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April Central Chapter Minutes

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8 April 2009 10:10am

Members present: 25
Sandy Creek- Ed Hess ESM- George Toper Golden Bus Jim Miceli
Oswego City- Tim Bristol, Dale Sharkey DOT R-3 Michael Nuber
LBS- Nick Crane, Frank Platt NYBS- John Johnston
Chittenango – John Van Antwerp, Ray Turk Lansing- Don Brown
Cortland City- Keith Suttiff Bus Parts Warehouse- Richard Dennison
Liverpool- Bob Duquette, Ethan, Steve Brown, Bob Damewood
Cato-Meridian- Kevin Dattler Onondaga- Paul Abend Caz- Paul Enders
Red’s Equipment- Mona Wood, Michael Skinner

Meeting called to order by President Ed Hess
Pledge of Allegiance was suspended due to no Flag available.

Thanks to Red’s Equipment inc. for the sponsorship of this meeting.

· Reading of the meeting minutes of the 18 March 2009 meeting was presented for approval, motions made, seconded and accept as read. Accepted.
· Treasurer’s report submitted for approval, motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted. Account balance as of 7 April 2009, $3052.20, no checks written, summer seminar 28 attendees and 3 vendors registrations received.
· Web page: Bob Duquette reported that there are 5 activated HMA chapters on the web page with information on each chapter available. Each member (school district, companies, and transportation companies) should check in on the HMA site is sure you’re registered and check his or her information you need to log on. Check on the board index scroll down to chapter minute’s section, find your chapter, when you find your chapter scroll down to bottom of page, click on Subscribe Form and you will notified by email when chapter information is posted to the web page (minutes, meeting changes, etc). User control profile should be checked for proper information. For further information on this contact Bob Duquette at (315)-453-0287.
· Summer Seminar: Mike Nuber advised everyone present that the DOT presentation of proper School Bus inspection is being organized and that due to limited time to present this that all, pre-presentations remarks will have limited time and all questions or comments will be taken after the presentation is completed. Red’s Equipment has offered to supply a portable lift at the summer seminar program for assistance on this program if there is a question proper procedure, a bus was offered for this demonstration (this is a weather permitted basis).
· Sick Call: None reported.
· BEP: Everyone again is asked to check your information on the web page for updates as needed.
· State HMA: Fire Suppression was discussed again and John Johnston advised that in his attempt to receive further info has only come up with more unanswered questions. A few topics covered or questioned were type of suppression agent, refilling system, UL Inspection of products, date of competition, DOT requirements and system hazards. Type of system, installation, manufacture and other systems were discussed.

Old Business: None noted

New Business: None noted

· Bus Parts Warehouse, open to everyone that wishes to compare services and also has offered to hold the October 2009 meeting.
· NYBS. John read an email in regards to state DOT manpower reductions (noted was a possible reduction of 7staffed inspectors) that will be posted to the web page and/ or attached to the meeting minutes. Pre-heating units for cooling systems were presented.
· LBS Nick noted that if the manpower reductions do take place the new unit deliveries could be affected, if this does happen LBS plans to put in a priority schedule in effect for new unit delivery (some districts need buses first do to special circumstances while others is a normal rotation). LBS also are putting together a training program that will be offered when completed. The new facility in Rome, “Griffith Business Park” is near competition (June 3rd) and everyone is welcome to come visit. Nick also offered to sponsor a meeting for a facility tour.

Round Table:
· Tim, Oswego city, 2 way radios will have a change coming, band and bandwidth were discussed, and in 2013 there will be some changes that will affect all that use 2-way radios. Some radios can be reprogrammed to adjust for this.
· Don, Lansing, transmission problem just surfaced with no drive. Few recommendations were presented for Don to check.
· Bob, Liverpool, Transmission problem was sent to Penn Detroit problem was found in wiring and the cost for them to find the problem not to be a transmission problem was expensive.
· Bob Damewood, 2008 BB All American experience u-joint failure in none grease able at differential, bearing rust noted at web, between 18000-20000 miles, warranty coverage discussed, purchasing lubricating joints also were covered. RACOR representative was contacted about a gasket problem; thanks to him (Ed Wiebe) help was only a phone call away. R-7 spring brake valve replacement due to failure of check valve, it was noted that there is a Bendix recall on this type of failure, has factory installed fittings that are not compatible. MB EGR tube failure with leak at connection at rear of block due to mounting found at Solvay buses. Contact Bob Damewood for further information and part numbers.
· Kevin, Cato-Meridian 466’s cooling line restrictor, turbo linkage lubricate found to work best, offered a recommendation that a petition be prepared for the Summer Seminar for signatures, against the Fire Suppression Proposal until a sensible and responsible program is presented for approval at the state level. This will be presented to the HMA board for consideration. John Johnston advised the members present that he had heard the Board of Regents has backed off this proposal at this time.
· John Johnston reported that the connection point of the units with split manifolds that won’t stop leaking a fix is to use the silver never-seize with lead at joint and the heat will seal it with the melting lead particles. The installation of wrap around the DPS to engine the pipe is Stainless steel but a lower grade that will rust, this wrap will tear and will cause the rust to collect. NYBS is researching a metal guard to protect the pipe
· Ed, Sandy Creek, noted that they use remote garage door openers and that if the button is held on or stuck it will over ride the safety to reverse the door when a object passes through the sensor.

Next Meeting, D&W Diesel at Auburn Facility on 20 May 2009.

Thanks to Red’s Equipment for the sponsorship of this meeting and the refreshments provided.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded and accepted.

Red’s Equipment presented a Lift Safety and Maintenance seminar on the services and program of preventive maintenance they have to offer. Also presented some past incidents of lift safety over rides or failures that resulted in equipment damage and possible injuries that could occur. Mona also presented a information period on the Presser Clears they sell and service both hot and cold units. Please contact Red’s Equipment if your company or district is considering such a purchase.
Thanks to Mona and Mike for a informative presentation.
Any error found or noted please contact me for corrections.
Central Chapter
George F Toper
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