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Central Chapter minutes 10/15/2008

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10/15/2008 10:00 am

Members Present:
George Toper ESM Ed Hess SCCS Thomas Scott JD
Dan Adrian LBS Mark Ingram LBS Joe Gushlaw S Jeff
John Groff S Jeff Byron Craner Bus Parts Victor Tripp Carthage
Rick Drumm Liverpool Bob Damewood Liverpool Jason Lawrence Liverpool
Paul Schermerhorn Mat Buses Steve Becker DeRuyter
John Dhayer Chitt John Van Antwerp Chitt Bob Reith NYBS
Richard Dennison Bus Parts Timothy Light Bus parts John Cunningham FM
Don Piddock FM Paul Enders Caz Kevin Dattler Cato-Med
Chris Fabian Commercial Maintenance Supply

Meeting Called to order by President Ed Hess

Pledge of allegiance suspended due to no flag available.

Richard Dennison welcomed everyone and explained the plans for the day.

Reading of the minutes of the 05/14/2008 was presented. Motion made and seconded to accept as read, this motion was accepted.

Treasures report presented for approval, $920.16 available in bank account, motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted. Complete report is to be filed at next meeting including the 2008 Summer Seminar.

WEB page: Jason reported that the mapping part is still being prepared. No problems have been brought to his attention. Visit it and let us know.

Summer Seminar: No report

BEP; No report

State HMA: Discussion took place on the error with the cost of membership to central chapter and what was listed in the “The Wrench”. Some members are paying the voted on and accepted cost of $50.00 for each school district; others are still paying the original cost of $25.00. The treasurer stated that anyone that has paid the $50.00 and wishes to be refunded the $25.00 can contact him and he will adjust. The State HMA will be contacted about this error and adjust all needed paper applications.

Old Business: None presented

New Business:
Bob Damewood noted that the “2009 Summer Seminar” schedule is being started and the Holiday Inn needs a conformation for room reservation. No objection was noted on this location and time. Bob also noted that the projected date is 23 July 2009.

Round Table:
· Issue with rusting fuel tanks were discussed, this problem appears to be with all manufacturers. Dealers are asked to check on this problem.
· Stated that 466 oil pans have been found less expensive thru LBS. But noted that the drain plug is located in a different spot.
· JD stocks two I/C 65 gallon fuel tanks if you have a problem getting one, call him and just replace it with it when you receive yours.
· Noted transfer pumps failure with in 1 year, need to check on this problem.
· Ricon wheel chair lifts have some recalls out.
· Noted 466 oil leaks at pump mounting, gasket seal appears to be the problem.
· Questioned if anyone has had luck with the aluminum tape at the clamp points on the exhaust systems.
· 08 Cummins red engine has dip-stick tube wear thru
· I/C466 has had an issue with cooling system reserve tank/ surge tank chaff thru at hose.
· Questioned the heavy smoke when the newer buses go into the regeneration mode.
· Coolant tank creaks on 2007 AA.
· Noise on right side that sound like a bad bearing was found to be a loose rivet in the exhaust on the Cummins.
· Cummins 2007 expansion tank to EGR valve ¼ hose bad.
· Roof hatches leaking.
· M/B recall notice is in error, a correction will follow. Contact Paul at Matthews Buses if you have questions.
· Has found a hose to the “Wabacso” heater defective.

The round table information is what was heard and is posted as information only. Not all information is posted due to repeated data.

If there is an error or addition to the information posted contact the secretary at gtoper@esmschools.org or call 315-434-3460

George F Toper

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