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Central Chapter Meeting Minutes 2/19/2014

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date: February 19, 2014 10:04am

Members present: 30
George Toper – ESM CSD Rich Guarasce – Liverpool CSD
Gerald Ratliff – Liverpool CSD Don Brown – Lansing CSD
Keith Sutliff – Cortland CSD Jason Johnson – Horseheads CSD
Harlan Pudney Jr. – Dryden CSD Ed Hess – Sandy Creek CSD
Scott Sweeny – Carthage CSD Jeff Chapin – JamesvilleDeWitt CSD
Shelle Johnson – Bus Parts Warehouse John Sager – Superior Lubricants
Bob Learned – Bus Parts Warehouse Mark Ingraham – Leonard Bus Sales
Doug Battles – Westhill CSD Paul Antonin – Leonard Bus Sales
Andy – Baldwinsville CSD Dana Nelson – Baldwinsville CSD
George Goetz – DA Lubricants Mike Nuber – NYSDOT
Paul Monnat – Lowville CSD Kevin Dattler – Cato Meridian CSD
Michele Nicotra – Solvents & Petroleum Brian Laminitis – NYBS
Jim Miceli – Golden Bus Fulton SD Conrad Janke – Commercial TTC
Terry Merrell – North Syracuse CSD PJ Schmidt –Rudy Schmidt Inc
Marty – Matthews Buses Dan Elderbroom – Liverpool CSD

Meeting called to order by President Don Brown

Pledge of Allegiance was suspended due to lack of colors.

Thank you to Matthews Buses for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, January 15, 2014 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom,
Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Old Business;
• Treasure Dan Elderbroom reported that the “Comfort Bears” order is completed and distributed.
• The data request for mechanics and responsibilities is still being complied.
• Justin Zimmerman of the NYDOT Compliance Dept. will be attending the March 19, 2014 meeting for a question and answer period.
• The Bus Emergency Plan Data request sheet has been sent to all Central Chapter members addresses available, a few have responded with info or questions. To date we are at 64 total members recorded for the phone book.

New Business; No new business presented at this time.

• WEB Page: Jason was not in attendance, it was noted by Dan that if there are any questions or problems with logging in or data entry please contact Dan or Jason at Liverpool for assistance.
• Summer Seminar: Dan noted that 27 Vendor tables are accounted for at this time, Jason Johnson has volunteered to take the Chairman position for the Summer Seminar, with Harlan assisting and Rich Guarasce vice-chairman. The lists of presenters were discussed and a proposed list was assembled for research to see if they were available, many recommendations were discussed. The Summer Seminar committee of the NYHMA will offer a signature Tool Box from NAPA as a grand prize and each attendee will be issued a T-shirt marking the 25th year of the NYHMA. Dan also noted that due to these and other factors it will be important that each attending person register as the maximum number for capacity is 500, there were 435 persons last year..
• Members or Sick Call; Mike Nuber advised those present that Rusty is back on duty and at his job, “Welcome Back Rusty”
• State HMA: There was no report from Mike at this meeting. There was a discussion of school districts cutting staff, hours, and equipment that was affecting the ability to complete the requirements of the mission of the bus mechanics and safety of the students to maintain the State and Federal regulation. It was recommended that all bus garage mechanics document all service items on the work orders and all other details to show the requirements of the mechanics and the additional services they render to complete their assignments.

NYSDOT: Mike Nuber noted that there were no outstanding changes or information he could offer at today’s meeting.

Vendor Information:
• Shelle of Bus Parts warehouse presented a new 90 pound maximum seat that is available.
• Leonard Buses have 2 demos available with Cummins engine for prospective purchasers.
• George Geotz introduced himself from DA Lubricates; he has visited some of the local district maintenance garages and has offered to assist the Summer Seminar with the services of their Technical service on oils and lubricants for presentations.
• Conrad offered to do more inquiries into this “Rolling Resistance” requirement that keep surfacing, he will report back when more info is available.
• John from Matthews stated that they are setting up some training program seminars that will be available soon. Rodger’s schedule is filling fast for this summer. They will have a Central New York web site for Matthews Buses Inc., soon. He also advised that with the requirements of the town and county that the move of Matthews Buses to Liverpool will be in March or April, he will keep use posted.
• PJ of Rudy Schmidt’s that the work on their larger facility is progressing well. Alignment and “Rust Check” operation will have a better area of service.

Round Table:
• Don Brown noted that they have found an issue with an older C-2 ECM behind battery box that has a lot of water in and around the connections. He has tried a few suggestions but still no cure, if you have something to offer contact Don.
• Gerald Ratliff has had an issue with a Cummins engine with a “Drivers Circuit” code 302 or 305; loose connection at #1 injector appears to be the cause. Strange shifting, buzzer when brake applied caused by weather packing. 2007 D-3 messages “Brake input missing” a com harness that had gone bad located near drivers position front. Contact Gerry for more info.
• Jeff Chapin had a problem with BB Vision right front heater not working correctly, starting and stopping, reported by others also.
• More radiator leaks have been surfacing through different manufactures, core to side tank on some and crimp point at tank to core on other, anti-freeze was questioned on drain and replace cycle.
• Harlan had a Cummins with “no code” engine stop and low power issue, after checking and testing found it was the lift pump. There were no other indicators. Discussion on the unit had a rough idle prior to this problem and further recommendation. Discussion took place on the things that do not send a code.
• PJ noted that there is a few web sites that have trouble shooting information i.e. IDIFI and ITAN good place to check for automotive issues. Quik serve was highly recommended.
• Kevin Dattler has an IC 2014, which has a stalling, skip, problem that they are still trying to find the cause. 2007 has found a water problem in the battery box causing an issue with the fuses and false codes.

Next meeting will be sponsored by, Don Browns Bus Service; location Fayetteville-Manlius CSD Bus Garage W Franklin Street Fayetteville NY. March 19, 2014 will be the date. Special Guest DOT Justin Zimmerman

Motion made at 11:28 am for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to Matthews Buses for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support.


Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com

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