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January 09 minutes - Central chapter

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01/14/2009 10:15 am
Members present: 12
ESM- George Toper SCCS- Ed Hess Whitesboro-Lou Gelfuso
Mohawk- Scott Gay CMCS-Kevin Dattler LCSD-Dana Nelson
LCSD-Bob Damewood DOT R-3- Mike Nuber Dryden-Harlan Pudney Jr
Lansing- Don Brown Golden Bus- Jim Miceli Oswego- Tim Bristol

Meeting called to order by President Ed Hess.
Pledge of Allegiance suspended due to no flag available.

Bob Zaleski general manager of Frey HD presented an informational presentation on the Frey HD Syracuse branch. He had covered the services, brands, and parts availability with the introduction of a few of their employees that would assist you on any inquires at this branch. Thanks to everyone it’s nice to put a name with a face. A few areas covered were, heat ranges on brakes, brake linings, the future of disc brakes in the HD truck market, stopping distances, and advantages of a process to stop rust jacking between linings and shoe table. Thank you, for a very informative presentation.

Reading of the minutes of the 11/19/2008 meeting was presented. Motion made and seconded to accept as read, and accepted. Special note that due to the cancellation of the December meeting no minutes were presented.

Treasurers report presented for approval, motion made, seconded, and accepted as read. Account balance as of 12/31/2008 $1372.20, no checks written or received.


WEB page: Harlan is still working with Jason some problems and apologizes for the lack of postings it’s been a pretty busy year so far.

Summer Seminar: Harlan reported that no one has contacted him so far to assist in the organization of this yearly event! If you can help, please contact him ASAP. The presenters are still being considered if you have a wish or an idea please contacts Harlan with any suggestions. There is a Seminar organization meeting planned at 9:00 prior to the 11 February 2009 meeting. Jim Oot and George Toper have volunteered to head up the vendor committee, attendance committee and door prizes.

Sick Call: Mike Nuber noted that Bob Cross is back to work and the secretary noted that he apologizes for no card being sent. No others were noted.

State HMA: Harlan advised that areas being covered are auxiliary heater regulations and in February there will be meeting with the state DOT, other things to be on discussion are fire suppression, , maintenance schedule regulation so if there are any concerns contact Harlan.

DOT: Mike Nuber
· Mike advised that DOT is working on the problem of the delay of approval of floor plans. A new assistant has been hired to complete these requests in an expeditious manner.
· The State DOT has revised the standards of testing cabled operated park brake systems. All cable operated park brake systems will be tested by static test only.
· Jack Cross has retired (Have a happy retirement Jack!) most of his responsible area will be taken over by Scott Wilkinson. There will be some minor changes in area of reasonability.
· Dan MacDonald is the new DOT Inspector of the “Western” area.
· Mike is going to make available a list of inspectors with their cell phone numbers.
· Accident reporting procedures were discussed, Mike reported on the requirements that are now established for state and region 3. Any and all accidents/incidents involving personal injuries (treated at a medical facility or on the scene by rescue personnel) and accidents caused by a mechanical failure of the bus are required to file this form. The accident report for DOT has to be filled out with all information available. (Anyone that does not have this form contact Mike Nuber or George there will be one available with the central chapter secretary) After completing this form FAX to the number located at the bottom of the form and also contact incident reporting center for your region. Mike also advised that if your (no injury or damage) incident creates media coverage please report in the same manner so the DOT center will have a heads up if questioned by the media. You are not required to contact your inspector on this type of incident unless requested by your particular inspector. Mike noted that DOT inspectors are not trained as accident investigators by the state DOT. With minor accidents (without injuries etc.) after any police reports are completed the unit involved should be return to your repair facility for a complete inspection of damage, repairs, and have a work order completed with this information.
· The definition of a reportable accident can be found in the regulations under Part 722.

Old Business: None reported.

New Business:
1. Meeting for February 2009 will fall during the mid-winter break, motion was made to move the February meeting to 11 February 2009, and this motion was seconded and accepted.
2. Yearly donation to the three organizations we sponsor were discussed, noting that the checking account is quite a bit less then last year. It was presented that we donate $200.00 to each rather then $250.00 each last year. There was a motion made, seconded, and accepted for this proposal.
3. Secretary addition: A preplan for a cancellation of meetings due to unexpected circumstances (I.E. weather conditions or other emergencies) has to be established so that under those circumstances everyone will know that the meeting is canceled. Anyone that has an idea for this preplan please bring to next meeting or email one of the Presidents or secretary.
4. James Lehman of Lowville is to retire after 33.5 years in the business as of January 30 2009; he wished to thank everyone for all things learned at our meetings. He said that he would attempt to make some future meetings and possibly attend the 2009 Summer Seminar. We at the Central Chapter wish you well on your next step in your career and hope to see you soon. We hope that your replacement will be as dedicated to the cause as you.
5. Address correction for all vendors and districts all correspondences are to be addressed to PO Box521, Dewitt
6. The secretary will create a membership data sheet to all central chapter members, also paid dues list for the central chapter.

Round Table:
· Lou- Whitesboro: BB/ International bodies heater/accessory solenoid has to be tapped to get to operate, solenoid has been placed in different position but did not help, and discussion took place about problem. Inline fuse check was presented.
· Scott-Mohawk: has found that the electronic box for the jerseys and reds had a crack at mounting points box on newly delivered units. Emergency window right side BB frame had to be repaired due to window had all corners loose. C-7 unit with cat Main 3 wire connector thru firewall had to be reconfigure fit due to positive& negative wire chaffing.
· Ed-Sandy Creek: On spot tire chain system, control rod found rusted through under bellows. Is not visible until repair or adjustment is attempted.
· Kevin- Cato-M: 05,06, & (some) 07, 466 catalyst mufflers carry a 100,000 mile, 5 year, or 3000 hr but International has questioned the replacement. LBS have been covering these warranties.
· Bob-Liverpool: 08 AA heat shields for air line near rear duels have been found to wear through from mounting bolts into line protective wrap and line. Contact Bob for follow up questions.
· Harlan-Dryden: Has found that “Fram” fuel filters leak in some applications thickness of gasket appears to be the problem. Fram also has a test program for fluids i.e. oil, trans, etc, you need to order a test kit and mail to there test facility then they will post the results on line when test is completed. Extended line antifreeze is not testable with the test strips. Audits have been found to require proof of fuel tracking and all parts usage tracking to specified vehicles. Contact Harlan for further details.
· Ray Dunham reported by email that they have a unit with 90000 miles on OEM brakes with use of exhaust brake,( this is in regards to Nov meeting discussion on extended brake wear with exhaust brake retard systems.
· Bob Zaleski general manager of Frey HD stated that Dave at Marion Central Schools has 5 catalytic mufflers that he hopes to find a loving home for. They are Auto-Jet part#400CATCTR. They are equivalent to Freightliner 04-20831-00 and Thomas 6124-0026. Dimensions: 11" round x 36" shell length, 4" ID inlet and outlet with ports in center of ends. Dave says they fit 2003-4 FS65 as well as IHC IC-Model. He would like to get $995 each, but will entertain any reasonable offers, and will probably barter or trade.
Meeting completed at 12:31 pm motion made to adjourn, seconded and accepted.
Next meeting:
NOTE: meeting date changed to 11 February 2009, Sponsored by Leonard Bus Sales and Dan Adrian, for questions contact Dan at 607-321-9728 or George Toper at 434-3460
· Barbagallo’s Restaurant Molloy Road.
· 2010 emission information will be presented.
· Coffee will be at 9:30 and meeting start at 10:00
· Summer Seminar organizational meeting is planned for 9:00 am prior to meeting, all committee members are asked to attend and anyone wishing to assist is also welcome. Please bring all recommendations with you or send them to Harlan.

The round table information is what was heard and is posted as information only. Not all information is posted due to repeated data.
If there is an error or addition to the information posted contact the secretary at gtoper@esmschools.org or call 315-434-3460

George F Toper

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