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Question on Parking brakes ?

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Post 02 Feb 2007, 06:37

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I'm doing some research on using the park brake when loading and unloading
students at all stops. I'm hoping you can put my questions out on web site.
First question is for you. What is the NYHMA stand on this?

2) Has anyone seen a huge increase in brake chambers and park valve

3) Has anyone retro fitted buses with the Bendix Auto Brake?

4) Dose anyone have a system in place where the driver's can drain the air

Please e-mail your answers to;


Thank you
Pete M

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Our drivers at Irondequoit apply the e-brake when loading/unloading. We perfrom an air brake test every PM so tanks are drained then.Webster drivers also apply e brake loading/unloading and air tank drains/test are performed on PM's. I have yet to notice an increase in chamber replacements but time will tell.

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Liverpool has been doing e brake application for 10 + years. There was an increase in chamber replacement, PP1 valve replacement, and PP1 valve handle breakage and failure of roll pin.
We did use Bendix auto brake for a short time. It worked very well, but our safety team thought it was not in compliance with the application of the e-brake requirment, and we discontinued its use.
we also drain our tanks on P.M. service.

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