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Central Chapter meeting minute of 10/19/2011 ESM Bus Gararge

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 10/19/2011 Time 9:55 am

Members present; 32
George Toper, Jim Oot East Syracuse Minoa CSD Don Brown Lansing CSD
Kevin Dattler Cato-Meridian CSD Bill Wolff Penn Vehicle Solutions
All Desiderio, Rob Amerman Syracuse City Clarence Smith Marcellus CSD
Nick Crane, Rob Frost Leonard Bus Sales John Phillips APW CSD
Harlan Pudney Jr. Dryden CSD John Corrente Comm Maint Supply
Jim Miceli Golden Bus Service Ed Hess Sandy Creek CSD
Paul Monnat Lowville CSD Thomas Scott JD CSD
Tony Morgese, Brian Slick, Josh Coon Matthews Buses
Steve Becker DeRuyter CSD Victor Tripp Carthage CSD
Bob Duquette, Gerald Rathciff, Dan Elderbroom Liverpool CSD
JJ Richmond, George Darling, John Johnston New York Bus Sales
John Betts, ? Fayetteville Manlius CSD
Bill Capsello Wingfoot Tire Co. Bill Waddington, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.

Call to Order by President Kevin Dattler

Pledge of Allegiance was led by the president.

Thank you to Wingfoot Tire Co. and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co for sponsoring this meeting. Thank you to East Syracuse Minoa CSD for the use of their facility for holding this meeting.

Reading of Minutes of the 18 May 2011 meeting was read for approval, motion made seconded and accepted to accept as read.

Treasurers Report submitted by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom and read for approval.
Starting Balance $2838.49
Checks written #240 $720.00 State HMA Dues
#241 $50.00 Door Prize Summer Seminar
#242 $50.00 Door Prize Summer Seminar
#243 $50.00 Door Prize Summer Seminar
#244 $50.00 Door Prize Summer Seminar
#245 $25.00 Door Prize Sum Seminar (Capital Chapter)
#246 $25.00 Door Prize Sum Seminar (capital Chapter)
Deposits made $2670.00 5/18 to 10/15/ 2011 Dues received
$50.00 Capital Chapter for door prizes
Transfer of Funds $60.00 To Summer Seminar 1 check covered all
Bank Fees $2.50 Statement charge
$21.75 Checks order
$2.50 Statement charge
$10.50 Error in deposit charge
Ending Balance $4491.24
Motion made and seconded to accept as read, motion was “Accepted”
The secretary is to question the bank charges that were presented, report to follow.
Copy of report is on file.

Old Business;
• Reminder to everyone that the annual dues are being accepted with the treasurer.

New Business;
• Meeting location update was presented:
• 16 November 2011 Tentative for Don Brown Bus Sales or Bus Parts Whouse
• 14 December 2011 Penn Vehicle Solutions at Central Square CSD
• 18 January 2012 Stadium International at their training center
• 15 February 2012 Leonard Bus Sales at TBA
• 14 March 2012 Matthews Buses at TBA
• 18 April 2012 New York Bus Sales at TBA
• 16 May 2012 Tentative for D&W Diesel & Electric
This is a tentative list as stated and will be confirmed soon.

Web page; If you wish to view the photos of the summer seminar go to the “Gallery” at the top of the page.
Also a link has been added for Head Mechanics of Ohio School Bus Mechanics.

Summer Seminar;
• There will be a committee meeting prior to the next regular meeting at 9:00am planned time on 16 November 2012 at meeting location..
• Evaluation report of the 2011 Summer Seminar was read an official report will be presented at the next meeting. Dan presented verbally the evaluations response from 16 of the 40 that were sent out.

Sick Call; None Reported

State HMA; Harlan reported on the activities of the Albany meeting that was held in August 2011, 6.8 failure rate was reported, fire suppression was discussed, contracted buses and maintenance was discussed, bus requirements. Retro fit will be a phased in if this does every take place. Harlan reported that the next meeting 17 November in Albany, contact Harlan by the 16th if you have something to bring up. To be covered is 6 month inspection cycle, seating issue with size and spacing, and floor offer. Contracted buses and busing was discussed. State recommends that all contracted buses be inspected prior to be used by school districts.

DOT; No representatives were present.

• Nick “Leonard Buses” reported that their web site has been updated and would like for everyone to check it out, reported that they are having a new bus that is covered and Rob reported an increase of their inventory of bus fuel tanks and exhaust systems, give them a call to check supply and prices.
• Bill Wolff advised those present that if they have an issue with the new computer program install you should contact him there was a problem that he can correct.
• Tony of Matthews Buses reported that their web page also been updated and everyone should take a look.
• George Darling of NYBS reported that they have the “Propane Bus “available to anyone that would like a demo. John Johnston reported that if you are NOT receiving the “Tech Tips” that he has made available and wish to receive them contact him to be added.
• Brian reported the exhaust turbo pipe wrap, wrap will be provided if you get into an issue, discussion took place and Grid Heater recall is being organized and will be presented soon.

Round table;
• Kevin reported an issue with poor hoses supplied from other then USA made hose that is been failing faster than normal. Hose was passed to look at, it was noted that D&W has a “Parker Hose” that is available check with D & W for more information.
• Don reported onC2’s that the flap be behind the head lamp is coming in contact with the wires and wearing through, check the location of the tie back to control this problem.
• George reported on a “Ricon Wheel Chair Lift “ that has a roller block located in the upper parallel arm that is not listed in the parts list. This roller block if into failure will stop the lift from coming into a complete up position, prior to stow. If you think you have issue contact George for the part number.
• Vic reported on motor mounts that are having premature failure, a new style is being used with no report as of yet.
• Radiator upper hose failure is noted on AA there is a note of this problem on the web page, this was from Liverpool.
• Engine vibrations of Cummins that are on one unit but not the other, this is being researched to find the cause.
• Rubber bumper on wiper arms of the D3’s that appears to be mounted wrong, there will be a Tech bulletin on this issue.
• Steve noted a radiator cap issue that is appearing, possible low pressure.
• Ed noted that the senders in the fuel tanks are rusting out before there time, this has been found on a few of his units.
• Harlan, how many schools are pumping down the brakes to activate the warning system each time the bus is being pre-tripped? Many stated they do. Harlan noted that since this practice has started he has been losing more valves and wig wags then before. Discussion took place, rust in the wet tank, air lines to air ride system that was found to be leaking at a conduit covered line in a loop that froze and split at some time, John Johnston reported that there is a possible system being designed to dump the air system to test these warnings devises.
• John APW, Kingpins that are having bearings that are rusting through and failing was discussed, it was noted that other districts have found this issued. He also wanted to know if anyone is undercoating their fleets, what company, and type they are using. There were a few that advised that they do undercoat and the different companies that are local including having it added to the options specifications of new buses available. Discussion took place on dangers and hazards.
• Clearance presented some issues of BOCES requirements of using certain products only. It was noted that some districts have had better luck without side vendors.
• Rob, 2006 buses that are noted to have panel cracks from the condenser mounts on the roof, it’s a easy fix but they need to be inspected on regular cycle. Discussion took place on this issue with other districts.
• Thomas Scott noted that he thinks it is irresponsible of the manufacturing companies that there is fuel tank failure of units from the 4 year to 8 year life due to rot and rust. There were many districts that noted they have had different type of the same problems. It was many do have an undercoating standard that has slowed this problem. The point was made that it is an issue and things can be done to slow it down.

Next meeting: Scheduled for 16 November 2011, notice will be sent to all.

Motion was made to adjourn this meeting, seconded and accepted.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company presented a very good program that was informative to many. We thank Bill and Bill for a great program and thanks for coffee and lunch from

Secretary, Central Chapter HMA
When errors are noted please contact the secretary.

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