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Central Chapter January 2010 meeting

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20 January 2010 10:00 am

Members present: 20
Ed Hess – Sandy Creek Steve Becker – DeRuyter Bob Duquette - Liverpool
John Groff- South Jefferson Mark Ingham – LBS Steve Abel – NY Mills
Harlan Pudney Jr. – Dryden Don Brown – Lansing John VanAntwerp – Chitt
Mike Nuber – NYDOT Paul Abend – Onondaga Keith Sutliff – Cortland
John Johnston, Brian, & George Darling – NYBS George Toper – ESM
Thomas Scott & mike Shaffer– JD Victor Tripp – Carthage
Kevin Dattler – Cato Meriden

Meeting Called to Order by Central Chapter president Ed Hess.

President led pledge of Allegiance.

Thank you to New York Bus Sales for the sponsorship of this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 16 December 2009, meeting were presented for approval. Motion made, and seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval:
Balance from 16 December 2009 $2440.57
Checks written none
Checks received: membership 1 SD $50.00
2009 Summer Seminar $10.00
Balance for 20 January, 2010 $2500.57
Motion made to accept as read, seconded and accepted.

Old Business; Letters of thanks received from the organizations that were donated to in December 2009. The said letters were passed for reading.

New Business; None reported.
Presidents note - Officer election will take place at the May meeting.

Web page: Discussion took place on the mapping part of the page, if need to change the information it has to be done thru the map settings and addresses. You’ll need to log in and go to user control panel and follow information making the needed adjustments. If you find yourself with a problem, contact Bob Duquette at Liverpool CSD. To receive email notification this site you need to subscribe to the WEB page; go to the central chapter minutes, scroll down to bottom of page and find the subscribe box, click on box and an ”X” will appear.
Discussion took place on what other chapters are doing with meeting minutes and information.

Committees; continued
Summer Seminar: It was presented that anyone that knows of a company or business that would be interested in being a vendor at the 2010 Summer Seminar can find the registration form on the web page or contact the central chapter at centralchapterhma@live.com or any committee member. Harlan noted that there is still a need for presenters so contact him or Bill with any recommendations or suggestions you may have. To date the only confirmed presenter is the NYDOT.
NOTE there will be a committee meeting prior to the next scheduled central chapter meeting, time of 9:00 am is planned.
Sick Call: none reported
State HMA: Discussion on Fire Suppression regulations and what is new. Discussion that it may be all buses! 1999 regulations are being updated. Harlan is scheduled to attend a state meeting on 28 January 2010.
It was noted that under no circumstance should the email addresses of the NYHMA be given out.
NYDOT: Mike has been overseeing the inspector protocol at local bus garages to be sure that all procedures are the same with all inspectors.

LBS; Rub rails were discussed; there will be no further mailing of the “News letter” from Leonard Bus Sales. Their web page has more informational content, check it out.
NYBS; With the combination of Micro-Bird and Gardain Buses that there will combined services available until mid year with LBS. “Specialty” Co. will be available for informational presentation in this area, contact John Johnston for further details. John is meeting with “Cat” today after this meeting. Gary offered information and passed out “Bird Bath” cleaning supplies for bus washes, this product is good for removing the black streaks left on the buses of today. Contact Gary at NYBS for further details.

Round Table:
Steve noted a connection problem on the “Visions” PDU box.
Vic inquired on the other districts procedures with front wheel bearing and the use of oil or grease when serviced, discussion took place. He also noted that the hatch issue he had at last meeting is now being taken care of.
Harlan noted that the “Cummins” red engine has issues of fuel leak at the connection on the injector pump; pumps have been replaced at Cummins NE.
Thomas inquired to the normal protocol for other districts when students become ill on a bus, who is responsible for clean up, much input was received with many different responses. He also noted that budget cuts has cost him and his bus garage a position. BOCES bidding practices were discussed with many having different understandings of the proposal discussed.
George noted the heat lost to the mid and rear seat heater of a 2005 Thomas bus, it was noted that an electronic control valve that had broken internally cause a blockage to the water line to the rear heaters.
There was a discussion on the heat wrap that is used at the exhaust pipe to the muffler; this wrap is not covered under warranty after 1 year. This has been a noted problem that when this wrap is damaged or is coming off is it required for emissions? Is the DOT requiring it to be there and operational? Can there be an out of service issued by an inspector if found ripped or coming off? Can a shield be used in place of this item? These are a few of the question presented at this discussion. No further response or information was present on this subject.
Vision Buses have organic antifreeze that may not be compatible with other types.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thank you to New York Buses Sales for the sponsoring and the refreshments at this meeting and Thank you to the “Blue BBQ” for a great lunch and good service.

George Toper
Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, addition, and/or correction please notify the secretary at gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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