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Central Chapter March 14 2012 Meeting

Moderator: harlanpudneyjr

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 3/14/2012 10:00am

Members present: 32
George Toper – E Syracuse Minoa CSD Kevin Dattler- Cato Meridian CSD
Thomas Scott – Jamesville-DeWitt CSD Dan Elderbroom-Liverpool CSD
Doug Battles- Westhill CSD Clarence Smith- Marcellus CSD
Mike Nuber- NYSDOT Keith Sutliff- Cortland City SD
Victor Tripp- Carthage CSD Jim Miceli- Golden Bus Service
Steve Becker- DeRuyter CSD Paul Monnat- Lowville CSD
Daryl Wallace, George Darling- NYBS Todd Henry, Robert Olmsted- SCSD
Gerald Ratliff, Bob Duquette- Liverpool CSD Harlan Pudney Jr. - Dryden CSD
Rob Frost, Mark Ingham- Leonard Bus Sales
Brian DeFisher-Bus PartsWarehouse
Kevin Lamson- Frey HD Paul Enders- Cazenovia CSD
Mark Wisniewski – Superior Lubricates Del Wayne– D&W Diesel
Brian Slick, Bob Learned, Tony Morgese, John Metzler, Tommy Smith and Roger Harrod Matthews Buses

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Kevin Dattler.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by the president.

Thank you to Matthews Buses for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting. Thank you to the Marcellus Transportation Department for the use of their facility.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 15 February 2012 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by treasure Dan Elderbroom,
Starting balance; 15 February 2012 $2823.74
Deposits made $80.00 Alpha DC Motors membership dues
Checks written $100.00 St Joseph’s Collage of Nursing
Ending balance; 14 March 2012 $2803.74
Motion made to accept report as submitted, seconded and accepted.

Old Business; Mike Nuber reported that his research has shown that the data he had available will not fill the need for the phone information that is required for a phone book. He is looking into other avenues to get this information together. Discussion took place on the phone book idea.

New Business; None reported.

• WEB Page: Discussion took place on how to use the web page for searching for a district and the phone information. The member map it the best avenue of a search. This is very important that your information is currant.
• Summer Seminar; Volunteers are still needed as there are some possible retiring members in the near future. To date 10 vendors are and 22 mechanics have registered. All vendors are reminder that a maximum of 40 vendors has been established. There will be another committee meeting at 9:00 am prior to the April meeting at Oneida-Madison BOCES. The meeting prior to today’s meeting covered some issues that are still being set up, with some ideas of awards and door prizes being the main topic.
• Sick Call; None reported
• State HMA; Harlan reported that the meeting in Albany meeting with other organizations on the DOT proposal’s. The three hour meeting was stated to be not too informative, but what was covered was, performance rated inspections have been proposed, 46 critical defects are on the proposed list, what are the criteria for these proposals, and other items were presented. There were many concerns of the profile reports. Mike Nuber discussed what he had been informed by his office after the Albany meeting, which covered many of the concerns. It appears that if reasonable performance criteria are established that there may be an extended inspection cycle. This not a master plans but only proposals to this time. The information discussed covered many possibilities of changes that will not be final until after the passing of this year’s budget and the Governor. As with many in the state the budget is the issue and to control spending is the main goal. The month of April appears to be the month for release of many answers. Mike noted that if this issue is looked at properly this will be a great opportunity to do business more effectively, will save tax payer dollars, and create a good program for all concerned.

Vendor Information;
Matthews: Tony reported that the bus contacts for NYS will be issued soon. Tommy Smith was a guest for Thomas Built Bus.
Leonard Buses: Rob noted on the front spring specifications that have been presented in past meetings an updated specification sheet from International is now available. Seat clip recall was presented; DT 2010 exhaust leak at #3 was noted as a gasket issue at time of manufacture and is being taken care of.
D&W Diesel: Del noted that D&W is now established in Binghamton NY, they now have a common rail injector test unit at their facility, RACOR products, Fram Filters were covered, and Del spoke of the Auburn Branch enlarged 5000 foot warehouse that is in place and will be happy to show it off when the May meeting is held at their place. Everyone is welcome to their annual tour if desired.
NYBS: George noted that this coming year Cummins Engine will be 100% emissions pure; this is a good thing for all the interest in being “Green”. Daryl noted that the “Tech Tips” will be coming from the NYBS “IT” department, if you are not receiving the “Tech Tips” contact Daryl or John to be added to the list. Daryl also noted that an issue has surfaced on the stainless steel steep wells the second step on the wheel well side “cracks” have been found, this has been found on 2 & 3 year old units.
Tommy Smith from the Thomas factory in NC talked of the buses they manufacture at their facility, and their attempt to produce the best they can and will continue to improve as technology become available. The corrosion problem was presented and Tommy noted that they are aware of the issue and has a new option that will be offered soon.

Round Table:
• Kevin noted that he has an issue with “Silverback” brakes block material breaking off, this has happened on 2 sets to date. He noted that he has stopped using this product, checked at 12000 miles that they would not make it till the next inspection. Harlan noted that he used them once and also discontinued use. Kevin ask if there is any other districts with an issue of low fuel pressure with IC’s 2009-10 models, it was noted that the fuel pressure regulator is the most common cause.
• Keith 2010 Thomas water pump pulley sheared off and dropped the belt. The closing of his local uniform company has required that a new one be found, is there anyone that has had good luck a specific local company? Some recommendation where presented.
• Vic, 2010 Suburban was found to have the rear brake hose rubbing against the park brake cable and wearing into it. He also had an issue of the driver stopping a Ford 350 chassis bus and in the attempt to leave found that he could not get it out of “park” problem was found to be a blown fuse for the “brake on circuit”, discussion took place on others experiencing this problem. Retired members attending the summer seminar was questioned and noted that they are eligible as any other; they just need to fill in the registration form located on the web page or contact Dan of Liverpool. What other brake shoes were being was questioned; a few other options and distributers were presented.
• Gerald of Liverpool noted that the “Duramax” has an issue with the glow plugs and the threads and hole need to be checked for damage when replacing, the electro is larger so all carbon and such, needs to be cleaned out prior to installation. They are still having an issue with belt tensioner failure, it was presented that there is a Cummins bulletin on this problem with a shorter belt.
• Steve noted a problem with completed work from Cat that was not completed and had to redone at NYBS, Steve stated that all his work is going to be sent to NYBS now.
• Harlan inquired on a dealer that would repair Chevy 4500 chassis for work as not all will repair them, a few recommendation were presented.

Next meeting will be sponsored by Leonard Buses Sales and will be held at Oneida Madison County BOCES center in Oneida on 18 April 2012, reminder will be sent.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Roger Harrod had an informative presentation on “Todays Clean Diesel” it covered many new technologies that have made Diesel a clean burning fuel option. He covered what “used to be” and what we have available to the diesel field of today. Thanks to Roger for his continued expertise in the field(s) that the NYHMA members deal with each day. The secretary has a copy of the information presented by Roger for anyone that wishes a copy.

Thanks again to Matthews Buses for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support.


Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com

Braun Wheelchair Lift Company has an issue with the “Century 2” that has a recall order in place.
The following units are affected.
Century 2 – Models NCL 2 with serial numbers starting with AA thru DA.
Contact Ron LeClair (Braun Corp Rep) from B&B Automotive at phone # 315-744-7177 for more information if needed.
He will get all needed repair parts for your units and install as needed at no cost to you.
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