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Collins type A propane bus annoucement

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For Immediate Release
September 2, 2009

Collins Bus Corporation Contact: Floyd Barkman (620) 662-9000 x423 floyd.barkman@collinsbus.com

CleanFUEL USA Contacts: Crystelle Markley, (512) 864-0300
Lauren Whittenberg, (512) 638-5322 lauren_whittenberg@lpp.com


Expands alternative fuel vehicle options for the Type A school bus market

Hutchinson, KS, September 1, 2009 – Collins Bus Corporation announced today an exclusive agreement with CleanFUEL USA to develop the first Type A small school bus to operate on autogas with a Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) system. CleanFUEL USA is a world leader in the development of Liquid Propane Injection and the only company that will currently offer an EPA and CARB certified system on the GM 6.0L gasoline engine cutaway chassis. Collins, as the largest builder of Type A school buses will soon be offering this system as an option for several of its GM dual rear wheel models.

Propane fuel when compared to diesel and gasoline provides a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and has the potential to reduce fuel costs with the federal tax credit of 50 cents per gallon for propane. The Department of Energy also states that the low carbon and reduced oil contamination of propane has resulted in a higher documented engine life of up to two times that of gasoline engines.

Kent Tyler, President of Collins Bus Corporation stated, “As the largest manufacturer of Type-A school buses in North America, we’re thrilled to partner with CleanFUEL USA on this Liquid Propane Injection system. CleanFUEL USA brings the expertise and a proven system to the Type A school bus market that will have market applications throughout our industry. At Collins Bus Corporation, we believe it’s imperative to provide our customers with cost effective solutions that also benefit the environment. This new propane-fueled bus not only accomplishes that goal, but will also be a welcome addition to our recently announced hybrid electric offering.”

Curtis Donaldson, President and CEO of CleanFUEL USA stated, “Propane is an ideal fleet fuel that offers significant advantages over other transportation fuels, such as diesel and gasoline. With our advanced LPI system, Collins can deliver a quality propane bus option that helps its customers better address green initiatives and reduce transportation costs – propane is roughly 40 to 50 percent less than gasoline/diesel per gallon. Collins is an ideal partner for CleanFUEL USA, and we look forward to the growing market opportunities for propane.”

About Liquid Propane Injection

CleanFUEL USA’s LPI system is engineered to maximize the inherent design benefits of today's gasoline engines by replacing only the gasoline fuel tank, fuel pump and injector rails with an OEM compatible propane fuel system. This modification results in lower intake valve temperatures, denser air-fuel charges, greatly reduced criteria emissions and greenhouse gases, more complete combustion, and improved fuel economy and performance.

About Collins Bus Corporation

Collins Bus Corporation, a subsidiary of Collins Industries, Inc., markets three brands of Type-A buses throughout North America (Collins, Mid Bus, and Corbeil). They have the largest distribution network of any Type-A bus company with over 70 dealers in the United States and Canada. Collins Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of BNS Holding, Inc., is also a leading manufacturer of ambulances (including medical attack vehicles, rescue vehicles and fire emergency vehicles), the nation's second largest manufacturer of terminal trucks and a leader in the road construction and industrial sweeper markets. For more information please visit www.collinsbuscorp.com.

About CleanFUEL USA

Founded in 1993, CleanFUEL USA is headquartered in Georgetown, Texas with administrative, engineering and sales offices in Michigan, California and Louisiana. CleanFUEL USA has international subsidiaries, including CleanFUEL India located in New Delhi and CleanFUEL Argentina in Buenos Aires. CleanFUEL USA is recognized as the leading manufacturer of certified and approved alternative fuel dispensing equipment for both propane and E85. The company distributes OEM and aftermarket propane engine fuel systems, fleet management network services, and associated technical support, training and fuel contract services. For more information visit www.cleanfuelusa.com.


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