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Central Chapter 17 April 2013 meeting minutes

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Date 17 April 2013 10:05am

Members present: 33
Mark Johnston – Westhill CSD Mike Nuber – NYDOT
Terry Merrell – North Syracuse CSD Nick Crane – LBS
Paul Antorucci – LBS Rick Gigliotti – Kenworth NE
Bill Wolff – PDDA Chad Thompson – PDDA
Jessica Sweeney – NAPA Kim Weed – NAPA
Mike Hall – Well-worth Products Paul Monnat – Lowville CSD
JJ Richmond – NYBS Paul Abend – Onondaga CSD
George Darling – NYBS Kevin Dattler – Cato Meridian CSD
Stephanie Webster – Frey HD Ken Frost – Marcellus CSD
Bob Olmsted – Syracuse SD Victor Tripp – Carthage CSD
Ed Hess – Sandy Creek CSD Kenneth Roussel – Cummins NE
Jeff Chapon – Jamesville-DeWitt CSD Rich Guaruse – Liverpool CSD
Dana Nelson – Baldwinsville CSD Harlan Pudney Jr. – Dryden CSD
PJ Schmid – Rudy Schmid Inc. Tim McCall – Rudy Schmid Inc.
Conrad Janke – Commercial Truck Tire Co. George Toper – E Syr Minoa CSD
Donald Brown – Lansing CSD Dan Elderbroom – Liverpool CSD
Keith Sutliff – Cortland City SD

Meeting called to order by President Don Brown

Pledge of Allegiance was led by the President

Thank you to, Jessica Sweeney and the NAPA Co. for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 20 March 2013 presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom,
Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Old Business; PJ Schmid noted that there is a local charity that may be a good candidate to receive some of the donation that the Central Chapter, the name is “Charity For Children” PJ will get further information on this charity.

New Business;
• The State dues for the HMA are due and the treasurer noted that we have $870.00 that is owed for 2012-13 year. Motion was made to pay the respective amount; this was seconded, and accepted.
• Motion was made that the Central Chapter authorize 4 - $50.00 door prizes for the 2013 Summer Seminar program.
• The annul election of officers will be held at the May meeting of the Central Chapter HMA.
• It was brought to the attention of those present that some NYHMA chapters have an “End of Year” gathering, and it was presented that we consider this for the Central Chapter. If you have any thoughts on this proposal please contact the officers. PJ noted that there is an area at the Chief’s stadium that is set aside for this type of entertainment at the baseball games; he has offered to gather information on this possibly. Jessica noted that some organization have the costs of set by asking the supporting vendors for assistance in the cost.

• WEB Page: The web page has an area on it that the treasure has established to show the paid districts and vendors for the summer seminar of 2013, you can check this to see if your organization has submitted a registration to attend form. If you have any questions contact Dan Elderbroom for more information.
• Summer Seminar; Volunteers are still needed to assist in the operation of the 2013 summer seminar, if you can help out contact Harlan. Harlan also noted that he needs someone to assist him in his duties, contact him if you can help. Harlan also asked for suggestions from those present on presenters and presentations that would be beneficial to those attending. Some ideas presented were exhaust emissions maintenance including DEF, Lubrication information, DEF distribution & storage, filtration, were a few other ideas. If you have any recommendations contact Harlan. Mike Nuber noted that it’s his opinion that many of the proposed changes to the DOT laws and regulations and compliance proposals will not be in completed state that a presentation can be organized in time. Mike will check on DOT information to see if a presentation could be put together. A discussion took place and all these items.
• Membership Call; No known sick calls were presented, it was noted on the passing of Harlan’s father in the past weeks and our sincere sympathy was extended to Harlan and his family.
• State HMA; Mike had sent an email of information on the State HMA meeting in Albany, that was discussed. There was a note that there is only a few GPS units that can be installed on buses, further information is needed on this statement.

NYSDOT; Mike noted some information that was presented in past meetings he wished to clarify, included with the “Tire Pressure Monitor” regulation that has been sent out. MFI lamp and what is expected for DOT inspection was discussed and the check engine light procedure also. Mike had read the regulations that have been sent out and posted to the NYHMA web site. He also covered past practices for inspections and what will need to be done to be in compliance. TCS (traction control) light also was discussed and its effect on DOT inspections. Mike also again noted all changes in NYDOT requirements and regulation take time to complete and not to anticipate or read into rumors of information, wait until all is complete and presented in its final form.

Vendor Information;
• LBS Paul anyone that still has a recalled item give them a call, and the recall on the seat frame is going well and you need assistance on this contact LBS.
• Kenworth of Syracuse Rick is preparing for the meeting at their facility next month.
• PDDA Bill is still talking with Allison on adjusting the warranty period with less than 100 units and other warranty issues. Jennifer of Webasto thanks to everyone for letting her present her company’s product at the past meeting and Adam Ruder of NYSERDA reminds all that there is still funds available and to submit your request as soon as possible.
• Rudy Schmid PJ noted that he has all the equipment and facility for the undercoat protection with “Rust Check” if you would like more information on the Rust Check product contact PJ.
• CTTC Conrad advised everyone that the Goodyear state contract pricing for tires is all set and if you need further information on costs and what is available contact them.
• Well-Worth Mike Hall introduced himself and company, the services and products they can offer us. They offer many testing options and other services.
• NYBS JJ and Jason are working getting all road service calls completed if there is something that is needed contact JJ.
• Cummins Ken introduced himself and the check system they offer for Cummins and the advantage it has done for engine health. Contact Cummins for further information on this service.

Round Table:
• Don, Lansing noted an issue with VGT system; the actuator problem maybe has worn the sector plate. Cummins is looking into this issue.
• George, ESM brought a lower radiator hose from a 2008 Vision that has been worn through from rubbing on frame cross member. Asked how many districts are using GPS systems, 2 responded that they are.
• Harlan, Dryden had a turbo issue, Webasto exhaust pipe failure and has found that Allied Spring can get a Stainless Steel replacement, contact Harlan for further information, Webasto heater that the exhaust leaks at the discharge port of the burner, he found this when unit was running and smoke was noted at the beginning of the exhaust pipe, forced regeneration has helped with performance and operation.
• When regeneration with a laptop is started you can disconnect from that unit and continue to the next as the regeneration process will continue until completed.
• Vic, Carthage also has a few issues with the check valve failure on Blue Birds, he has found a steering shaft u-joint failure on AA tight steering is first indicator, Cummins injector pump leaking at main housing, SCR system that gone into de-rate step, you can get back to the shop with it by clearing codes this will clear de-rate until signal is set again. This only done to get your unit back to the shop. Low air buzzer has appeared not to be working after pump down; it was questioned of running or not running of vehicle if this is normal.
• Kevin Cato-Meridian had presented a LED light that had caused some extended trouble shooting to find failure; a break in the circuit board had sent a MFL warning to the dash. A 2012 IC that acted as if the park brake was on, he found that the brakes shoes had a material that had come out of the shoes and created a bond to the drum created this problem. Kevin also noted his concern for the NYHMA to issue a phone book of districts to help in contacting transportation departments when a break down has occurred. This would help all concerned if this was on hand when a computer was not available. There was a discussion on this request and a few options were presented, George will check on cost from Staples, Dan has a drive that has contact with a printing company, and checking with a BOCES unit that may be able to print this for us, one question that was presented is the State HMA interested in gathering information and funding this mission or at least part of it. There was a discussion on this subject and some ideas were presented.
• Jeff Jamesville DeWitt found an issue with a maintenance vehicle pickup that had MFL code that appears to be caused by moisture or corrosion in the back of dash.

Next meeting will be 15 May 2013 at Kenworth of Syracuse at their Syracuse location, 6687 Moore Rd‎ Syracuse NY 13211 this is off of East Molloy Rd.

Note to all there will be a 2013 Summer Seminar prior to the regular meeting all support staff is asked to attend this will be one of the final planning meeting prior to event.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to NAPA for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support.

Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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