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Nov 08 minutes - Central Chapter

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11/19/2008 10:10am
Members Present:
ESM- George Toper SCCS-Ed Hess JD- Thomas Scott
Cato-M -Kevin Dattler F-PCS- Mark Crossman Caz- Paul Enders
Com Tire-Conrad Janke Liverpool-Bob Duquette Dryden CS- Harlan Pudney
Lansing CS-Don Brown Matthews Buses- P Schermerhorn
Carthage CS-Victor Tripp S Jefferson- Joe Gushlaw JD Richard Draper
JD- Jeff Chapen JD- Mike Franco
Madison-Oneida BOCES- Ron Tarry

Meeting called to order by President Ed Hess.

Pledge of Allegiance suspended due to no flag available.

Reading of the minutes of the 10/15/2008 meeting was presented. Motion made to accept minutes as read, seconded and accepted.

Treasurer’s report presented for approval motion made to accept, seconded, and accepted.
Accounts balance as of 11/13/08 $1258.16


WEB page: Harlan stated that some problems have been found and will contact Jason for corrections. Other chapters of the HMA are brought forward information for posting including minutes and meeting schedules. Difficulties in accessing the web page were discussed and these will be addressed also.

Summer Seminar: Harlan noted that for the 2009 HMA Summer Seminar & Safety event that will be held at the Holiday Inn on 23 July 2009 the following committee chairs have to be filled; committee, presentations, vendors, reception, door prizes, advertising and registration.
If you are willing to assist in any of these positions please contact Harlan as soon as possible, also the will be an organizational meeting held on 17 December 2008 @ 9:00 just prior to the regular monthly meeting at Barbagallo’s Restaurant.

Sick Call: It was noted that DOT inspector Bob Cross has fallen and is in recovery at home, a card would be sent from the Central Chapter.

State HMA: Harlan noted that the Southwest and Western chapters are considering the annual dues increase to $50.00 per school district, raising it from the $25.00 per mechanic. Some chapters are preparing a book of their chapters members phone numbers. It is being considered to bring the regulations of Federal and NYS school buses into a closer comparison for ease of inspections. Harlan noted that anyone that has been questioned on “Top of Bus Strobe lights” to take NO action until a clear regulation has been presented, contact Harlan for any questions. Out of service criteria list of ABC’s is being checked for clearer usefulness, if you have a concern or idea contact Harlan.
The requirements of inspection pass rate are considering to be raised to 85%. Fire suppression issue is still being worked out by the state. Bio-diesel, propane and hybrid bus regulations are being established. Regulations on the use of strobe type lights in place of regular bulbs are being examined. Auxiliary heater regulations are being considered. Discussion on out of service “A” being used after the walk around inspection by DOT is completed OK and later a bulb failure has occurred. Wheel chair area discussed as standard chairs and full electric very in size and shape, and trying to maintain the 12” rule. Floor/seat lay out regulations time taken for approval was discussed.

New Business:
“The Wrench” will be posted to the web page only; Bob and Harlan stated that the cost of mailing and printing of the “The Wrench” has increased to a point that it is note possible to continue. Bob stated that the state membership funds that are being generated at chapter levels are not being forwarded to the State HMA. The state HMA is requesting all chapters to forward the funds due the state from each membership to their treasurer as soon as possible and to maintain the yearly requirement.

Round Table Discussion:
Paul Schermerhorn:
· Cat and other manufactures are considering or have dropped the medium duty engines such as those used in buses.
· Oil consumption has shown a decline after the 10000-mile mark or seating of the rings.
· Changing to functions on C-2 setting in the computer can be done so that the order of or the type of test or lights that operate can be set to equipment. Contact Paul for better understanding or questions.
Kevin Dattler:
· Has had a contact for the rusting fuel tank problem and will report back when an answer is provided.
· 466 EGR hose problem
· State bid for fuel may not be the best avenue, check your local distributors for pricing.
Thomas Scott:
· MB has an oil consumption kit that is available; this is not available until the engine that has a problem is put into the MB system as a problem.
Paul Enders:
· 2004 BB, 466-engine doghouse is chaffing through a fuel line above the transmission.
· Discussion on replacing a fuse with a circuit breaker type, it was noted that this practice is not recommended. The circuit breaker could be cycling on an off with out the knowledge of the operator and could go into a over load condition.
· Body repairs, DOT has been found to request a repair order to show that the body panels have been repaired or replaced as per manufacture requirements.
· DOT inspectors can decline to do a DOT inspection in a building with unsafe condition or environment. Discussion took place on this.
· The 12” clear area of the walkway of buses cannot be obstructed at both floor or ceiling areas. Cameras etc cannot be located at the rear bulkhead above door.
Don Brown:
· C-2 wiper blade problem of covering total windshield was discussed, it was noted that some use a shorted blade assembly. Joe Gushlaw South Jefferson: Before attempting this as a fix contact DOT to be within regulation of changing OEM dimensions.
Vic Tripp:
· Needs to know a company that could inspect the condition and safety of a overhead rail for lifting? A few recommendation where presented.
Joe Gushlaw:
· 2005 365, fuel leak at coupling of fuel line.
Ron Tarry:
· Lower Radiator hose leaks on 365’s.
· Checking to see if one grade or brand of brake has shown better wear or life.
· Discussion on exhaust brake and advantage of saving life of brake shoes and drums. It was noted that some 07’s have the material for just installing this system. A switch is alls that is needed. Transmissions some times need to be reprogrammed to accomplish this change or adding of exhaust brakes. It was noted that 1 district has 60,000 miles on the same brake and drum combo.

Next Meeting is sponsored by Leonard Bus Sales; on 17 December 2008 it will be held at Barbagallo’s Restaurant Malloy Road. 2010 emission information will be presented. Coffee will be at 9:30 and meeting start at 10:00. Questions contact Dan Adrain at 607-321-9728.

Motion for adjournment, seconded and accepted time was 12:00 noon

George F. Toper

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