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Central Chapter 1/18/2012 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 01/18/2012 Time 10:00

Members present: 21
George Toper, East Syracuse-Minoa CSD Don Brown, Lansing CSD
Kevin Dattler, Cato Meriden CSD Steve Becker, DeRuyter CSD
Dan Elderbroom, Bob Duqette, Jerry Ratliff, Liverpool CSD
Lacey Griep, Groton CSD Paul Antonieo Leonard Bus Sales
Steve Smith, Pat Ficcaro, Stadium International Kevin Carroll, Navistar
Clarence Smith, Marcellus CSD Keith Sutliff, Cortland City
Thomas Scott, Jamesville DeWitt CSD Ed Hess, Sandy Creek CSD
Kevin Lamson, Stephanie Webster, Frey HD Steve Abel, New York Mills CSD
Josh Coon, BJ Grant, Matthews Buses Inc.

Call to Order by President Kevin Dattler

Pledge of Allegiance was suspended for lack of colors.

Thank You to Stadium for the sponsorship and continued support of this meeting.

Minutes of 14 December 2011were presented for approval, motion made to acceot as read, seconded and accepted.

Treasurers Report submitted by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom
12/12/2011 Balance of account $2773.74
No checks written
No Deposits received
1/18/2012 Balance of Account $2773.74
Motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted.

Old Business; Discussion on the propose NYHMA members phone book with a few pro’s and Con’s for such an under taking. Things to be decided on are,
• Cost of conventional printing, length of usefulness, and getting correct information.
• Should it be Central Chapter or State wide?
• Is it possible to get the other chapters on board for getting all information correct?
• Putting all available information together and offer it electronically for anyone that request it?
• If printed is done would the book be offered at a price?
• Other considerations were tabled for discussion.
If you have an opinion of this proposal please contact any officer or email centralchapterhma@live.com .
New Business;
Thank you note from three of the organizations that we contributed to were received and presented to those present. Note that the fourth has not been received but please note that three are part of the Upstate system of hospitals.

Web page; Note to all “The Wrench” will no longer be produced as the information printed is posted on the web page http://www.nyhma.org . If there is any questions or comments please contact the state NYHMA.

Summer Seminar; No meeting was conducted todays as planned due to low attendance of committee members. There will be a committee member meeting planned for the very near future. The planned “Summer Seminar 2012” is scheduled for “26 July 2012” at the Holiday Inn again more information will follow. Any interests in any part of planning please attend any meeting of contact Harlan.

Sick Call;
Please note that Dave Kiplan of PBS is in the hospital for some issues, any and all cards, etc, can be sent through PBS address.
Also please be advised the Stadiums parts counter employee Mark is also ill and has since retired from Stadium.

State HMA; no report submitted.

NYDOT; No representative s were presented this meeting.

Paul of Leonard Buses, that he has word of updates becoming available soon for the Max Four, Paul also noted that this particular engine should not be set to high idle from cold start, it is recommended to let the computer do it as needed. Any further questions contact Paul. The spring measurements discussed at last meeting are still being prepared for those concerned.
Mark from “Superior Lubricates” called prior to the meeting and advised that he is unable to attend this meeting and that all orders for R134 had to be into his office NLT Friday to receive the special price; there has been a price increase that is taking effect.
Kevin from Frey HD stated that all is OK on their line.
Josh and BJ of Matthews also stated the same.

Round table;
Clarence, Marcellus CSD, has an issue with oil consumption with MBenz they had rerouted the draft tube which may be part of the problem.

Ed, Sandy Creek CSD, stated that he is having an issue of inversion valve failure higher rate than normal. It was recommended by some districts that their monthly pm service all valves are test as in a DOT inspection with a stroke measurement and tank bleed to cover all valve functions. A few presented stated that this is how they conduct the valve test.

There was a discussion by those present of the cost difference between a Cummins 220hp and a higher HP setting. It was noted that some have purchased the lower HP engine and then sent it to Cummins to have the system updated and recalibrated to the HP engine. Discussion took place on issues that may surface when this is attempted.

Lacey, noted that he is having a problem with Cummins oil dipstick breaking off when attempting to re insert, a few other noted the same problem even with new numbers and updates sent by Cummins. C2’s with wheelchair lift and safety brake interlock system had a chamber failure that caused the system to go into lockout mode. This had caused an problem that the chambers had to be chambered to move the bus.

MBenz 2007-8 EGR failures which had closed and cause internal pressure until released and backed up through system at intake.

MBenz flex plate failure it was attempted to get covered by the three year warranty, this was in error as the flex plate is only covered for one year.

Lacy also noted that he has a continuing problem with welds breaking in the passenger seats

Jerry Liverpool has an issue with AA with cracks in the brake lining that was pre mature of age no known cause as of yet.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded and accepted by the president..

Next meeting: There was some confusion on the next meeting, a follow up will be sent out when all is cleared up.

Kevin Carroll presented some question and information from Navistar which was found to be very informative for many.
Thank you to Navistar and Stadium for use of their facility and coffee and lunch.

Central Chapter HMA
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