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Central Chapter 16 November 2011 meeting minutes

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Date 16 November 2011 Time 9:45am

**Summer seminar committee meeting was held at 9:00 am prior to Central Chapter meeting

Members present: 22
Gerald Ratliff, Bob Duquette, Dan Elderbroom, - Liverpool
Ed Hess Sandy Creek CSD, Tim Hourigan Marcellus CSD,
Bill Wolf Penn Vehicle Solutions, Steve Becker De Ruyter CSD
Harlan Pudney Jr. Dryden CSD, Kristen Barzee, Shelley O'Riley Syracuse City District, George Toper East Syracuse Minoa CSD, Thomas Scott Jamesville DeWitt CSD,
Kevin Dattler Cato-Meridian CSD, Don Brown Lansing CSD,
Paul Monnat Lowville CSD, Ray Tuck, John Van Antwerp Chittenango CSD
John Phillips APW CSD, Robert Frost Leonard Bus Sales, Victor Tripp, Carthage CSD, Ned Johnson Don Brown Bus Sales

Call to Order by President Kevin Dattler

Pledge of Allegiance was led by the president.

Thank you to Don Brown Bus Sales and Ned Johnson for the support and sponsorship of this meeting and refreshments.

Reading of Minutes of the 10/19/2011 meeting were presented for approval, motion made, seconded and accepted to accept as read.

Treasurers Report;
Presentation of the treasurer report was presented by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom. Due to the extent of this report it was not noted in these minutes, official copy is available to any member on request to the president or officers.
Report included account balances, checks written/received and end of period account balances.
Motion was made, seconded to accept as read. Approved

Old Business; none reported

New Business: Discussion on the annual donation of funds to the respective nonprofit organizations that are supported by the Central Chapter of the HMA.
Motion was made to donate $500.00 the each of the following organizations, Ronald McDonald House, Clark Burn Center, Galliano Children’s Hospital, and Children Miracle Network, seconded and motion was carried.

Web page; No stated activity was reported. Question on registration was presented to Bob Duquette that answered and he advised everyone that if you have a problem contact him.

Summer Seminar; Evaluations of the summer seminar was read aloud by Gerald Ratliff and copies passed to review with discussion. Topics for next seminar was requested to help keep up the interest and attendance. If you have a topic that you would like to see covered contact Harlan or any committee member. If you are interested in getting involved with the summer seminar also contact Harlan. It was noted that due to the NYDOT regulations not having many changes lately and their presentation being repetitive the committee is considering replacing their presentation with something new, if you have a thought on this bring it to Harlan, any committee member, or to the next meeting. There is to be a meeting of the Summer Seminar Committee planned soon with date a time TBA, most likely in January 2012. They are looking for new blood in the committee to get a fresh look at the seminar. Committee list will be put together by Harlan and will be posted in the minutes and web page

Sick Call; Dave Kimpland of PBS Co. has been in and out of the hospital lately, at this time he is home. The New York Head mechanics sends their very best regards to him and his family and hope him the fastest recovery. Dave has helped many with his knowledge of his field. There will be a card sent to him from the Central Chapter, if you wish to send a note or card PBS co. will forward all to him.

State HMA; Harlan has a meeting this tomorrow at Albany, planned covered information, inspector changes, independent interruption of the Regulations by inspectors, letters of warning on low pass rates, LED lights will covered hopefully to cover the light out issue as many different interruptions. It was stated that there was a percentage established on lights out, if anyone has this written amendment please forward it to the central chapter. If there is ever any issue that you feel needs attention bring it to Harlan or Gerald Ratliff to be investigated.

NYSDOT; Not represented at this meeting.

NYBS; JJ stated that they are still investigating the vibration at idle issue and will report back when it is resolved. New York Bus Sales is reworking their web page and this will be completed soon.
Leonard Bus Sales; Rob reported on a recall for the Max 4 V8, this is a low impact recall and will be done as they get around to each district or if the unit comes in for service. Fuel pump issues have surfaced on the older 466 DT and some new Max 4 relief valve failure is the cause and is being corrected. 2010 Variable vane turbo maintenance is a must to prevent failure.

Round table;
Kevin, Cato-Med, low power issue 2003 no code, no check engine light, 15 mph max, 40 psi fuel pressure, 50 psi is required, fuel pressure regulator was the cause it covers 2003-5 engines.
Thomas Scott, JD had a nice trip to IC plant, DOT Issue reported that they have had some problems in the eastern section that are requesting over and above regulation to pass a vehicle for DOT sticker.
Fuel tanks rust was discussed painting, coating, and protection was covered. Why not move to plastic tanks was questioned.
Harlan, discussion took place on using a dump valve to test the brakes by drivers to save valve failures. 07 AA small coolant return hose from head to surge tank failure is starting to occur, dry rot has appeared 2 have happened to date. Heat control valve has been the cause of driver low heat complaint; they have been sticking at the electric valve, 2 to date.
Steve, DeRuyter, Cat 05 AA just shuts down, it does restart, Cat is still investigating issue with no answer to date, discussion and recommendations were presented.
Bob Liverpool, Noted an issue of D-3 vibration at idle there has been corrective actions taken but at this time the there is no conclusion.
Gerry, Liverpool D3 drag link that the grease fitting was hitting and broken off, 1 of 7 had this issue, corrected by grinding clearance for pass through. Contact Gerry if you have question on this issue. 07 AA plastic lines failure at air supply system, they are very brittle and start leaking back from the valve, line is extremely brittle.
Vic, Carthage Range inhibit on Gen4 had warning issues that have surfaced, discussion took place and some checks were offered, including a valve failure, driver issue, wires and transmission control module. Transmission coolers are rotting away.
Ed, Sandy Creek noted AA steering tight issue was right angle steering box change corrected the issue, Fuel sender rusting away at O-ring has caused a leak on suburban.

Next meeting: Will be held at Central Square Bus garage on Rt11 between Brewerton and Central Square, sponsored by Penn Vehicle Solutions and MGM Brake Chambers. Adam noted that he won’t be there?

Motion made for adjournment, seconded and accepted.

Central Chapter HMA
Any errors or correction noted please contact the Secretary.
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