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Dear NYAPT Members,

Today we received a copy of a letter (attached) from Education Commissioner Steiner to all BOCES District Superintendents in which he charged each BOCES to form a regional task force that would report to him by March 15th with three cost-savings ideas that would be implemented in their areas.  The range of ideas includes joint purchasing, shared services, functional and district consolidation, and regional transportation.
As association members, you should know that we will keep you apprised on this effort and we will send you resources and ideas to assist you in playing a constructive and honest role in those regional discussions.  But you will also be asked to help us to help you---by responding to several short surveys that will give us useful information to help in state-level discussions on these issues.
There is a lot of misperception and misinformation out there about transportation and about the reasons for the costs related to transportation.  Our role should be to provide information to allow for an intellectually honest assessment of the issue and an objective appraisal of proposed strategies.  We hope to be able to assist you in your efforts to communicate the facts lo cally.
The discussions about regionalizing, sharing services or reducing costs should not be seen as threatening or as a negative event.  In fact, they could draw attention to the realities of school transportation management and garner interest in our needs and for initiatives to help keep our kids safe on yellow school buses. 
I would urge each of you NOT to sit this out---I would urge you to contact your school leadership and ensure that you are included in the discussions.  You have a place at the table because transportation is one of the most-often mentioned areas in need of cost-savings....and NO ONE knows pupil transportation the way you do!

Expect to hear more from here and please be PREPARED and READY to be a part in those discussions in your BOCES regions.  Remember: THE FUTURE IS RIDING WITH US!
If you cannot open the attachment or cannot copy the address into your browser, email me and I will forward it individually…
Peter Mannella
Executive Director
DS Regional Taskforce 2.pdf

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