experiencing issues with the water in fuel sensors. He stated that there may be a repair coming. Jerry from Liverpool noted that 1 of his units was found to have corrosion in the wire connector to sensor and is checking for further reoccurrence.

Round Table:
• Dan Hill has been invited and plans to attend a factory tour of the C-2 plant, if anyone has some question that they would like answers to contact Dan and he maybe able to inquire for you at the tour.
• Clearance noted that the MB is still having an problem with oil consumption that appears that they are getting it under control, 1 ton GM products are have an issue with ABS hub sensors that at 10 mph and below will shut the brakes off, there is a recall on this in ¾ ton but to date nothing for 1 ton.
• Lacy thought that there should be a thank you be expressed to all the Bus manufactures, there representatives, and all the vendors that assist the bus mechanics in there mission of maintaining the fleets as we do. There help has contributed to success of this requirement with both technical help and parts. He also advised those present of his dissatisfaction with substandard parts that are being purchased to satisfy the need to save money compared to the quality and longevity of better grade items that have been the used and tested.
• Jerry of Liverpool noted that in a DOT inspection of a 2005 AA the bulb check test for ABS system had failed due to an issue with the module not being programmed correctly. This is with the Bendix VDO system discussion took place on this problem. Rear axle load adjustment lock nut was found to be backed of due to the safety locks bolt being broken off. If you need further information on this check with Liverpool of the web page. That he may have found the problem that a plagued the water in fuel sensor, he will report more at a later date.
• Vic noted that he has a high vibration issue with the AA Cummins engine. He also noted a problem with SCR and it was noted that temp & moisture are causing many problems. DEF contamination issues were discussed and types of pumping system were covered. Mark noted that many of these issues will try to be covered at the next meeting at his facility. It was stated by some present that they are using 2.5 gallon of DEF per 1000 miles which is higher then was predicted.
• Steve of DeRuyter noted that the BB adjustable wiper linkage is more efficient to change the driver’s side as the passengers side is very time consuming. This relates to the bulletin from BB. Also questioned the type of tape everyone was using on the exhaust due to burning of glue on the type he was using.
• Harlan has found a Recor filter unit that has a 3 wire connector with corrosion between 12 volt and ground that is causing an issue with low power. It was noted that it is not the heater plug; it’s just an empty connector. Vision has had an issue with a Bendix ignitions switch that failed in extreme cold conditions, appears to cause this and changes as it warms. Wabasco or other heaters have been found to have barbed fitting on fuel supply lines after 09/09, this is not accepted with DOT and they need to be changed, contact Harlan if you have questions on this issue. Exhaust discharge is not acceptable straight down they need to discharged at 90 degree.
• Clamps on the DEF are rusting and/ or breaking and they are being warranted by the manufacturing companies.
• Jason from Tully noted that he has had an issue with the routing of the 2-way radio antenna wire on a FS-65 that will shut down the bus when keyed, discussion took place on this issue and how others have experienced this also.
• A discussion took place on the budgets, unions, and the issue that it is causing including contracts and lay-offs.

Next meeting is scheduled for 16 March 2011, sponsored by Superior Lubricates at there Ridings road facility near the Haun Welding Company.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to Frey HD for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support.

Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary or centralchapterhma@live.com
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