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Post 14 Jan 2005, 17:57
johnjohnston User avatar

Recently we have heard issues surrounding oil “misting +/or dripping” from the breather tubes on the Caterpillar C-7 engines.

Attached is a “Tech Tip” that was published through Caterpillar to help and try to address this issue.

This publication lists the updated refill capacities (BB uses the “Shallow Sump”) as well as the procedure to perform it-

We were not able to attach the PDF file, but if you cont service at any of our locations we will be happy to fax/send/e-mail a copy-
Just refer to the "C-7 Oil Carryover"

New York Bus Sales -
Albany 518-783-2181
Chittenango 315-687-3969
Rochester 716-424-3320

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