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Meeting Minutes 3/18/2009

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Location: 6268 Muskrat Bay Road, Brewerton, NY 13029
18 March 2009 10:00 am

Members present: 26
Sandy Creek- Ed Hess ESM- George Toper JD-Thomas Scott
Cato-Med- Kevin Dattler Lansing- Don Brown Golden Bus-Jim Miceli
LBS- Dan Adrian, Frank Continetti FM- Bryan Wilson, John Cunningham
Superior Lubricates- Rebecca King NYBS- George Darling
Bus Parts Warehouse- Richard Dennison Onondaga- Paul Abend
Liverpool- Bob Duquette, Bob Damewood, Rich Gurasce, Gerald Ratliff
Lowville CSD- Paul Monnat DOT R-3- Mike Nuber Comm. Tire-Conrad Janke
Dryden- Harlan Pudney Jr. Central Square-Adam Frymoyer
Cazenovia- Paul Enders
Racor/Parker- Ed Wiebe Fleet Pride- Dave Turverey

Meeting called to order by President Ed Hess
Pledge of allegiance lead by President Ed Hess

Thanks to Fleet Pride and Racor/Parker for the sponsorship of this meeting.
Thanks to Adam Frymoyer and Central Square Bus garage for the use of their facility.

• Reading of the meeting minutes of the 11 February 2009 meeting were presented for approval, motion made and seconded to accept as read. Accepted
• Treasurer’s report submitted for approval, motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted. No checks written, checks received; for summer seminar 3 attendances, 1 vendor, and 2 membership dues received for 2009-10. Account balance of $1582.20.

• WEB page, the map page of the site is to be available in the next few weeks with more features, check it out and let them know how it works.
• Summer seminar, presenters that are committed at this time are NY DOT, Cummins & Navistar/IH engine manufacture for up coming 2010 requirements. Discussed possible topics were, required maintenance programs, NYAPT training programs resources, mechanics are managers too program, wheelchair lifts & interlock systems, power point program of bus inspection procedures and a few other options were talked about. There has been a request to set up the State HMA table of saleable items t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc., 50/50 sales, and possible a give away drawing that would take place with at the dinner ticket drawing. It was noted that this table would be set up in the vendor’s room. If you have any suggestions for this or other items contact Bob Damewood at Liverpool CSD
• Sick Call, none reported
• BEP, reminder for everyone to check your district information on the web page for being correct.
• State HMA, Fire suppression was extensively discussed, lift & building safety, and state controlled bid of buses were covered as things that are being debated.
Old Business:
• Thank you letters from the three donation checks were noted and passed around for reading.
• Secretary noted that the HMA Central chapter email address is being finalized and the test messages will start soon, when you receive these messages a response is not necessary unless you wish to. The email address is centralchapterHMA@live.com the plan is to have this up and operational by the May 2009 after that point all email correspondences should be completed through this address.
New Business:
• The April meeting date of 15th has been changed, as the meeting date was to take place during April break for many districts. The next meeting will be on 8 April 2009 sponsored by Red’s Equipment Inc. and will be held at Steak and Sundae located on Teal Ave in Syracuse.
• LBS Dan noted the stimulus package has a grant for auxiliary heaters attached; you can contact Dan @ Leonard Bus Sales or their web site for further information. There is a dead line so start researching this now.
• Superior Lubricates Rebecca noted that prices are changing continuously and there has been a drop in most oil product prices and has offered to give anyone a price comparisons of their products to other distributors. Call
• NYBS George noted that the stimulus package also cover alternate fuel buses and if you wish to give further research to this grant contact him at New York Bus Sales and he will direct you to their internal person for assistance.
• Bus Parts Warehouse noted that they are there for any assistance they can offer from their vast parts supply and stock.
• Commercial Tire Conrad noted that they also have had some prices that have adjusted since the changes of oil etc, and has offered to give a price comparison offer to any one that wishes to compare.
Round Table:
• Liverpool – 6.5 GM pump failure has found a fix that is available from D&W diesel with a break down on procedures and parts list; contact Liverpool for any further information. 2010 Micro Bird entrance door problem found for manual controlled door control rod and wires. They have done some research on suitable adjustments and repair. A break down and photos were passed around for information. The door control on the same type unit has found to have a problem with the control handle lock pin dropping too far down and restricting to closing operation of the door. The adjustments and repairs were explained and photos where shown. You can contact Liverpool for further details on these situations.
• Dryden- Harlan noted that the problem with the Cummins unit just shutting off from last month meeting, was checking all the wires, connectors, and fuses etc., had found no visible problem so as a experiment removed and replaced all 5 large fuses and the problem stopped. Contact Harlan on any further information. He also had a Cummins that had a particulate filter that was plugged and did not display a failure light. Unit showed signs of low power and poor running. It was sent to Cummins for repair and they found that the ECM did NOT note there was a problem therefore no light was set. Unit had to be driven for over 25 miles to clear system.
• DOT Mike inquired to the status of the recall or fix to the problem with the low speed fan position from LBS. It was stated that the problem appears to be centralized with a particular bus or heater and this is still being research for problem.
No further information was offered.

Thanks again to Adam & Central Square Bus Garage for the use of their place.

Next Meeting: Sponsor is Red’s Equipment Warehouse Inc., will be held at Steak &Sundae Teal Ave, Syracuse NY on 8 April 2009 time is planned for 9:30 am. If there are any questions contact Reds Equipment, Mona or George Toper ESM Schools.

Motion for adjournment made seconded and accepted at 11:30 am.

Floor was turned over to RACOR filtering representative Ed, from Parker Industries and Dave From Fleet Pride Co. with a presentation on auxiliary filtering of fuel, crank case and fuel dispensing filters.
As an added bonus a 400 series filter unit ($192.00 value) was given to an attendee in a raffle drawing.
Ed had covered information on the RACOR Company and the products they have to offer. Special info coverage to the type of vehicle fuel filtering units they offer and the available filter for other name brands. The operation of these units and advantages they have to offer. The Fuel Dispensing unit filter FBO was covered with information on the removal of water and contaminates before entering the fuel tank of your buses, the specifications of these items was also covered. Ed also noted that there is a special value offer on this unit and to contact Fleet Pride for further information on saving money on this item. Crank case ventilation filters were covered; as closed system units are now available which cycles all oil back into the crankcase with no external loses of oil visible open system units are also available.
Ed has offered his services and product for testing in your fleet to show its advantages, contact Dave at Fleet Pride for an in house demonstration and information on the RACOR line.
Thank you to Fleet Pride and RACOR for an informative presentation. We also wish to thank them for lunch, drinks and other refreshments.

Central Chapter NYHMA

George F Toper

The round table information is what was heard and is posted as information only. Not all information is posted due to repeated data.
If there is an error or addition to the information posted contact the secretary a gtoper@esmschools.org or call 315 434-3460.

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