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February 17, 2010 Meeting

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
17 February 2010 9:50 am

Members present: 30
Ron Leonard, Rick McKane, Paul Radcliffe– Southern Cayuga Don Brown- Lansing Harlan Pudney Jr. – Dryden
Scott Wane – Union Springs Victor Tripp-Carthage Paul Abend- Onondaga Conrad Janke- CTTC
Ed Hess- Sandy Creek Jeff Chapin, Steve Thompson, Michael Frances, Michael Schaffer, Thomas Scott- JD
Ron LeClair- Metro-Mobility John Phillips-APW Wayne Kobler- LBS Rome Paul Monnat- Lowville
Jim Miccli Golden Bus Kevin Dattler Cato-Mer George Darling, John Johnson NYBS
Brian Slick, Tony Morgese-Matthews Buses George Toper-ESM Bob Duquette, Gerald Ratliff-Liverpool
Bill Myer-Oswego Randy Poplawski- WG

Meeting Called to Order by Central Chapter President Ed Hess

President led Pledge of Allegiance.

Thank you to Ron LeClair, Metro-Mobility for their sponsorship of this meeting. This meeting held at Liverpool Transportation Center.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 20 January, 2010 meeting was presented for approval. Motion made, seconded, and accepted as read.

Treasurer’s report submitted and read for approval:
Balance of Checking Account from 20 January 2010 $2500.57
Checks Received- 3 Businesses, 2 schools $ 340.00
Checks PO #221 State HMA Dues 2009 year $1400.00 #222, balance of Summer Seminar 2009 $ 439.45
#223 to saving account 2010 SS Registrations $1240.00
TOTAL checking account balance $1001.12
New saving account open for use with Summer Seminar total
Deposited for opening (ck #223) $1240.00
TOTAL available funds $2241.12
Motion made, seconded, and accepted as read.

Old Business; Officer’s election will take place at the May 2010 meeting. The officers listed have agreed to move up and a new 2nd Vice-president will be elected. There will be nominations accepted for the offices listed until 1 day prior to the May meeting. Nominations will be received for 2nd vice president, secretary, and treasurer. All written nomination should be mailed or emailed to President Ed Hess.

New Business;
• A new “Savings” account has been opened and is in use, this account will be for the Summer Seminar funds received for the year of seminar. All funds received for summer seminar will be deposited intro this account then transferred to the checking when needed.
• The treasurer is requesting that 2 of the executive officers go to an M&T bank and sign a signature card for the said accounts. This would allow access to said accounts if the treasurer was not able to conduct business as needed. Contact the treasure for further information.

• Web page, information was presented by Bob Duquette and demonstrated the operation of the web page and what is needed to get your information updated or corrected. Please check your information for being correct. Bob noted that if you continued to problems contact him for assistance.
• Summer Seminar, meeting took place just prior to the regular meeting, discussion took place on presenters, i.e. DOT, Tires and tire services, electrical and fuel are the planned topics of training. The registration forms and vendor forms are to be mailed and or emailed in the next few weeks. If you need a form they are posted on the Web page left side of panel.
• Sick Call, Mark Hanrahan, was heard to be out for a while and will be returning to work soon. Tony noted he is getting better and will be back to work soon.
• State HMA, Harlan noted that the final draft has been presented for approval, and more corrections were added and it will be resubmitted for approval when corrected. The requirement of retro fit is been challenged, the information being received has a lot of if’s or maybe that need to be clarified. It was requested that the information on this subject has to be put into written requirements and changes so it can be understood with less misunderstanding of what is being required. Some costs and requirements were questioned and what effect it would have on budgets, buses that will be required to have this was also questioned. White strobe light requirements were discussed. Other chapter information was questioned. Since last meeting more chapters are posting meeting information to the web page. Discussion on a state mechanic training program that would be under NYAPT or HMA.

• Harlan noted that the exhaust wrap on the exhaust pipes are required to be there, if found to be ripped, torn or missing will be listed as an “A” out of service. Any change or substituted change has to be by a written approval by the manufacture.
• It was noted that “ALL” accidents that involve a bus are required to submit an accident form of the event. This form is available from Mike Nuber or your DOT Inspector. This form has to be filled in with proper information and submitted within a time period noted on the form. It has been recommended that you contact your inspector if an accident occurs, they will not necessarily respond to it but they need to know. An accident response package is a good idea to have with all needed forms and phone numbers.

• CTTC, Conrad reported that some of the manufactures are presenting a price increase in the near future.
• NYBS, John reported on the “Blue Bird Corp. and Girardin Minibus “merger and that service are available through NYBS or LBS for the near future. DOT has accepted the end cap replacement. No letter has been received as of yet. There are temporary use buses available if need be available at NYBS, you will require to insure to use.
• Matthews, new web page and information is now available, also Roger would request a link on the HMA web page.
• LBS, check there web page many special offers are available.

Round Table;
• Central Square- has a problem with International 09 Maxforce chugging at speeds between 35 to 50 mph, injectors have been replaced or being replaced by problem still is present. Anyone with this problem and/or fix is asked to please contact Adam at Central Square. Cato-Med also has this problem.
• Discussion took place on IC with blind spot forward by fog on a window of mirrors. IC is addressing this problem.
• Sandy Creek, Ed noted that he has experienced the Cummins Red engine fuel leak at the pump on 3 units of different years. Specialty LED bulbs have an early failure on stop arms
• Some had noted that a good replacement for led bulb that are like a standard base, contact Liverpool for more information. HD bus parts maybe one vendor that has these items.
• JD, Thomas has Cummins Red engine EGR code 1896, recalibration needed, Found an additional shield from old IH units that helps stop the exhaust rap failure problem, contact JD for further information.
• Liverpool, Gerald has a flow chart that is available for the 66 Duramx that has a heating problem.
• West Genesee, Randy noted that there is a fix for the lower radiator transmission cooler line connection failure. Jiffy Fix Company has some fittings, Contact Randy for more information.
• Lansing is looking for more information exhaust rap information. Some dealers are checking into this for more information.
• It was noted that by changing to LED bulbs can effect the flasher unit as it is low amperage will not operate the flasher at correct rate.
• Carthage, Vic noted that he has Cat C-7 with a high pressure pump failure that is caused by a bad cam gear.

Next meeting is planned to be held at Central Square Transportation department, and will be sponsored by Penn Detroit Diesel Allison, to be held on 17 March 2010 at 9:30 am.

Thanks to Metro-Mobility of 416 E. Brighton Ave., Syracuse, for the sponsorship of this meeting and the fine lunch. Ron noted that more trouble-shooting books have been reordered for Braun Wheel Chair lifts. He will let us know when they have arrived. Metro-Mobility is a part of Metro Collision and they are in the process of increasing the services they offer with the installation of a 65’ paint booth, this is scheduled to be usable in or about a June date, and the purchase of an additional building for body work and they are offering an alternative location for body work and painting.

George Toper
Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, addition, and/or correction please notify the secretary at gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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