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Central Chapter 16 October 2013 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 16 October 2013 Time 10:00am

Members present: 27
George Toper-ESM CSD Keith Sutliff-Cortland City CD
Dan Elderbroom-Liverpool CSD George Darling-NYBS
Jeff Chapin-Jamesville-DeWitt CSD Roger Harrod-Matthews Buses
Rob Campolieta-Stadium International Ed Hess-Sandy Creek CSD
Kevin Dattler-Cato-Meridian CSD Mark Wisniewski-Monroe Tractor
Richard Delenzio-Baldwinsville CSD Nick Crane-Leonard Bus Sales
Dana Nelson-Baldwinsville CSD Jim Miceli-Golden Sun Fulton
Rob Frost-Leonard Bus Sales Mark Ingram-Leonard Bus Sales
Bill Copley-West Genesee CSD Jim Miller-Bus Parts Warehouse
Kevin Lamson-Frey HD Paul Hart-FM CSD
John Cunningham-FM CSD Doug Battles-Westhill CSD
Terry Merrell-NS CSD Paul Monnat-Lowville CSD
Scotty Sweeny -Carthage CSD Bob Reith-NYBS
Shelle Johnson Bus Parts Warehouse

Call to Order by Vice-president Keith Sutliff

Pledge was led by the Vice-president

Thank you to Bus Parts Warehouse for their sponsorship of this meeting and continuing support.

Reading of Minutes of the Central Chapter, 15 May 2013 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with the secretary.

Treasurers Report submitted and read by treasurer Dan Elderbroom, Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with the secretary.

Old Business;
• Phone book was discussed again and all were reminded that they have to file a data sheet of information to be listed. If you have not as of yet, contact the secretary for a data sheet. Information requested is; District or Company name, Phone #, AFTER Hours Primary contact Name, phone #, cell phone #, secondary contact Name, phone #, cell #, and some further information.

New Business;
• Donations for funds to be dispersed this fall, if there is any other known organization’s that could benefit from our yearly contribution, please contact an officer for considerations.
• George requested a list of local and available Towing services in the Central NY area that are used by the school district.

Web page; everything appears to operating as needed, if there is any concerns contact Jason at Liverpool CSD or Dan Elderbroom.

Summer Seminar;
• No report was submitted at this time. Report is being compiled.
• It was noted that this past seminar was a record breaker for attendance.

Membership (Sick) Call; Nothing was presented.

State HMA; there was no report submitted.

NYSDOT: Representative was not present at this meeting.

• Mark Wisniewski-Monroe Tractor, Mark noted that he is now branch manager of Monroe Tractor located at Northern Boulevard and 481, and has offered his services to everyone for their tractor or equipment needs, contact Mark for further information.
• Roger Harrod noted that he is back to work.
• Rob from Stadium International noted that there has been a change in positions with the parts department; Rob is now the parts manager. Feel free to contact Rob if there are any questions or concerns.
• Nick Crane noted that Leonard Bus Sales has Cummins engine now available for their IC product line, Contact Nick for further information.

Round table;
• Ed of Sandy Creek noted that the early production of the D-3 left side mirrors were found to be mounted with only ¼” cap screws, these have been found to be coming loose or falling out. New “Electric” entrance door on Blue Birds, there is an issue with the door pivot bolts are breaking or becoming loose
• John Cunningham express thanks to Central Square bus garage for their assistance with a no start condition on one of their buses at a field trip at Central Square. It was questioned on how Central Square was contacted, John stated that it was just after 5Pm and the bus garage was still manned. He felt that the proposed phone book would have help in this instance.
• Seat back foams are an issue with separation at the top on the IC models 2011-13, inspectors have noted this problem.
• Dan D-3 window design change appeared to be a good change, but at this time it’s been found that the window stops are not working as intended, the window will drop past the required height. Plastic stops are being installed at this time to cure the problem until word from Blue Bird.

Next meeting: Stadium International November 20, 2013 at their training center. All information is posted to the WEB page. Some of the scheduled meetings were read aloud. Also posted are the pending meeting sponsors and dates. Two openings are still available and New York Bus offered to pick up one, we will contact George for this offer.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Central Chapter

Note: All information is as heard or recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary, gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapter@live.com.

Thanks again to Bus Parts Warehouse for their sponsorship and providing lunch; they gave us an update on the upcoming on-line ordering and research catalog that will be presented soon.
Jim explained the direction they are heading to make purchasing and ordering more convenient, thanks to Jim and Shelle for the presentation.
We always recommend to everyone to patronize our sponsoring vendors for your needs.

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