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Central Chapter 20 February 2013 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 20 February 2013 Time 10:00am

Members present: 31
George Toper- ESM SCD Don Brown-Lansing CSD
Keith Sutliff-Cortland City Dan Elderbroom-Liverpool CSD
David Powers-Cummins NE LLC John Phillips-APW CSD
Daryl Wallace-NYBS Kevin Lamson-Frey HD
Stephanie Webster-Frey HD Lacey F. Grip-Groton CSD
Mark Johnston-Westhill CSD Rich Guarasce-Liverpool CSD
Dana Nelson- B-ville CSD Gerald Ratliff-Liverpool CSD
Paul Abend II-Onondaga CSD William Cross-Jr.-Marcellus CSD
Nick Crane-Leonard Bus Sales Bill Wolff-Penn Detroit
Felix Ray-HARC Terry Merrell-North Syracuse CSD
John Baker-Leonard Bus Sales Kris Woods Syracuse City
Keith Lesh-Syracuse City SD Rick Gigliotti-Kenworth of Syracuse
Tony Zangoglia-Paccar Parts Kevin Dattler-Cato Meriden CSD
Tony Morgese -Matthews Buses Ed Hess-Sandy Creek CSD
Harlan Pudney Jr.-Dryden CSD Mark Wisniewski-Superior Lub
Mike Ocque-Lyon CSD and State HMA President

Call to Order by President Dan Brown.

Pledge of Allegiance was conducted by the president.

Thank you to Superior Lubricates for sponsorship of this meeting.

Reading of Minutes of the Central Chapter, 16 January 2013 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Treasurers Report submitted and read for approval by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom, Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with the secretary.

Old Business; None reported

New Business; Letters of appreciation were received from the organizations that the Central Chapter had donated to. Special note; 3 of the 4 organizations that we donate to are all part of Upstate medical center. Discussion of possible more research of not for profit organizations that would benefit from our donations. If you have any recommendations contact the officers.

Web page; everything is going well; they have not been notified of any problems to date. Contact Dan at Liverpool if a problem comes up.

Summer Seminar; The committee reported by Harlan, of the planned or possible suggestions for presenters, which includes DOT and new regulations (possible 2 sessions) 1 for DOT regulations and 1 for compliance of paper work, Lubrication and oils, emissions’ for this coming year 2013 and all the issues that are surfacing now that some are coming of age for the warranty to end, propane buses, OBDII systems for 2013 manufactures dates, corrosion issues. Discussions of concerns were presented by many that were present. All registration forms are on the web page vendor and attendees Dan will have a link to check for the schools and vendors that have registered. 15 vendor tables have been account for this date of the 40 that are available. Still need people to help out and Harlan still would like a new chairmen to step forward.

Sick Call; None reported

State HMA; Mike was present for anyone that needed information.

NYSDOT: Mike and Harlan attended a meeting in Albany, presented a web site for this is, called draft proposal http//www.dot.ny.gov/divisions/operating/osss/bus/performance. Proposals of new regulations were discussed in extent and here are a few examples;
Performance based inspections, i.e. the closer you are to 100% the further apart inspection dates may be, some inspections will be complete others will be a road side type inspection, the fleet that fall less than 90% (acceptable group) will be securitized more for proved improvements, and those below these thresholds (25% will be more frequent or possible spot inspection. Compliance officer’s maybe a new DOT inspector that would be responsible to check all paper work and forms requirements. Harlan read a list of information that they had noted at the Albany meeting. It is recommending that everyone read and prepare for a discussion at the next meeting.
This discussion was very extensive with many thoughts presented.

• Matthews Buses, Tony noted that there are now 3 more road, that’s 9 now available for warranty and repairs. Restructuring is still be organized, parts van was discussed, and parts at the local facility. Discussion took place on the services that are available from Matthews. Tony offered to answer any questions presented.
• Cummins NE, David Powers note that they will now have an Elmira facility with road service, NYSERDA grant, and 6.7 engine will be presented as Natural Gas soon.
• New York Bus Sales, Daryl T-3 will be ready to go next week, check with NYBS for further information.
• Leonard Bus Sales, Nick web page is being up dated daily, please check it out, there is training programs available with many subjects offered. Seat panels with broken weld were discussed with an offer to come to your place if there is more than 5 to be repaired, anything less than that contact Leonard Bus for their assistance.
• Penn Detroit Diesel Allison, Bill Wolff will have a Webasto representative present, tech information may be available if the need is presented, and planning for the NYSEDA member present. This is planned for Liverpool Transportation Center.
• Kenworth of Syracuse, Rick Gigliotti hopes to see many at the May meeting that they are sponsoring. Emissions’, DEF and cleaning of DPF are the planned presentation.
• Pasccar Parts, Tony Zangoglia introduced himself and the Pasccar Parts Company.
• Stadium International, Pat noted that they have DPF cleaning available check with them when needed service, and he thanks everyone for attending.

Round table;
• Don Brown noted an issue with a 2010 Thomas Bus, battery cable on the sliding tray the wire has been found chafe and shorted to ground, he has been turning the battery around to help cure this issue.
• Keith noted that Dodge Caravan 3.6 engine, 2012 with oil in air cleaner, cause is unexplained at this time, further checking is being done. Discussion took place about sending out buses though a district that is closed due to weather condition. I.e. sports trip to Mexico CSD when Syracuse is closed due to weather. Some districts have no policies to cover this type of consideration.
• Harlan noted airline freezing with AD-9 Bendix, Bendix noted that they think there maybe a few filters that are defective, Harlan and Vic has sent units to them to check, more information is to follow. Cameras issue; noted to cold season causes noise and not working. Daryl noted that “Angeltrac 3.0” has an update available, contact Daryl for further information. Comfort Air system , need to check the under “Z” spring found pin broken, found with aggressive braking caused Dog tracking.
• Lacey 2011 Cummins engine that soft plugs are corroding and letting antifreeze to enter the base pan. Cummins, Dave Powers noted that Cummins does know there may be an issue due to casting problem with casting to soft plug. Fuel tanks are rotting out has surfaced on C2’s. Push to Connect fittings are leaking and causing a failure on smaller diameters line most common. Air bag corrosion at base is also became visible condition. Lower body panels are rusting through on C2’s are becoming an issue.
• Ed from Sandy Creek, Airline check valves spring failure on SR-7 valve discussion took place on the causes and fix, this has surface more frequent in the past 5 years.

Next meeting: At Liverpool Transportation with Penn Detroit as sponsors.

Thanks to Superior Lubricates and there staff for the information presented and the use of their facility.


Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as heard and recorded, any errors additions, and/or correction please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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