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20 May 2009 Meeting

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20 May 2009 10:00am
Central Chapter NYHMA
Regular meeting held in conjunction with Finger Lakes Chapter.

Members present: 34
Finger Lakes;
Mike Ocque- Lyons, Joe Capacci-Seneca Falls, Todd Gruschow- Marcus Whitman, Wayne Hansen, Andy Principio, & Mike Sasnowski- Geneva City, Bruce Christensen – Waterloo, Roger Spafford –Phelps/Clifton Springs, Tim Moore & Charles McIntyre- Town of Lyons.
Central Chapter;
Ed Hess- Sandy Creek, George Toper-ESM, Thomas Scott- JD, Harlan Pudney Jr.-Dryden, Bob Reith – NYBS, Paul Abend- Onondaga, Victor Tripp-Carthage, Rebecca King – Superior Lubricates, Dan Adrian & Frank Continetti- LBS, Paul Enders- Caz, John VanAntwerp & John Dhayer – Chittenango, Ron Leonard & Roger Brazo- Moravia,
Don Brown- Lansing, BOB Duquette, Ethan Gluck, Bob Damewood, & Brian Salisbury- Liverpool, Terry Haney, Tom Asernd, Eric foster, & JT Pritchard- D&W Diesel Inc.

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Ed Hess.

Pledge of Allegiance was lead by President Ed Hess.

Special thanks to D&W Diesel Inc., for the sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting, also Thanks to Finger Lakes Chapter for holding this combined meeting and meeting members from another chapter.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 8 April 2009 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted as read by secretary George F Toper.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by Treasure George F Toper, motion to accept as read, seconded and accepted. (Note complete report was not read due to late statement and information here in is compiled after the actual meeting as of 26 May 2009)
Account balance as of 7 April 2009 $3052.20
Checks written: None
Deposits received: SS Attendance $260.00
Vendors $6600.00
Total balance as of 26 May 2009 $9912.20

·WEB Page: Updates have been completed, The Wrench is now posted to the page, All recommendations are to be forwarded to Harlan Pudney Jr., It was questioned of those present how many are registered on the web page better the half raised their hands. Reported that 148 are registered but many are not. Again it was requested that everyone needs to be registered and information is updated, this is a statewide request. The map link has to be checked, as the information within is very important when locating your bus garage or transportation facility. Reported by Harlan Pudney Jr. & Bob Duquette
·Summer Seminar; The presenters are all scheduled and in place, for 2009 we will have, Wheel Chair lifts, Engine manufactures, NYDOT w/inspection procedures, and Coolant & “Long Life Coolant” issues, maintenance, testing and requirements. 14 Vendors are registered to attend at this time, it was noted that do to the good response to this event that any other vendors interested in attending would be offered the $600.00 vendors fee until 1 July 2009. Check with your vendors on attending this event if they are not already attending.
·Sick Call; None reported
·BEP; No report
·State HMA; Fire suppression was discussed again, it appears that ALL buses are being considered for this requirement. Information received was discussed with more information to follow. It was noted that the HMA should consider a petition-signing event at the summer seminar to express the NYHMA stand on this issue. The Board of Directors list will be posted and also the will be a Board of Directors meeting to be held at Liverpool Transportation facility tomorrow 21 May 2009. It was noted that NYAPT would not post information of our training seminar due to conflict with their program.

Old Business; None reported

New Business;
·The president requested that the meeting agenda be looked at for a smoother flow of information and reports. The president and his officers will look this.
·The president questioned the possibility of having a Central Chapter representative for the Tech/mechanic rodeo at the NYAPT seminar in Albany. Discussion took place on few ideas that were presented. Vic noted that Jefferson/Lewis county has a program in place and has sent a mechanic to this event, also Mike Ocque of Lyons CSD has participate in this event and offered a lot of information on it’s operation. If anyone has any ideas on this event or input contact the Officers of the Central Chapter or your own chapter if that the case. No action was taken on this proposal.

Vendor Information;
·NY Bus Sales Bob Reith noted a “Fuel Tank Check valve” issue on Blue Bird units. It appears that the oem check valve is not closing as needed when full and/or expansion occurs. A replacement valve is now available part# 01237072, or contact New York Bus Sales for further information.
·Superior Lubricates Rebecca noted that there has been across the board price decrease in the lubrication market and everyone should check his or her invoices. Refined oil has surfaced in the market called ”Green Oil” check on this when ordering. Fuel surcharge that use to be charged on fuel deliveries is now not valid and it was recommended that everyone check the invoices for this to sure it is no longer charged.
·Leonard Bus Sales Dan Adrian noted that the Rome LBS facility “Open House” is planned for June 3, 2009 and everyone is welcome to attend. More information is available on the LBS web site or call Dan. Posting of tech information was discussed and Dan will check into this.

Round Table:
·Tom: MB 906 found broken crankshaft caused by damage to oil filled damper pulley, contact Tom @ JD for further information.
·Kevin: Contacted Mike Peters on the fuel tank issue and all Kevin’s information has been sent to him for follow up. Kevin will let us know.
·Mike Ocque: Discussed the ever-changing amp rating of the alternators and the effects it has on replacement of bad units.
·Harlan: 06 Cummins with head coolant expansion plug failure caused damage and the head required replacement. Cats with exhaust gases in cooling system antifreeze were found. Electric dishwasher soap is recommended for engine flush, leaves fewer residues. Fram filter corp. fluid test has preformed very well and results were posted on line within a few days. Hotter exhaust gases at the EGR units are believed to be the cause of exhaust gases in the coolant, which is affecting the chemical properties. Extensive discussion took place on the subject.
·Don, Lansing noted that “Transpec” signs that are fairly new, replacement parts are not available at all times due to the merging of two companies. Discussion took place on this issue that parts supply should be maintained for a longer period time.
·Paul Enders noted 2008 International coolant level had to maintained above sight glass to stop coolant warning light activation. Discussion took place on radiator cap failure, checking line restrictor to slow down fluid flow. There is a tech notice on this in the system.
·Liverpool, noted Cummins has a problem with dipsticks that are breaking off, Cummins has a program to cover this problem with update. Some issues were noted with this, contact Bob Duquette for more information.
·Vic, coolant fan coming on for no apparent reason, It was noted that Passive- regen can cause this condition. Bob Reith noted that in some cases the ECM unit could be reprogrammed to adjust this problem. Contact Bob for further information. Disposal of used antifreeze was discussed, and companies that will pickup and pay for waste in some situation.

Next meeting will be October ‘09 with a planned location at Bus Parts Warehouse Facility.

Summer Seminar July 23 2009 Plan to attend.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.
Floor turned over to D&W Diesel for a demonstration and informational presentation on 200 amp alternators and common rail injector systems. Eric Foster and JT Pritchard presented this with information on operation, maintenance, safety issues, and general questions and answers. Thank you to Eric and JT for the useful information they shared.
Terry and Tom then offered a tour of the facility and the operation that was attended by many. Informal discussion took place during lunch.
Thanks to D&W for the location and lunch.

George F Toper
Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org
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