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2017 Summer Seminar classes

PostPosted: 08 May 2017, 08:44
Author: Jason Johnson
Here is the list of Seminar classes we will be having this year

Class 1- Cummins
Topics- Familiarization,after treatment, and Maintenance of all Cummins engines. Including the new single catalyst system on the new engine. They will also be discussing in detail Cummins new perspective on the Bus Market with their engines. They are now devoting a group of people to just the bus market for issues that we are having.

Presenters- Jack Szalka
Mike Sarro

Class 2- DOT
Topic- A update to all school Districts on new technology DOT inspectors will be using for inspections and answers to general questions you may have during your inspection process

Presenter- Mike Nuber

Class 3- Continental Tire-
Topic- Tires are our Friends.
Will be discussing issues with tire wear, causes of wear problems, tire monitoring, and suitable tread style for Bus applications. Question and answer session to follow

Presenter- Conrad Jenke
Tracy Kline

Class 4- Snap-On Tools
Topic- Modern Day Diesel
Over view of the new systems and controls necessary to meet tougher federal diesel emission standards. Understanding diagnostic procedures and maintenance routines necessary to keep vehicles running safely and efficiently.

Presenters- David May