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Central Chapter 10 October 2012 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 17 October 2012 10:00am

Members present: 30, plus the staff of D&W Diesel
Don Brown- Lansing CSD George Toper-ESM CSD
Keith Sutliff-Cortland CSD Dan Elderbroom-Liverpool CSD
Ed McFadden-Oriskany CSD Kevin Dattler-Cato-Meridian CSD
William J Cross Jr. Marcellus CSD Paul Monnat-Lowville CSD
Gerald Ratliff, Jason Lawrence-Liverpool CSD Harlan Pudney Jr.-Dryden CSD
Michael Ocque-Lyons CSD Terry Merrell-North Syracuse CSD
Ken Walton-Canandaigua CSD Doug Battles-Westhill CSD
John Phillips-APW CSD Victor Tripp-Carthage CSD
Ed Hess-Sandy Creek CSD Rob Campoipta-Stadium IH
John VanAntwerp, Ray Tuck-Chittenango CSD John Betts, Aaron Fountain FM CSD
JJ Richmond, Daryl Wallace-New York Bus Sales
Josh Coon, Tony Morgese-Matthews
Nick Crane, Paul Antonia, ? Leonard Bus Sales

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Don Brown.

Pledge of Allegiance was suspended due to no flag available.

Thank you to D&W Diesel, for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 16 May 2012 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted as read.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by treasure Dan Elderbroom, motion made, seconded to accept as read.

Old Business; None reported

New Business;
• Elections, due to the retirement of Thomas Scott prior to his official position of President being filled, the position of President will be filled by Vice-president Don Brown as per our guide lines and Keith Sutliff has moved to the vice-president position. The 2nd vice president position is open for election. This was presented to the members present for nominations for this office, nominations from the floor were Gerald Ratliff of Liverpool, and no other nominations were presented. Motion made and seconded for the secretary to cast one ballot for Gerald Ratliff as 2nd vice president, motion was accepted.
• It was noted by Harlan that there is a BOCES bid that is being presented to some districts that does not contain correct information, as the specification are not being met with the product being sold.

• WEB Page: There were no noted concerns of the web page, it was again noted that EVERYONE should check their information to be sure the map and contact information is correct.
• Summer Seminar: Harlan stated that this past year’s seminar was the best so far in the history of its existence the attendance, vendor participation, and evaluations showed a very good report with some recommendations that will be considered. Dan and Gerry both gave informative reports of the monies and of the reported evaluation reports submitted. There is the need of changing the planned date for the 2013 NYHMA Summer Seminar due to a conflict of dates with the hotel. The 2013 Summer Seminar is scheduled for August 1, 2013. Please take note of this and all vendor and registration form will be available on the web page soon. If you need these forms prior to the posting contact the Central Chapter of NYHMA.
• Sick Call; None reported
• State HMA; The new president of the NYHMA State office is Michael Ocque of Lyons Central School District. Welcome to Michael for those that know him, it will be said that he will makes a great “hands on” president. He has noted that his information for contacting him is available on the web page. Harlan spoke of the continued information being presented on the “Fire Suppression” systems that they say will be required in many buses. The cost estimates that have been presented appear to be too low for what has been considered. There still are a lot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed by all concerned, as for effective dates, cost, what will cover the expense, what vehicles will need to have this item, want will be the DOT requirements, and how will it be tested. The DOT regulations changes for a future date were discussed, in the short term as they are not ready for presentation. Operations of the bus garage were discussed including, cost issues; buses to mechanics ratio’s, and purchasing were discussed.

DOT: There was no NYDOT representative present at this meeting.

Vendor Information;
• Leonard Buses, discussion on a new hand held unit for diagnostics, a new door designs are being presented to replace the ones that have surfaced with an issue, and wiring and wires were discussed with information on larger compartments for the wires and better schematics, and had offered information on the issues of the “Max7 engine recalls and recalibrations.
• New York Bus Sales, Daryl reminded everyone that the “Tech Tips” they have available will be post on the NYHMA.org web page, and if needed contact them to have your email addresses added to the send out list. These tips are very informative. There are some recalls that are being accomplished with technician that will come to your district when possible.
• Matthews, now have roving road sales to offer, if you have not seen Josh Coon yet he is still getting around or if you need to see him contact the Matthews office. There have been many changes with the protocol of the Matthews operations and more to come, if you have questions contact any Matthews’s representative. There will be a “Corrosion protection Package” being presented soon.
• Rob of Stadium International is looking forward to holding the November meeting. If there is anything special that you feel would need to be covered contact Rob.

Round Table:
• John of APW noted an issue with “Ricon” wheel chair lift arms that have shown a crack near a pivot point under a protective cover, photos were presented and contact John if you have any question.
• The membership phone book was discussed again and there is a hope that this year we can get one together, from the “BEEP” program, chapter information, the web page, and by requesting the information from the districts. What is needed is; District or Business name, a contact person, phone number (that will connect with someone that will assist or get the needed services in route) and an alternate if needed. There was a list sent around for those present to fill in the need information, with only a few that did not respond.
• Liverpool noted a reoccurring Regen issue that they have experienced with many others noting they also have had issues with regen, DEF operations, soot, and face plugging. With the “Cummins” topping the list of issues.
• Mike from Lyons CSD advised all those present that the US military has also started using a “Fire Suppression” system in some of their equipment, this system is a Kiddie system with what appears to be well monitored.
• Don Brown of Lansing stated that there will be a “Electric Bus” being demonstrated and used by his district and a neighboring district in the next few weeks, this is supplied by BOCES and he will keep the central chapter informed on the outcome.
• Harlan is now experiencing the Cummins belt tensioner failure that discussed at past meetings, he requested the shorter serptine belt number if anyone has it. It was stated that this issue has been brought to the attention of NYBS, but no one has discussed it with a Cummins representative. It was expressed that there was a Cummins tech tip on this issue but no one has it at this time. He had a turbo failure that didn’t show as a problem until high oil consumption was noted.
• 06-07 broken springs has been found at the front mounts, appears to be in the same issue of the worn specifications stated in some past meeting. VT365 with a noisy starter found that some units may require a shim package to adjust drive pitch. They are waiting for further testing and tech advice.
• Ed of Sandy Creek noted a 2008 All American with broken spring at the center bolt area.
• Vic of Carthage has come in to a DOT rating of failures issue, it appears that a few buses that his district had traded in were being inspected and the results were going against his district, this has been corrected.
• Canandaigua district has a issue with cooling expansion tanks that are cracking at the line to the radiator.
• Lock open emergency door rods have been becoming more of a failure due to drivers or operators not being trained on the operation.

Next meeting will be 14 November 2012, at Stadium International Training Centre near the “Ideal Lease” area.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to D&W for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support.
Del and his team gave a excellent demonstration on the effort of their company to produce the best quality of product and service. There was also a tour of their new VERY large warehouse and rebuilding expansion showing the growth of one of our own. Thanks to all that participated it was very informative.


Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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