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18 November meeting minutes

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18 November 2009 10:00am

Members present: 24
Ed Hess – SCCS George Toper – ESM Keith Sutliff Cortland City
Bob Duquette – Liverpool John Phillips – APW Kevin Dattler – Cato-Med
Thomas Scott – JD Bill Myer – Oswego City Mike Nuber – NY DOT
Ray Tuck & John VanAntwerp – Chittenango John Johnston – NYBS
Victor Tripp – Carthage John Baker – LBS Paul Enders – Caz
PJ Ornoski & Elton Mantle - Alpha D.C. Motors
Dave Devos Spectra Premium Ind. Patti Feck & Rich Scovner Tenneco
Quentin Dean – AP Exhaust Greg Brozer – Luberfiner
Chip Raven & Jamie McNamara United Auto Supply

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Ed Hess.

Pledge of Allegiance led by President.

Thank you to United Auto Supply, for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 14 October 2009 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval, Account Balance as of 17 November 2009 is $3027.17, no checks written. Motion made, seconded, and accepted.

Old Business; None reported

New Business;
· Dewitt Post Office Box rent is due, $116.00, motion made and seconded to pay the due amount, motion accepted.
· Motion made to pay the PO Box rent from funds due to State HMA from membership dues, motion accepted.
· Yearly donation to Ronald MacDonald House, Children Miracle network, and Galliano Hospital, was discussed. A motion was made, seconded, and accepted to donate $250.00 each to the stated organizations.
· The secretary noted that as of the January 2010, meeting minutes would be posted on the web page www.nyhma.org ONLY. If any member wants to be emailed the minutes they need to email their request to the secretary at centralchapterhma@live.com.

· WEB Page: It was noted that a few of the other chapters are not posting their minutes to the WEB page. You will find a link to other companies located at the base of page. Again it has been requested that ALL districts and businesses please check your data for being correct and if not registered please do so. Check the WEB page for a lot of information contained within in the links and/or other options i.e. DOT etc.
· Summer Seminar; Treasure report on a preliminary financial report for the “2009 Summer Seminar” noting total funds received or due is $13075.00 and expenses being $12369.55 (to date) showing a + balance for next years seminar of $705.45 (approximate) which payable to the State HMA when all funds are distributed or collected. Bill Myers has volunteered to assist Harlan with the presenters program for the “2010 Summer Seminar” contact Bill or Harlan with any ideas you may have for presentations.
· Sick Call; None reported
· BEP; This program appears to be up and running well so this committee will be disbanded as of this meeting and will no longer be posted.
· State HMA; Fire Suppression discussed, DOT regulations are being put together and will be available when completed. Check these as there has been some error found in the writing. Wheel chair floor plans, requirements, and their approvals were discussed. The seats and the manufacture of specialty seats for buses where discussed with a note to be sure they are within regulations of sized and locations. NYAPT is discussing the possibility of combining forces with the HMA Harlan noted that he feels this would not be beneficial to ether organization.

Vendor Information;
· NYBS John Johnston noted that the Rub Rails D-3 update program would be available in December 2009, contact John for any questions. Blue Bird and Guardian have combined into Micro Bird Inc. for A-class buses and maybe available in 2010. Factory tour in Canada is being considered. Discussion on bus battery requirements to hold up the required power supply. Specialty roof hatches noted that cracks is not structural problem.
· Leonard Bus Sales John Baker noted that the recalibration program for I6 is being done. Any question please contact LBS.
· Alpha D.C. Motors, Inc, PJ Ornoski and Elton Mantle introduced their company and the services they have to offer, noting they are the new local dealer of “hotsy” water pressure cleaners and the repairs. You can contact them at 315- 432-9039 for any questions.

Round Table:
· Harlan noted that a test was conducted on the difference of amperages between Jersey warning lights with LED bulbs (2.5 amps) and conventional sealed beams (19 amps). Noting a substantial amperage difference.
· Thomas Scott C-2 has found that 2 LED light assemblies is a good replacement for the “School Bus” sign lighting. It does take some modifications. The problem has been found with the heat generated and the possible fire or heat damage when socket melts and drops down. Discussion took place.
· Kevin noted that he has found the computer cycle of buses when start up has begun that it should be completed before starting as some test analysis may be incomplete and cause a failure light to activate.
· Bob noted that as of 2011 “narrow band” 2-way radio would be required. Right rear stop arm was discussed that Liverpool has stopped using them until an answer of using them is received. Start relay failure of new bus delivered was passed around with a bad connection inside; this caused an interment start failure. (Note: This was noted in a tech bulletin from NYBS)
· Bill Myers noted that their district had charted a bus company to transport students and was requested to look the charter bus over and check driver requirements. He had found a few problems mechanically with one the units supplied that if it were designated school bus would have FAILED a DOT inspection ands also the driver did not posses a 19A license. He recommended that any school district that hires a charter service to have a checklist and inspection the vehicle and driver requirements. If you would like further information on this situation contact Bill at Oswego City.
· Vic noted that he has found an alternator failure due to loose crimp at the alternator battery cable connection. He questioned the amount of play at the steering u-joint of his units that appears to be the same as he had changed. Delay of new bus inspections was questioned. Discussion took place on this subject.
· Paul from Cazenovia noted a relay failure that control step lights and other items.
· George noted a possible problem with injectors on an International VT365 that is a possible recall if a problem is found after a test procedure is complete. Baldwinsville had a minor accident in East Syracuse Carrier Circle, they had contacted ESM and they sent a mechanic within minutes to inspect the condition of the unit involved. This did help in getting the important information back to their dispatch center for them to know what would be needed.

Next meeting will be 16 December 2009, sponsored by Leonard Bus Sales of Rome. LBS has offered to supply a bus to transport members from Syracuse area park–n-ride to their new Rome Facility if enough people would use this service. So to assist in this decision members that plan to attend from the Syracuse area please contact George at East Syracuse-Minoa schools at 434-3460 or email your intent to use this offer and save fuel.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.
Meeting was turned over to Jamie McNamara from United Auto Supply.

Thanks again United Auto Supply and their Vendor’s for the information service they provided for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support. Thank you 313 Restaurant for the good service and refreshments.

George F. Toper
Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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