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Central Chapter 14 November 2012 Meeting Minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 14 November 2012 Time 10:00am

Members present: 20, including Stadium Staff
George Toper-ESM CSD Dan Elderbroom- Liverpool CSD
Keith Sutliff-Cortland CSD Gerald Ratliff-Liverpool CSD
Jason Lawrence-Liverpool CSD Victor Tripp-Carthage CSD
Terry Merrell-North Syracuse CSD Marty Dougher-Matthews Buses
Josh Coon-Matthews Buses Ken Frost-Marcellus CSD
Ed McFadden-Oriskany CSD Jim Miceli-Golden Sun Bus
Kevin Dattler-Cato-Meridian CSD Kevin Lamson-Frey HD
John Kelvin- SilverBackHD
Stadium- Rob Campolieta, Pat Ficcaro, Lyle Johnson, and Art Ives

Call to Order by Vice-president Keith Sutliff

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice-president Keith Sutliff

Thank you to Stadium for the continued support, sponsorship, facility, and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of minutes of the 17 October 2012 meeting was presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted as read.

Treasurers Report submitted and read for approval by treasure Dan Elderbroom, motion made and seconded to accept as read, motion was accepted.

Old Business; None reported

New Business;
• Liverpool noted that a mechanics position that is to be opening soon at their facility.
• The phone book was presented again for all that would like to have their districts listed. We are trying to put together a phone book for school districts so if there is a break down in your area the effected district would have someone to communicate with for help. If you’re interested in being represented in this book please contact the central chapter.
• The Post Office bill was received and the treasurer has forwarded it to the NYHMA State office for paying.

Web page; Jason had stated that everything is going well and if there are any questions to contact him. Reminder to all again, please check to be sure the information is up to date on the web page.

Summer Seminar; Note to all reminder of the date of the 2013 Seminar is 1 August 2013. The location will stay the same until we get too big to fit there.

Sick Call; None reported

State HMA; No information was presented.

NYDOT: There was no representative present at this meeting.

Vendor Information:
• Leonard Bus, Rob, VT 365 does appear to have a problem with their starter, the shim did not cure the noise. More research is being done. Cleveland Tank has extended the contract and is also building truck tanks that can be made to your specifications. Discussion took place on what each district does to extend the life of these tanks which included painting with bed liner material, undercoating, and protecting with other materials.
• Frey HD, Kevin noted that he is available for any concerns or questions.
• Matthews, nothing to report.

Round table;
• Gerald reported on a Snap-on visual tool that has helped in the internal inspection of dosing chambers of the DEF units of Cummins, he also had a very informative presentation on the problems involved with DEF build up. SCR light issue is present when the problem is extensive. Emissions and there coverage of time and miles were discussed. It was noted that residue at the tail pipe was one of the first indicator of a issue.
• Terry noted that he has had issues with 05-09 IC steering column load bearing. The failure of a return to center has been noted when problem starts. The replacements are reaching $500.00 due to complete replacement is needed.
• Discussion took place on the failure of IC to cover under warranty some of their paint issues.
• Vic noted that he has experienced a similar type problem noted at Sandy Creek CSD; he has found a crack at the center bolt of the front spring on blue Bird All Americans. Vic has found that the block thickness affects the bolt and is not tighten to best position which is letting the spring to be effected.
• George brought to the floor a discussion on the all bus mechanics and the requirements of their position. Discussion took place on some past issues that have been brought before this organization, which includes but not restricted to, Mechanic to bus ratio’s, pay scale, fleet turn over, standards of bus repairs, shop maintenance, mechanics that have to drive, head mechanics position acting as a dispatcher, trip coordinator, DOT requirements, also discussed was the noted changing of the mission of mechanics and the roll as that he performs. It was discussed that an evaluation form of duties for each district so this information could be organized in an informative form for the NYHMA could present this to all concerned as a contract bargaining item.
• Also brought to the attention of those present was the lighting section of the NYDOT regulations, and how that some presented regulation are not in line with a considered normal requirement. It was noted that a new understanding of the issue of LED units, it has been understood that if all led bulbs are inoperative except 1(one) it would be considered as a “C” out of service! (Note: with no DOT representative present this has not been confirmed). As with a single bulb in the same position would be considered an “A” out of service? There was a discussion on this issue and many ideas were presented that shows that if the NYHMA was to present a well-defined program of this issue to the NYDOT for consideration this issue may be rectified. A consideration is that bulb failures would be considered “B” out of service, the only time an “A” would be considered is with mounting and/or presents of said light. And for consideration a “C” out service would be any light that is not in proper condition I.E. bad lens, etc., this would help in being very clear in the regulations presented. (Note: many things were presented and none of the above is meant to imply to have it written in this form) If anyone has input on this should contact the NYHMA Central Chapter.

Next meeting: New York Bus Sales, Location TBA, meeting date is 19 December 2012.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Stadium’s Art Ives presented a very informative presentation on their “DPF” cleaning process and the time it would take to complete the cleaning. Prices and other information were in handouts made available. Many had question and Art answered all and offered to show anyone that was interested the machine and its operation. There was a discussion on cleaning a DEF chamber with a buildup of residue, art stated that he would consider trying the process on it.
SliverBack Brakes, John Kelvin reported to everyone present on the issues that have surfaced earlier this year with some of their product. He noted that this issue was completely researched to find the cause, and John explained that they found the cause which was rectified. All known effected units have been taken care of as of this date and John apologized for any inconveniences that have occurred with this instance. If anyone has any questions, please contact your Stadium representative for further assistance. John also presented new products and information on other products his company offers which includes, S cams, brake drums, spring kits, and brake chambers. Thanks to John for presenting this information and explanation.


Central Chapter NYHMA

Note: All information contained here is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or correction please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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