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Rusted clevis pins

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Post 25 Mar 2007, 21:37
BillA User avatar

We are seeing a lot of clevis pins rusting and freezing in the clevis and then the rust is going into the asa. The plunger pins are also rusting stuck. I live in the State of Maine. It is not a defect in our state yet I need help finding info so we can make it one If anyone can help me you can Email me at billack@midmaine.com Our School buses sit all summer and the its getting real bad. Thank You Billa[

Post 30 Jul 2008, 05:46
jmorris User avatar

Remove the celvis pins and never sieze them, then shoot lube at/in the pins/clevis every PM. This works well. They also make a pin with a grease fitting that works well but its a bit of overkill. Also remember,if the smaller clevis pin sticks it will effect the auto adjustment of the slack.

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