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Central Chapter 20 November 2013 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date November 20, 2013 10:00am

Members present: 22
George Toper – E Syr.-Minoa CSD Ed McFadden – Oriskany CSD
Harlan Pudney Jr. – Dryden CSD Dan Elderbroom – Liverpool CSD
Jerry Ratliff – Liverpool CSD Keith Sutliff – Cortland CSD
Don Brown – Lansing CSD Nick Crane - Leonard Bus Sales
Jeff Chapin – Jamesville-DeWitt CSD Bob Learned – Bus Parts Warehouse
JJ Richmond – New York Bus Sales Scotty Sweeny – Carthage CSD
Ed Hess – Sandy Creek CSD Terry Merrell – North Syracuse CSD
Mark Johnston – Westhill CSD Robert Frost – Leonard Bus Sales
John Metzler – Matthews Bus Sales Michael Nuber – NYSDOT
Kevin Dattler – Cato-Meridian CSD Pat Ficcaro – Stadium International
Lyle Johnson – Stadium International
Rob Campolieta – Stadium International

Meeting called to order by President Don Brown

Pledge of Allegiance was suspended due to Flag not being present.

Thank you to, Stadium International for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the 16 October 2013 minutes of the Central Chapter meeting was presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom,
Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Old Business;
• Phone book to date George reported that 59 districts/companies have filed data for the proposed “emergency phone contact book” there was a lot interest but to date not much information received. Anyone that would be interested being part of this endeavor please contact George if you need the data sheet. Discussion took place on other possible information that could be added to the book. Harlan noted that when this book of information is completed that the 911 control center should receive a copy in case of emergency. Further consideration on this proposal will need research.
• Harlan has noted that Tompkins County is designing a preplan for emergencies within their county; with who and what will respond when an emergency is declared.

New Business;
• Dan reported on the planned donations of the Central Chapter, with a recommendation for the Central Chapter to purchase about 400 “Teddy Bears” (approximate cost $5.00 each) with the NYHMA logo on them to be dispersed to the children that are in the local hospitals as a comfort toy during their stay. It was recommended that other local hospitals also be considered for some of these. This would be in place of a donation. Motion was made, seconded, and accepted to go forward with this recommendation.

• WEB Page: Jason was not in attendance at this meeting but it was noted with the help of Ed McFadden we found a section of inappropriate material on the WEB page that was posted by an outside person. Jason has found this material and has had it removed. If there is any inappropriate material found in the web page please contact Jason or Dan to get it removed.
• Summer Seminar; Harlan thanks to everyone that assisted in the operation of this year’s program, it was a great turn out and well organized. It was noted by both Dan and Harlan on a record breaking attendance. With the help of the vendors we were able to reach a point of maximum number of persons. Jerry and Dan presented report on the evaluations received (which was about 200 half of the attending persons) with information on what was positive and negative reported concerns. Dan gave a financial report for the 2013 seminar. Both reports are on file with the secretary. The NYHMA sales of shirts, hats, and such items have fallen off and will no longer be sold, so to dispose of left over stock, it will be given away at meetings until depleted. Jackets are still available by special order if needed, contact Jerry. The recommend presenter list was discussed for the 2014 Summer Seminar, if you have any ideas that would make a good presenter contact Jerry, Harlan or any officer.
• Membership/Sick Call;
o Harlan has announced his pending retirement this coming June, he recommends that someone step forward for the Summer Seminar committee for his position and he will help to guide them for his job.
o Special note during our meeting Mike Nuber received word that Rusty Seastrum has had some heart issues and has received some stints installed. The central chapter will send a card and we hope all goes well for a rapid recovery.
• State HMA; Mike has not filed a report at this time. Harlan added some input for the performance inspection and some concerns they have and will be presented at the Albany meetings.

NYSDOT; Mike apologized for being unable to attend every meeting due to his work load and such problems. Mike noted that the performance based inspection program is still in a work in progress and the bugs are still being worked out, but he feels the program is a good program and will be very satisfying to those concerned when it is in full operation. The whole of the program was discussed by Mike and noted some items that he and his inspectors are finding with his thoughts on how it will work. He advised all those present to contact the office with any and all concerns. Compliance program was questioned to Mike but at this time he has no more information than we do.
The procedures for accidents and or injuries that occur on a bus, there is a requirement that we report these to the control center phone number on the bottom of the page. All this information is listed in the 722 of the regulations.

Vendor Information;
• Leonard Bus Sales, Rob noted that all the auxiliary heaters should be serviced and tested for the winter season. Fuel contaminations were discussed and cold idle. Rob noted that there is a OBD software update for Gen-5 with Allison DOC.
• Bus Parts Warehouse, Bob advised that their Web page is coming along well and thanks to all that use their product line.
• New York Bus, JJ noted that there is a Cummins list of codes that will emailed thru the “Tech Tips” soon if not already sent.
• Matthews, John it was noted that Roger is working part time at 3 days a week and is always available if needed.

Round Table:
• Dan questioned the use of advertising on a school bus, it was noted that a school official questioned the use of the US Flag on the “Blue Bird All American” this issue is being researched by New York Bus Sales. A lively discussion took place on this question. Mike Nuber wish to inform all those present that he has “No” problem with this symbol being displayed on buses.
• Jerry noted an “Exhaust Temp out of Range” and advised that he has found DOC being cleaned and set at high idle for 25 minutes will clear this condition. There is an update that addresses this problem.
• Keith 2008 Thomas MB engine, park brake buzzer and light come on and will not release the park brake when put in gear. Update will follow.
• George presented a plastic stop lamp that has had a meltdown of plastic that cause an odor. It was noted that a few district have found this condition.
• Harlan has a few radiator failures above the normal conditions on 2007’s; With a presser test the upper section of the core has started leaking. Engine/Emission light coming on with no code present was questioned. A few ideas were present to research. They also have had a unit that had a low or no power condition, they did some changes with no results, it was turned over to Cummins that had some time with this and has found that the throttle pedal was the problem; found a loose wire at the control possibly caused by some ones foot too high on the pedal. The Allison update for changing the transmission from economy to power mode has helped with a low power on hills and such. Harlan also noted an issue that a BB Cummins unit that will be running fine and when they get ready to leave from a school pickup it has a no start condition until it cools for a period of time. The defects in charge air coolers have been on the increase.
• Terry on 08-09 has had the DOC plugging up condition and a discussion took place on this with a consideration on Jerry’s recommendations for this condition.
• Kevin has found a 2005 466 found to have a soft cam, also he has found that International warning lights are programmable and are set at 45 mph and the new units are set 55 mph, discussion took place on turning the yellows on at that speed considering traffic.
• Mike Nuber presented some information on the New York Bus installed exhaust heat shield at the right rear brakes hoses on 07 to 09’s; it is recommended that all Visions with this item should be checked for contact and/or heating condition.

Next meeting will be sponsored by New York Bus Sales location TBA, 18 December 2013

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to Stadium International for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support. Thanks for a “Dinosaur” lunch it was very enjoyable.


Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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