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Central Chapter 18 April 2012 Meeting

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 18 April 2012 10:00am

Members present: 43
Don Brown- Lansing CSD Steve Becker- DeRuyter CSD
Mark Wisniewski, Chip Pettitt- Superior Lubricants George toper-ESM CSD
Mark Crossman- Fabius Pompey CSD Harlan Pudney Jr.-Dryden CSD
Mark Johnston-Westhill CSD Bill Wolff- Penn Detroit
John Groff-South Jefferson CSD Paul Monnat- Lowville CSD
Lou Gelfuso-Whitesboro CSD Ed McFadden- Oriskany CSD
Kevin Dattler-Cato Meridian CSD Paul Lentz-Mount Markham CSD
Victor Tripp-Carthage CSD Ed Hess-Candy Creek CSD
Thomas Scott-Jamesville DeWitt CSD John Phillips-APW CSD
Bret Nasypany, Felix Ray-HARC Paul Enders-Cazenovia CSD
Bob Duquette, Jerry Ratliff- Liverpool CSD Keith Sutliff- Cortland CSD
Ken Conners, John VanAntwerp-Chittenango CSD
John Johnston, Daryl Wallace New York Bus Sales
Josh Coon, Brain Slick-Matthews Buses
Aaron Bell, Travis Eisenhut, Ron Terry, Walter ? Madison Oneida Boces
Wayne Kobler, Earl Hamilton, Paul Antonia, Shawn Leonard- Leonard Buses
Rob Frost, Mark Ingram, Jim Hogan- Leonard Bus Sales
Ron Northrop- Woodstock Safety Mirror Co.

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Kevin Dattler.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by the president.

Thank you to Leonard Bus Sale and Woodstock Safety Mirror Co., for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 14 March 2012 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted to accept as read.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval, due to absents of treasure Dan Elderbroom the report was delivered by Bob Duquette. Motion made, seconded and accepted to accept as reported.

Old Business; None reported

New Business;
The president advised those present of the upcoming elections of officers, it was noted that with the end of his two year term of office the move up of officers would take place at the next regular meeting and the election of a new 2nd vice-president would be filled. President Dattler requested nominations from the floor; Keith Sitliff of Cortland City was nominated and accepted. No other nominations were presented and the polls were closed. At this time no other office were noted as being vacant. Polls for officers will be reopened at the May meeting for anyone wishing to fill the vacancy (s). It is also noted that occupation of office will take effect at the October regular Central Chapter meeting.

• WEB Page: no information was presented.
• Summer Seminar; Committee meeting will be held at Liverpool CSD transportation center on 26 April 2012 at 10:00am, all committee members are requested to attend to put final steps together for the 2012 seminar. Anyone that wishes to attend or help with the setup and operation of the seminar are encouraged to attend as help is badly needed, please consider helping out. It was noted that13 vendors have register and many mechanics have registered
• Sick Call; None reported
• State HMA; Harlan is to attend an Albany meeting on May 17th with hopes of getting more and better information on these proposed changes. If there is anything you wish to contribute or want to attend contact Harlan at Dryden CSD. Standard inspection procedures were discussed, and the issued of not being common in all inspections. Harlan noted that if you’re having issues approach your inspector first.

DOT had no representative at this meeting.

Vendor Information;
• Superior Lubricates, Mark introduced Chip Pettitt as a new local rep, Mark also noted that there is a special offered to the Central Chapter HMA members for Antifreeze and Windshield Wash presented and passed around. Mark also advised that there is anticipated oil price increase that is take effect on or about mid-May 2012, as much as $.50 a gallon.
• NYBS, Daryl noted that the step well crack issue of the Visions 2nd step, first appears as dirt and mud appears on the steps.
• Penn, Bill Wolff requested that if there is anything that needs to be covered at the summer seminar let them know and they would gladly cover it as presenters.
• Matthews advised that they also can cover any warranty issues in regards to the wheelchair lifts. They also noted that there is a new parts operation director in place in the central NY area.
• Leonard Rob noted that they are also available for “Braun” recall lift warranty information and repairs. APR valve failure due to low temperatures has surfaced a diaphragm has an issue.

Round Table:
Tom Scott- JD Cummins the front of the DPF has had a clamp failure due to rust or split, it is said that Cummins will warranty this item, but BB won’t. John Johnston noted that a “Tech Tip” had been issued on this condition and BB will cover it, anyone with this issue can contact NYBS for this issue. John noted that he will reissue the “Tech Tip”.
Don Brown- Lansing noted that a MB 2010 has been found to have a broken exhaust manifold stud; this was also covered by warranty.
Jerry- Liverpool noted that they are still having a problem with rotted or dried out plastic airlines to the brake valves on 2004’s, all 7 in the series have had a problem. Most are within inches from the connectors.
MOB has had a wheel chair lift failure in the inter lock system, it was noted that the proper operation of the interlock needs to read to see if it conforms to the NYS DOT rules. It was noted that due to an “A” out of service was wrongly issued that by contacting Albany the “A” should be removed from the profile. Webasco heaters fuel lines installations have to have an approval from the tank company prior to DOT inspection. Harlan has the proper letter for this issue for anyone that needs.
Leonard Bus sales introduced Earl as the new local outside parts sales representative.
C-2 water penetration at the emergency doors was noted with a few offering the fix for this problem. Discussion took place on this. Matthews has been repairing this when it surfaces.
Whitesboro- GM 4500 chassis alignment center was questioned on who are the local companies that will take this size chassis for repairs and adjustments, a few names were presented.
Shawn Leonard introduced himself.
Vic- Carthage noted rusting of inside of air tanks and if anyone else has had these issues?
Steering wheel out of center without reason was questioned as to cause. He also has found four springs broken at the center bolts these are 2 years old or less.
Vic noted that General Brown district has noted as saying that there complete fleet is up for being totaled due to smoke and odor in the undamaged units, if there is a smell inside the bus DOT has stated that they would fail inspection. The discussion took place on this issue and what the cause of the fire was.
John Johnston advised all present that if you are not receiving the “Tech Tips” contact NYBS and get added to the list, also their IT department is taking over the entire “Tech Tips” program. John also noted that the web page receives the “Tech Tips” within hours of NYBS getting them. John noted that have found the compressor plates are warping when over tightened this also being sent out. Cat issue of cleaning the intake manifold is high with the school buses; John noted that this has been sent out through “Tech Tips”, this is very important on the newer CAT engines. The problem with the Cummins belt adjusters was discussed again with more information to follow. There have been more and more of reported problems with this issue, John will check into it.
Steve noted that after 19 years with the DeRuyter Schools, they have cut his position to less than 20 hours a week and due to this he is in search of a full time position if anyone knows of something. It was questioned as to their plans for a maintenance program, Steve that they have not offered any further information at this time.
Ed – Sandy Creek noted that he is having more problems with the window stops on the passenger windows; he questioned anyone with a better repair for this issue? Recommendations were presented and discussed.

Next meeting was planned for D&W but due to construction at their location they will not be able to hold the May meeting as planned, they apologized for any problems this has caused and they are planning to hold a meeting in the coming season.
United Auto Supply of Syracuse has stepped up and has offered to sponsor the May 16th meeting. The location is planned for the 313 restaurant on Geddes Street. Further information will be emailed to all and posted to the web page.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to Leonard Bus Sales for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support. Thank you to Woodstock Safety Mirror Company and Ron Northrop for the demonstration of their product information that followed.


Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the centralchapterhma@live.com or contact any officer.
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