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Central Chapter 15 February 2012 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
15 February 2012 10:00am

Members present: 20
George Toper-East Syracuse Minoa CSD Don Brown-Lansing CSD
Kevin Dattler-Cato Meridian CSD Thomas Scott-Jamesville Dewitt CSD
John Groff-South Jefferson CSD Paul Monnat-Lowville CSD
John Phillips-APW CSD Michael Nuber-NYDOT
Paul Leonard Bus Sales Steve Becker-DeRuyter CSD
John VanAntwerp, John Dhayer-Chittenango CSD
Harlan Pudney Jr.-Dryden CSD Robert Duquette-Liverpool CSD
Mark Johnston-Westhill CSD Jim Miceli-Golden Sun Bus
Gari McQuade, Bob Reith, George Daring, and Daryl Wallace- New York Bus Sales

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Kevin Dattler.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by President.

Thank you to New York Bus Sales, for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 18 January 2012 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report was submitted by treasure Dan Elderbroom (absent) and was read for approval by Robert Duquette, motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted.
Starting Balance; 1/18/2012 $2773.74
Deposits made; $50.00 Dues for North Syracuse CSD
Checks Written; None
Ending Balance; $2823.74

Old Business;
The consideration of a “New York Head Mechanics Phone Book” was discussed. A few years ago it was noted that many districts submitted contact information to the NYDOT. It has been considered that the data base of the Department of Transportation may hold all the information that is needed to accomplish this. Mike noted that he will check to see if this information is available. Checking with BOCES to see if they could print this if needed was proposed.

New Business;
Motion was made for the Central Chapter to send a $100.00 donation in the name of “David Kipland” to a charity of their choice. Motion was seconded and accepted.

• WEB Page: Harlan noted that more mechanics input would be greatly appreciated to the WEB page. If you wish to submit information to the form and having problems with this, contact Harlan. Again please check your contact information to be sure it is correct, if there is a problem contact Bob Duquette at Liverpool CSD

• Summer Seminar; Harlan requested that all committee members please meet at 9:00 prior to the next regular scheduled meeting to bring together the final planning of the 2012 Summer Seminar. The next meeting is planned for 14 March 2012 location to be announced after contacting Matthews Buses. Vendors already registered are 8 as there will be a 40 vendor maximum set this year; a few schools have also registered to attend. Presenters being approached are Allison Trans, NYDOT, Tire Information, and other possibilities, if you have any ideas contact Harlan. Discussion took place on the door prize distribution at the dinner as it takes too long. One major door prize per vendor is being considered and then all small handouts would be taken care of at the vendor table.

• Sick Call; None reported

• State HMA; Harlan told of establishing a partnership of NYAPT, NYDOT, and the NYHMA, this would create a 5 member committee to research changes and consideration of proposals. But it was stated that if more would like to be represented they would not limit the number of persons that could talk. Harlan stated that the following chapters are going well, Southern, Finger Lakes, and Capital, Southwest president has retired and Harlan is waiting for a replacement. Also stated that some committee members are expected to retire in the near future, so more people will need to step up for filling these positions.

DOT; Mike talked of changes that are being discussed from upper state offices down with a lot of different rumors on proposals and that he was hoping that the DOT would have presented any and all considerations to the region heads before anything is done, this has not happen to date. Mike also questioned the information on the suspension specifications presented at the December meeting; it was recommended that he contact Adam at Central Square as he was in the process of clearing this issue up with whoever was in charge of this issue and the proper requirements. Mike again advised all present that if an issue does arise with your inspector his door is always open, he will approach all issue with each with all needed respect. He stated that all good reports are always appreciated

Vendor Information;
• Paul noted that there has been issues with 2010 Max-4 exhaust gasket leakage due to a bolt(s) that are cutting through the gasket. This associated with a whistle sound. The rubber boot at the bottom of turbo that is ripped and cause a whistle also, this is an easy repair so if you find that you’re experiencing this contact Paul.
• NYBS Cummins cooling update they are changing the color of their coolant.

Round Table:
• Harlan noted that there is an issue with Wagner head light bulb that is package with a gold box or trim these will not fit the applications. The 4656 is one that is affected; Wagner is in the process of rectifying the problem. Air door problems with D3 with broken bolts at front and rear doors. DEF leaks are appearing at the injection heads, Cummins is checking into this, Bob of NYBS stated that a gasket failure is the cause and they are trying to find the cause. ECM problems that surfaced more lately on Cats, Bob advised that he can program the replacement ECM if needed.
• Kevin 2009 injector control regulator failed with a screen came loose and lodged.
• George noted the bus fire in NJ and the noted that this did not start in the engine compartment, this started in the dash were fire suppression would not have helped.
• Trying to eliminate some past requirements i.e. seat belts, illuminated “Bus Sign”, and 3 point seat belts, this includes any proposed unneeded requirements.
• George asked if NYBS has any response to the Hendrickson suspension problem of wear into mounts, Daryl noted that he would come to ESM the check the position and report to Hendrickson with photos.
• BOCES is trying to control the spending of some local districts.
Next meeting will be 14 March 2012, with Matthews Bus Sales as sponsor but at this time location has not been established.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

There was a presentation by “Peat Sorb” and there product, which proved to be very informative with a great demo of the product.

Thanks again to New York Bus Sales for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support. Thank you to “Redwood Bar and Grill” of Chittenango for their fine service and lunch served.

Central Chapter NYHMA
NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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