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May 14,2008 minutes Central Chapter

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05/14/2008 Time 10:08

Members Present;
Bob LaPine FM John Cunningham FM John Van Antwerp Chitt
Ray Turk Chitt Keith Sutliff Cortland Harlan Pudney Dryden
Don Brown Lansing Ron Leonard Moravia Rick Drumm Liverpool
Bob Damewood Liverpool Bob Duquette Liverpool Thomas Scott JD
Randy Poplawski WG Ed Hess Sandy Creek Adam Frymoyer CS
George Toper ESM
Jason Johnson Elmira Heights SD, guest from South West Chapter

Meeting Called to order by President Adam Frymoyer

Pledge of allegiance suspended due to no flag available.

Terry from D&W introduced himself and explained the lay out and the plans for the day.

Reading of the minutes of the 04/09/2008 was presented. Motion made and seconded to accept as read, this motion was accepted.
· One correction was noted by Harlan, Summer Seminar presenter in last months meeting minutes had stated that wheel chair lifts would be topic for DOT this is wrong and the topic will be “Lift and Pit requirements for DOT Inspectors and shop safety “.

Treasures report presented for approval, motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted.

WEB page: Reported by Harlan that it up and running with a few minor adjustments that have to be checked and repaired. Visit it and let us know.

Summer Seminar: Harlan reported on the 24 July planned seminar, all presenters are in place and will be attending, DOT, Meritor Brakes and products, Gen 4 information, and Emissions regulations and how it will effect everyone up to 2010.

BEP; No report

State HMA: Harlan reported Board meeting is to be held at Liverpool on 20 May 2008 at 9:30 am. All board members should attend.

Old Business: None presented

New Business: Elections of officers
· Motion made for 1st Vice-president Ed Hess hold the Office of President; this motion was seconded and accepted.
· Motion made for 2nd Vice-president Kevin Dattler hold the office of 1st Vice-president; this motion was seconded and accepted.
· Nomination from the floor for Thomas Scott to be elected 2nd Vice-president, no other nominations were made, secretary cast 1 ballot for Thomas Scott. Accepted.
· Office of secretary; no nomination were submitted.
· Office of Treasurer; no nominations were submitted.
It was noted that George Toper would hold these two offices until October 2008 when nominations would be accepted from the floor.

Round Table:
· Ed Hess SC noted gas tank strap failure on 1999 GM vans, strap brakes at frame mount whit is not clearly visible.
· Jason Elmira Heights noted EGR cooler failure from antifreeze and also CAC line failure. Also noted 2008 Vision BB brake noise that has not been able to control, brakes and drums have been changed and driver was change and it did not help.
John Johnson has been advised and is checking on this problem. FS-65 Thomas has problem with circuit breaker for heaters, there is a recall or service notice up thru 2005.
· Thomas Scott noted that M/B excessive oil consumption caused by EGR problem, oil tube installed to replace draft tube has been found to cause problem. Dino test to check system has been used and it is noted that there can be a tire failure due to heat from this test. LED light use has brought down the amperage draw.
· Discussion on the fuel tank corrosion of fuel tanks took place again, this has been found not to be isolated to one bus manufacture.
· Don noted that on C-2 brake light failure has been caused by corrosion at light base. Paint can be matched by color and mixed into touch-up spray cans by NAPA, contact your local NAPA store.
· Ray advised that rear mount of front springs have been noticed of bad mounting rubber and is an out of service if found. It was noted that Thomas’s web site has a section that records these type of service bulleting.
· Cummins the black engine (not many out there) that have smoking fuel and fuel consumption has been traced to injector failure. Oil leak between block and bell housing on 07’s has been noted and is caused by bad sealant. Cummins reseals.
· Harlan, R12 valve failure on some units is noted, will cause premature brake failure, bad fuel mileage, and overheating problems. The vale is not completely releasing.
· C-2’s Have been found to have a bad switch at entrance door, when a bump in road is encountered the door may open. Check Tomas web site for bulletins.
· LED replacement bulbs or some bulbs were discussed and it was advised that DOT should advise if this is an accepted change.
· Discussion on the delay time of approval for floor plans that were submitted to DOT some have waited for months.

Next meeting is planned for Bus Parts Warehouse 15 October 2008 at 9:30am. Secretary will email a reminder.

Summer Seminar 24 July 2008

Motion made to adjourn and seconded and accepted.

Time 10:55

George F. Toper

Meeting was turned over to Terry and Pete from D&W Diesel
Terry covered alternators information on remanufactured units and changes in the field that would relate to the bus student transportation sector. He also informed those present on the shop air compressor sales and maintenance programs D&W has available.
Pete covered the turbo remanufacture with information on the advantages of checking the CAC for leaks and hoses and clamps also covered the benefit of having a CAC test done to check for any leaks. There is a test unit available contact D&W.
“Don’t waste fuel check for leaks”
Also covered was the availability of other remanufacture items that D&W offers including Fan Clutches, steering gears units, many fuel type items, and a full line of technical information on any items by just contacting them at the Auburn Office service department.

The Central Chapter would like to thank D&W for their continued support and for sponsoring this meeting. We would also thank them for offering to sponsor the May 2009 meeting.
Thank you for a great door prizes, lunch and refreshments supplied by D&W.

The round table information is what was heard and is posted as information only. Not all information is posted due to repeated data.
If there is an error or addition to the information posted contact the secretary at gtoper@esmschools.org or call 315-434-3460

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