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Central Chapter 19 November 2014 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 19 November 2014 10:05am

Members present: 25
Bob LaPine-Fayetteville Manlius CSD John Betts-Fayetteville Manlius CSD
Kyle Lewis-Stadium International Jeff Chapin-Jamesville-DeWitt CSD
Thomas Scott-JJ Richmond-Darryl Wallace-NYBS
Ed Hess-Sandy Creek CSD Peter Marini-Fairport CSD
Ed McFadden-Oriskany CSD Rob Frost-Leonard Bus Sales
Ken Frost-Marcellus CSD Bill Wolff- Penn DDA
Mike Nuber-NYS DOT Jerry William-Matthews Buses
George Toper-ESM CSD Terry Merrell-North Syracuse CSD
Keith Sutliff-Cortland City SD Don Brown-Lansing CSD
Gerald Ratliff-Liverpool CSD Dan Elderbroom-Liverpool CSD
Kevin Dattler-Cato-Meridian CSD
Mona Wood, Dave Bruno, Mike Kehoe Red’s Equipment

Meeting called to order by President Keith Sutliff

Pledge of Allegiance was led by the President

Thank you to Red’s Equipment, for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, October 15, 2014 meeting was presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom,
Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Old Business;
• Emergency Contact Phone Book, waiting for return of information from printer.
• The check 333# is still missing, please check with your fellow mechanics.
• The discussion of the secretary position took place.

New Business; None reported

• WEB Page: Discussion took place on the need for a WEB page monitor to input and update information data to keep page currant. If you know of someone please contact Dan Elderbroom of Liverpool.

• Summer Seminar; there was a meeting of the Summer Seminar committee members prior to this meeting. Discussion took place on changing the location of the seminar to accommodate the increasing numbers of those attending. The evaluations that were submitted were discussed with thoughts and recommendations of presenters. If there is anyone that wish to help in this program and it’s planning please contact Dan Elderbroom to get added to the planning committee, there are many open positions that need to be attended to.

• Sick/Membership Call; None reported.

• State HMA; No report from the President. They are also looking for a secretary.

NYSDOT; There is a Inspectors meeting that is planned to take place, Discussion took place on critical items inspection, bringing up of additional vehicles for inspection, inclement weather procedures with no road test, and some additional discussion on issues that have been presented. Thanks to Mike for the information he presents.

Vendor Information;
• New York Bus Sales, Daryl presented that the December 17 2014 meeting is sponsored by them and will be held at Delphia's Restaurant 236 Genesee St. Chittenango, NY 13037 there will be a “Sound Off” light representative present for discussion of products & warranties.
• Leonard Buses, Rob discussed Max Force electric fuel pump issues, checking pre-filter screen cleaning, and required service procedures, contact Rob if more information is needed.
• Penn DDA, Bill reported on an Allison 4 year warranty that is now offered on remanufactured transmissions, Bill also advised everyone that you should always check your “Serial number” with Allison to be sure of warranty status when repairs are needed. In some instances towing of unmovable vehicles could be covered if under warranty.
• Terry Williams Operations Manager of Matthews Buses introduced himself and explained some of the changes at Matthews of Syracuse with new building, personnel positions and responsibilities. Welcome on board Terry.

Round Table:
• Dan of Liverpool questioned if anyone had a report of the “Pro-Mac” seminar? Was it well attended?
• Keith of Cortland has an issue of 2012 Cummins going through numerous Regenerations; there was a discussion on this issue and the problems that have been encountered.
• Don of Lansing noted a sluggish drive issue with some of his newer units, questioned if the economy mode can be changed; Bill Wolff will check on this and will let him know, Jerry noted the same issue when he was with West Genesee.
• Gerald of Liverpool discussed the Duramax low EGR error count issue, noting a buildup of oil and soot issue plugging up the system. He also noted that a rebuilt fuel pump remanufacture by a local company is not lasting as long as the oem pump.
• Ped Lock failure was discussed by Fayetteville and the system they have that corrects these issues, Contact Fayetteville for further details.
• Kevin of Cato noted a CCV system on 2012-13 units giving him some problems.
• “Rosco” heated mirrors were discussed, as many failures are occurring some if not most are being warrantied.
• JJ of NYBS advised those present that the Ford Chassis 350 may not be available in the near future for use as a bus chassis. If you are considering this type of units contact JJ for further information.
• Ed of Sandy Creek has had an issue with the new complete rear chambers that are failing and was unable to move bus due to it. He would like input from anyone that has had this issue. The new clocked chambers were discussed.

Next meeting will be sponsored by New York Bus Sales, to be held at Delphia’s in Chittenango NY December 17, 2014 at 9:30 am.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Meeting was turned over to Mona for a presentation of their companies’ operations and future plans for support of the “Vehicle Lift Services” they present and introducing the staff present. Mona also noted that they are organizing a depot of good used lift parts if in need, if you have lift parts or pieces that are no longer need by your organization contact them or if you need something let her know.

Thanks again to Red’s Equipment for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support and the Steak & Sundae Restaurant for the fine facility and food.

George F Toper
Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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