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Central Chapter 18 May 2011 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 18 May 2011 Time 10:00am

Members present: 32
George Toper E Syr. Minoa CSD Don Brown Lansing CSD
Jason Larrebee Tully CSD Doug Hughes Kenworth Buffalo
Bob Duquette, Jerry Ratliff, Dan Elderbroom Liverpool CSD
George Darling, JJ Richmond, Darryl Wallace, New York Bus Sales
John Van Antwerp, Rat Turk, Chittenango CSD
Clarence Smith Marcellus CSD Harlan Pudney Jr. Dryden CSD
Steven R. Price, Ryan Oakley, First Transit Cortland
Paul Antonucci Leonard Buses Keith Stanton, Ziebart
Thomas Scott, Jeff Chapin, Donna Maycumber Jamesville DeWitt CSD
Bob Learned, Brian Slick Matthews Buses
Jeff Marsh, Bill Myer Oswego City Ed Hess, Sandy Creek CSD
Keith Sutliff Cortland City Schools Victor Tripp, Carthage CSD
Kevin Dattler, Cato-Meridian CSD Paul Monnat, Lowvill CSD
Del Wayne, Tom Sheehan D & W

Call To Order by President Kevin Dattler

Pledge of allegiance was led by the president

Thank you to D & W Diesel and Electric for their sponsorship today and always.

Reading of Minutes 13 April 2011 were read for approval, motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted.

Treasurers Report submitted by treasure Dan Elderbroom and read for approval:
Stating balance 13 April 2011 $2658.49
Deposits of $180.00
No Checks written $0
Ending Balance 18 May 2011 $2838.49
Motion made, seconded and accepted as read.

Old Business; Treasure and Officers reminded everyone that annul membership dues are now due and the forms are available on the web page, also email and mailing reminders will be sent.

New Business;
• Election of officers, no motions were received from the floor for any offices, motion made for the secretary cast one ballot for election of officers, motion seconded and accepted.

Web page; No Report submitted.

Summer Seminar; Harlan reported that the 4th presenter has been decided on and that would be “Engine diagnostics procedures” would be covered hopefully to cover many of the issues of analyzing , besides the other planned presenters, Comptroller information, DOT Mike Nuber, Vehicle Lift safety. It was noted to date there is 19 vendors now signed up for the Summer Seminar, very good turnout for this date and time. It was also noted that the response to date for school districts is very slow.

Sick Call; None reported

State HMA; Harlan will be attending a meeting in Albany tomorrow, planned discussions of contracts, contracted bus maintenance, consolidation of services, ratio of mechanics to buses, and advertising on buses.

DOT; There was no representative present at this meeting.

NYS DMV; Information, the registration stickers will be required to be posted on all official plated vehicles, there is no explanation on how this sticker will survive the life of these units without being replaced.

• Leonard Buses, the body insulators issue is being addressed, radiators on 2008 – 2010 buses have had some core problems on International units, International has intention of covering this issue the best they can.
• NYBS represented and no issues were offered for discussion.
• Doug Hughs presented that he has intentions of visiting many school district bus garages to offer their services and products.
• Keith has presented that Ziebart has a mobile unit that is available for coming to bus garages for their services. They will offer to have a complete controlled environment to protect from over spray and such. Keith stated that he will attempt visit many districts for quotes and information.

Round table;
• Tom, Vision over axle pipe are splitting 2 and 3 year units, NYBS is checking on this issue, it is noted that by using the LED lights in the stop signs and would this control the fuse failure rate, that the dropping of the amperage to 6 amps draw, discussion on a replaced radiator that is a very good price in comparison. Tom noted they are trying a new approach at operation of their transportation department.
• Ed noted the odor from green anti-freeze, also the damage done to heater and radiator hoses.
• Bill Myers has noted the Central Chapter HMA of his pending retirement and that as it stands now Jeff Marsh is his replacement. Welcome to Jeff and good luck to Bill.
• C-2s have been noted to going into limp mode on HOT days, 2 units have had this issue, discussion took place on this issue and others have experienced the same conditions.
• Harlan noted that the black engine Cummins with 85000 miles is dropping injectors, which has caused complete shutdown, with very short notice of pending problems. Low fuel pressure at rail issue appears to be the main shutdown problem due to 1 or 2 injectors. D-3’s radiator upper hose 2011 models chaffing through.
• Vic noted that he has had an engine failure due to this issue.
• Harlan noted that there is a parent group that is pushing for wider seats and mandatory seat belt use.
• Discussions on many mechanics are on drivers call for transportation of students.
• First Transit introduced themselves and thanks everyone for the invitation to the Central Chapter meetings.
• Kevin noted that tier Guardians G5 have a high master switch failure and start switches with no apparent reason. Discussion on wire wear through was brought up.
• Harlan noted that state contract has specifications call for more LED light on state contract buses, to save amps.
• Grid heater recalls were discussed, no further information was made available.

Next meeting: 19 October 2011 at School Bus Warehouse if all goes as planned.

Motion made and seconded for meeting adjournment, this motion was accepted, meeting closed.
Thanks to D &W for the use of their facility and tours.

Central Chapter
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