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Central Chapter HMA March 16 2011 Meeting

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
16 March 2011 10:00am

Members present: 25
George Toper ESMCSD, Daniel Elderbroom Liverpool CSD
Kevin Dattler Cato Meridian CSD , Thomas Scott Jamesville DeWitt CSD
Donald Brown Lansing CSD, Jason Larraber Tully CSD
Steve Becker DeRuyter CSD, Dan Hill Homer CSD
Jerry Ratliff Liverpool CSD, Bob Duquette Liverpool CSD
Tim Hourigan Marcellus CSD, Jim Miceli Golden Bus
Frank Monnat Beaver River CSD , Paul Monnat Lowville CSD
Victor Tripp Carthage CSD, Ed Hess Sandy Creek CSD
BJ Grant Matthews Buses, Josh Coon Matthews Buses
John Metzler Matthews Buses, Keith Sutliff Cortland City CS
Kenneth Conners Chittenango CSD, John Van Antwerp Chittenango CSD
Keith Stanton Ziebart/Rhino Liner, Harlan Pudney Jr. Dryden CSD
Mark Wisniewski, Territory Manager/Sales Superior Lubricants
Jim Collins, Sales Manager, Superior Lubricants
Harry Anderson, Vice President, Superior Lubricants
Stig Uhlen, NOx Blue Tech, NOx Blue DEF
Tom Springer, Detail Specialist, Auto Magic
Jeff Wiegand, Parts Specialist, ASAP/Mighty

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Kevin Dattler
Pledge of allegiance was lead by the president
Thank you to Superior Lubricates for their sponsorship and support.
Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 16 February 2011meeting were presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted to accept as read.
Treasures report submitted by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom read for approval:
Starting balance 2/16/2011 $3478.49
money received $80.00
Checks written: #235 $250.00 Golisano Children’s Hospital
#236 $250.00 Ronald Mc Donald House
#237 $250.00 Children Miracle Network
#238 $250.00 The Clark Burn Center
Ending Balance 3/16/20 $2558.49
Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.
Old Business: None reported
New Business: None Reported

Web page; Vendor forms and attendance registration forms are located on the web page, Vendors are advised that the web page is not offered to them as an advertizing avenue but as a contact for information and supply
Summer Seminar; The Summer Seminar committee list will be posted with a job assignment. Presenters are Vehicle Lift's Safety operations, DOT, Comptroller presentation, and the 4th presenter is still being considered. Discussion took place of other issues.
Sick Call: None reported
State HMA: Harlan presented a discussion on budgets, layoffs, and other issues that will be effective for the next budget period. There are schools that will be controlling the time of their mechanics and ability to get the information available at these meetings. Harlan has posted to the web page a recommended compliance list as to bus to mechanics and other recommendations. Board of directors are to receive a letter in reference to the normal requirements of the head mechanics and there employees. Discussion on the purchasing procedures and what is required. The BOCES involvement in purchasing centralizing was discussed with some of the problems encountered also a company representative for cost cutting services has been asking questions in the southern areas. It was noted that some districts have had an issue that some districts are not involving their head mechanics in the budget processes and trying to use BOCES only for their purchase consideration. These types of issues are going to be more common and if any one finds themselves with problems they are asked to bring these things to the HMA’s attention. New chapters are showing an interested getting chapters started in their areas of coverage i.e. Hudson Valley area and south west. Harlan will be attending the next meeting at Albany on May 19th contact Harlan if you have questions or concerns to be taken with him. The NY government requirement of 10 years and 100,000 miles for the trade in of buses as discussed.
DOT Mike advised that he was unable to attend due the vehicle inspection requirements, Harlan was questioned if Mike was to have any requirements with the Summer Seminar and it was stated that the DOT presentation was to be done by the Albany office.
Keith introduced himself and what Ziebart has to offer.
Matthews’s representatives offer to answer any questions presented.
Round table:
Tom, from JD noted that C-2’s windshield original equipment washer nozzles are not working well; he has found that BB design is better at fluid distribution.
Don, Lansing advised that the battery door latch screws are wearing away and pulling thru the fix Don has used the door stops from FS65’s this has worked well at fixing this problem.
Dan, Homer stated that the C2 factory tour was well presented and had learned a lot on the manufacturing of these units. No one presented any question for him to take down but if your interest in what was presented contact him.
Dan, Liverpool note the ROSCO mirrors on D3’s are having a rivet pull through issue and mounting screws is pulling through. This issue is being warranted at this time, more information is available on the web page.
It was noted that in addition to the washer nozzle issue that it has been found that the Delco brand wiper number 18-326 is doing an excellent job contouring to the windshield.
2010-2011 C2 uninitiated windshield wiper sweeps, it was found that water has entered the wiper module and caused this problem.
Dan, Liverpool noted that the Walker exhaust band clamp #3597, it appears that they are not all the same length, he has tried other brands and has found some are the same manufacturer and just packaged different. The china made manufacture one’s seen to be the problem.
George, ESM noted that there have been a few vendors that would like to take a date other than meeting dates to offer a couple hours training course on their products or service. It was asked that if you or your school would be interested please contact the central chapter to see if such courses be established. It was noted that these would be for training not as a sales pitch.
Miss-packaging issues have been more common than normal.

Next meeting is scheduled for sponsor New York Bus Sales and the planned date is 20 April 2011, this appears to be during the spring break week which maybe an issue with some schools. If you find that this date is an issue with you attending please contact us for a possible date change. New York Bus Sales will set a location when the date issue is cleared up.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to Superior Lubricates for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support.
Superior Lubricates had a tour of their faculty, parts available, and also had showing of the DEF dispensing equipment that they are selling in both large and small quantity. There was a tour of their newly established storage tank system for DEF that will be available in bulk. They also explained what they have to offer for services that are available.

Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary or centralchapterhma@live.com

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