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12-16-2009 Meeting Minutes

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16 December 2009 10:04 am

Members present:
Ed Hess – Sandy Creek George Toper – ESM Del Wayne- D & W Diesel
Ron LeClair – Metro Mobility Mike Nuber- NYDOT
Victor Tripp – Carthage John Van Antwerp & John Dryer– Chittenango
Daryl Wallace – New York Bus Sales Stew Knight – ArvinMeritor
Mark Biddle - Richfield Springs Shane Korniat & Kurt Crossett West Canada Valley
Paul Monnat – Lowville Lou Gelfuso – Whitesboro Paul Abend – Onondaga
Thomas Scott – Jamesville Dewitt Ron Tarry – Madison Oneida BOCES
Wayne Kolbin, Paul, & Mark – Leonard Bus Sales

Meeting called to order by Central Chapter president Ed Hess.

Pledge of Allegiance was lead by President.

Thank you to Leonard Bus Sales, for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 18 November 2009, meetings were presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval:
Balance from 18 November 2009 $3024.17
Checks out: #216 $116.00 PO Box Rent
#217 $250.00 Ronald McDonald House
#218 $250.00 Children Miracle Network
#219 $250.00 Clark Burn Center
#220 $17.60 Postage Stamps
Sub Total $2140.57
Checks in: 6 for Summer Seminar $90.00 Attendance
3 Central Chapter Membership $210.00 1 School, 2 Businesses
Balance total 16 December 2009 $2440.57
Motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted.

Old Business; None reported.

New Business; None reported.

· WEB Page: It was noted by the secretary that while checking for information on the page that he had found that there are a few members profiles that do not match their location on the mapping part. Everyone should check their profiles and map information to assist anyone that would need their help. The secretary also noted that there are some names on the membership list that are no longer members or have retired.
· Summer Seminar; The 2010 summer seminar forms (vendor & attendance) are now on the web page left side of page.
· Sick Call; None reported
· State HMA; No Report

Vendor Information;
· DOT – Mike presented informational up date on known items of “Fire Suppression System” and “new regulations”. Flip seats were discussed and it was noted that some have been found to be outside the regulations limits of width of seats, check your cut out for clearances the seat has to be 38.5 to 39”.
· New York Bus Sales – Daryl, Rub Rail update is not yet available
· D&W – Del, reported on the lines available at his company.
· Metro Mobility – Ron, reported that anyone having difficulties with breaking rocker switches on the remote controls of Braun Lifts should contact him there is a factory repair that has become available.

Round Table:
· Vic – Specialty Hatches are covered under warranty if the rivets pull through, it was noted that some districts have had this problem in the past and have received warranty units with no questions asked.
· Ground problems with the ECM’s have been noted, Fuel injector problems have been surfacing more since the introduction of the new fuels, unknown if it’s related.
· BB Rub Rails were discussed in regards to no other companies have a noted problem or concern.
· Shane – noted that he has had a problem with heater motor failure after a unit has reached operating temperature. It appears that the internal thermal limiter switch will trip.
· Mike DOT – Thomas’s Buses with a fuel line failure was questioned if anyone else has a reoccurring problem with #6 injector line on the MB units, it is noted that it is a warranty-covered item. Also noted was the problem with the turn around time for warranty repairs, it was found that just replacing the said line was found, repaired, and back on the highway in a short period of time.
· Discussion on the rear axle front spring mount and bushing problems of rubbing on the mount. The replacement and alignment has been covered by NYBS.
· Cummins “Regen” on a rear engine was covered with a question of other districts that have encountered a “Regen” every 2 weeks or less and less then 200 miles.
· Ed noted a problem with exterior door lock system that was unable to unlock and found a grommet that caused the problem.

Leonard Bus Sales introduced their personnel present and noted the new facility and the lay out. They offered a tour of the building and parts area. Leonard Bus sales has a training link on their web page that has offered different type of items that are covered, check it out see how it works. The facility is well designed with much room and well designed. Stop by if you’re in the area. Thanks again to LBS for everything and their continued support.

Next meeting will be January 20, 2010. Sponsored by New York Bus Sales, location and other information will follow.

*Reminder to everyone there will no longer be an emailed copy of the Central Chapter meeting minutes effective January 2010, you will be notified that they have been posted to the web page only. If there are any questions or concerns please contact us at this address or call George Toper at East Syracuse-Minoa Schools 315-434-3460.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

George F Toper
Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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