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Meeting minutes 2/11/09

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Location: 6268 Muskrat Bay Road, Brewerton, NY 13029
11 February 2009 10:10 am
Members present: 34
ESM- George Toper, Lansing- Don Brown, D&W- Tom Barry
Superior Lubricants- Rebecca A. King Liverpool- Bob Duquette, Bob Damewood
NYBS- John Johnston, George Darling, Daryl Wallace Sandy Creek- Ed Hess
Chittenango -John VanAntwerp, Kenneth Conners Carthage- Victor Tripp
Cummins NE-Chris Ameigh SJCS-Joe Gushlaw and John Groff
Lowville CSD- Jim Lehman JD- Thomas Scott Cato-Meridian- Kevin Dattler
Matthews Buses- Tony Morgese, Paul Schermerhorn
Bus Parts Warehouse- Byron Cramer FM- John Cunningham, John Betts
Oswego City- Tim Bristol, Dave Even Golden Bus- Jim Miceli
Dryden- Harlan Pudney Jr Central Square- Adam Frymoyer
LBS-Mark Ingham, Wayne Kobler, Nick Crane, Dan Adrian

Meeting called to order by President Ed Hess
Pledge of Allegiance lead by President Ed Hess

Thanks to Leonard Bus Sales and Dan Adrian for the sponsorship of the February meeting of the Central Chapter HMA was noted.

Reading of the Minutes of the 1/14/2009 meeting were presented, motion made and seconded to accept as read. Accepted.

Treasurer’s report submitted for approval, motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

• WEB page: No report
• Summer Seminar: July 23,2009 date is established and a meeting was conducted prior to this meeting a few new changes are being considered and implemented due to higher costs; pre-register cost will be increased to $10.00 from-$5.00, and at the door registration will be $20.00. Vendor costs will remain at $600.00 same as last year a dead line of 15 May 2009, participation is going to be required with a higher cost after a set date. Vendor letters are to be sent out soon and the registration letters will be emailed or mailed by March 1st 2009. These forms will also be on the web page for down loading. All members please note that the proper address for the Central Chapter is to be used all-previous addresses is no longer used. Please note this when submitting to your business offices. Volunteers are still needed please contact Harlan if you can help.
• Sick Call: None reported
• BEP: The information is available on the WEB page please check you information for being correct contacts.
• State HMA: Albany meeting will be held next week, Regionalize and/or consolidation of districts was being discussed, and many new changes are in the wind. We need to monitor all these changes to know how you will be affected. More districts are showing an interest of the training programs that the HMA offers.

Vendor information:
• D&W, Tom Barry noted the Fram filter corp. advised that the PH8942 with a gasket problem is a oil filter not fuel filter as noted in last months meeting, Tom updated a few new items of information that is useful. Contact Tom for more info.
• John Johnston noted the concerns of everyone on the changes that may occur if the budgets are to be reviewed and cut, we as technicians need to be abreast of these to prevent any unnecessary cuts to the design cost of our units. He recommends that the letter be read in regards to this issue and will forward all information to the secretary for emailing to everyone. Other vendors noted the same concerns.
• Rebecca of Superior Lubricates offered information on products.
• Chris from Cummins NE notified us that for the next few months Mike will be with Chris on her route, so if the need arises for you to have a discussion with him contact Chris.

Old Business:
• Checks to sent today for donations approved last meeting

New Business:
• List of paid members available and was sent around
• List of members of Central Chapter is also available and will be sent to anyone wishing to have it. This list will contain District, primary contact name and number and the secondary contact name and number. Contact the secretary if you would like a copy.
• The secretary is establishing a email central point for the Central Chapter thru live.com this will be started when all information is installed, so be prepared for a test message within the next few weeks, you will not have to respond if you receive it ok.

Round Table:
• Vic reported a problem with AA-‘07steering column pin wear and the cost of replacement. John Johnston reported that he will check on this problem and get back to us, he inquired if there is a worn column still available.
• John –FM noted that on C-2s have had a problem with the park brake control pulling out of the dash, there is a repair with a reinforcement plate that is installed. Type of hoses that are required for auxiliary heaters was discussed. If an inspector questions contact Harlan.
• Adam –CS 444 belt idlers and bearing assemblies failure when needed in the past the complete assembly was replaced, International now has just the bearing available if needed also Tom noted that NAPA has bearing available. Contact Adam or Tom for part number. EGR cooler discussion noted that the coolant level has to be above the sight glass for positive cooling. This is referenced to warranty coverage.
• Tim –Oswego 05-06 Micro Birds have been found to have heater hose adaptor ¾ to 1 inch in left front wheel well that is rotting away and leaking. Others noted the same type problem.
• Ed- Sandy Creek 07 GM Micro Birds engine light activates, manufacture has impression that it is caused by the larger cooling capacity with auxiliary heater water temp is not raising fast enough causing the ECM to sense a problem. Discussion took place on this subject and other type heat source is being researched by NYBS. Regeneration procedures were discussed on this type and other manufactures units. Reminder Do’s & Don’ts, not inside a building and do not leave unit unattended.
• Harlan gave note thanks to all that offer assistance on his vandalism of tire in his fleet. Cummins ISB unit that has a problem of cutting out as if the key was turned off this has been a reoccurring problem that is being research by the dealers with known answer yet. If you have experienced this in the past contact Harlan.

Motion made to close meeting, seconded and accepted.

Next meeting Sponsored by Fleet Pride at Central Square Bus Garage on March 18, 2009 with representative from Parker Corp “Racor” products for fuel dispensing and filtration. Meeting time will be 9:30 am.

Meeting was turned over to Leonard Bus Sales with informative information on their products, services and locations. Thanks to Dan, Nick and Mark for all they had to offer us.

The round table information is what was heard and is posted as information only. Not all information is posted due to repeated data.
If there is an error or addition to the information posted contact the secretary at gtoper@esmschools.org or call 315-434-3460.

Secretary George Toper

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