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January 19, 2011 Meeting Minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date 19 January 2011 Time10:00am
Members Present: 33
Dan Elderbroom, Gerald Ratliff, Bob Duquette - Liverpool CSD
Paul Monnat - Lowville CSD Steve Becker - DeRuyter CSD
Daryl Wallace – NYBS Harlan Pudney Jr. - Dryden CSD
Donald Brown - Lansing CSD Ed Hess - Sandy Creek CSD
Del Wayne - D&W Kevin Dattler - Cato - Meridian CSD
Paul - Leonard Bus Sales Lyle Johnson - Cook Brothers Truck Parts
Ride Caprar, Angie Rainbow, Kevin Lamson - Frey HD
Mark Wisniewski - Superior Lubricates John Phillips - APW CSD
Jason Larraker - Tully CSD Dan Hill - Homer CSD
Lacey Griep - Groton CSD Thomas Scott - Jamesville CSD
Victor Tripp - Carthage CSD Chris Aeigh- Cummins NE
George Toper - ESM CSD
Roger Mundy, Pat Ficcaro, Steve Smith, Kevin Lewis, Rob Campolietu - Stadium
John Ketviu, Guy Johnson, Jessica Badali, Terry Wilkinson - Silverback HD Products
NOTE; Sorry for any name miss spelling, errors due to unreadable names on sign in sheet, contact the secretary for any corrections.

Meeting called to order by president Kevin Dattler.

Pledge of Allegiance was suspended due to no flag present.

Thank you to Stadium International and Silverback HD for the sponsorship of this meeting and the use of Stadium new future training facility.

Reading of minutes of the Central Chapter, 17 November 2010 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made, seconded and accepted to accept as read. It was noted that the meeting scheduled for 15 December 2010 was canceled due to weather conditions.

Treasurer report submitted for approval:
Account balance as of 17 November 2010 reported as $3194.49
Check # 235 written for Post office Rent $ 116.00 note that this bill was received after the last regular meeting and was due.
Monies received $ 400.00, membership dues
Account Balance as of 18 January 2011 $3478.49
Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Old Business: December Central Chapter meeting canceled due to weather.

New Business:
• Yearly donations to "Ronald McDonald House", Golisano Children Hospital, Children Miracle Network, and Clark Burn Centre that are regularly present at the December meeting were presented and a motion was made for the central chapter to donate up to $1000.00 to the 4 presented funds. This motion was seconded and accepted.
• Nominations for the office of "Treasurer" of the Central Chapter HMA were requested from the floor by the president. Nomination of Dan Elderbroom was presented and no other nominations were presented and the polls were closed, motion from the floor for the secretary cast one ballot for Dan Elderbroom for Treasurer of the Central Chapter, seconded, and accepted. The present secretary / treasure will meet with Dan to transfer all information before next regular meeting. Congratulations to Dan.
• Discussion on the issue of this office being held by a school district that is not showing support for the office was presented with information from Harlan on the NYAPT that mechanics are allowed to attend these meetings for informational advantages. The state education compliance act of 2006 that all districts had to fill in the information has a section that is dedicated to the head mechanics association and the membership by the school to this organization.
• Web Page, no issues were presented.
• Summer Seminar, Seminar meeting will be held at 9am on the February meeting date of 16 February 2011 at Frey HD Facility. ALL committee members are requested to attend. Treasures report for the summer seminar checking account was presented for informational purposes, Account balance from 17 November 2010, $2221.91, one attendance check received $20.00 balance as of 18 January 2011 $2241.91, no checks written and bills received. The committee chair requested that the vendor list be sent out to get the companies to get early applications submitted.
• Member Call; Lacy advised the membership that he has gone through a operation and is on the road to a good recovery.
• State HMA; Harlan advised those present that he has attended 2 meetings in Albany since the last report and reported that the Limousine services that have 10 or more passengers will now be required to have a DOT not DMV inspection on there vehicles and 19A licenses will be required. Right hand side stop signs are being approved and will be presented for soon. "School Bus" signs will be approved for reflective material soon. Streamlined DOT inspections were discussed, they are looking for ways to improve, and discussion took place on possible ideas. Harlan noted that there has been issues of transportation departments that have added equipment to the buses that do not comply with DOT regulations, so DOT has established that when added equipment was installed that unit will need to be inspected for compliance prior to use. If a new unit was put in service at a prior inspection(s) and that unit had passed DOT inspection until an inspector found that it was not in compliance and issues an "A" defect, you can get that removed from your profile by contacting your regional DOT office. Rochester Chapter HMA is attempting to reorganize.
DOT: Mike is still training up north and was not in attendance, no report.

• Leonard Buses; Paul noted that the recall on the body insulators are being accomplished with no problems; if you need further info contact him.
• Frey HD, Kevin noted that they now have the ability to balance multi drive shafts and will have further information at the next meeting also they will have other vendors available for any questions and answers.
• Cook Brothers, Lyle introduced himself and offered to be available for any questions on their services or products.
• Superior Lubricates, Mark noted that they will be offering more information on the DEF items that are available.
• New York Bus Sales, Daryl, Water in fuel sensor issues discussed, DPF filter clamps failure issues that have been experienced with no engine light.
• D&W, Del, Fram filters product line is available and a new product manager is George Downing.
• Cummins NE, Chris noted that their dealer ship is now company owned and now known as Cummins NE LLC; she noted the advantages and better tech service that will be available.

Round table;
• Harlan, Noted that the issue of the DPF clamp was found broken and that it had not sent a warning. The clamps are on back order and the number is 4965096, gasket 2871457. Most are cover under warranty it was requested to find out if the clamp is also covered under warranty. Had a BB that would be going down the road and with no warning it would quit the ignition switch was changed after many attempts to find the problem and the issue has stopped.
• Ed, Discussion on this water in fuel sensor issue and possible repair or over ride of the light. Use of testing unit was discussed. Many attending have had the same problem.
• Lacy noted that he has had an issue of corroded wires on some C-2s in harness to controller cause lights and other items. Broken seat backs have been a problem on Thomas, found bad welds. Glass issues on Thomas’s with glass to frame corrosion.
• Dan, from Homer has had moisture problem in the connectors that are the cause of a false signal to controllers.
• Jason, warning lights that have moisture and or water in the halogen lights.
• Micro bird rear heater that wouldn’t produce heat as needed was found to have an air duct that was improperly installed that caused the air flow to be deflected from the core.
• Kevin, 466 turbo exploded this morning, and ICP sensor failure has caused stalling issue.
• Window switch failure due to spacing of switch was discussed

Next meeting is to be held at Frey HD at there facility, on 16 February 2011.

Treasure /Secretary
Central Chapter HMA
George Toper

Note: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary or centralchapterhma@live.com
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