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MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 12, 2005) - With additional testing necessary to ensure biodiesel blends meet ASTM specifications, the state's Department of Commerce extended a 30-day variance to the requirement that diesel be cut with B2.

As requested by the Minnesota Biodiesel Council (MBC) and the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), state regulators and biodiesel producers now have until Feb. 10 to clear the existing fuel system and implement stricter quality assurance measures, the DOC said in a statement.

The MBC and NBB also called on the state to require all biodiesel producers become accredited under "BQ-9000," the industry's voluntary quality assurance program. Biodiesel meeting neither ASTM D 6571 specifications for "Fuel Injection Pump Durability Test with Low Level Biodiesel Blends" nor state specifications for finished alternative fuels could be responsible for stopping fuel lines in cold weather.

A 21-day variance was issued on Dec. 23 with an expiration date of Jan. 13 at noon CST, the second such delay since the law was enacted on Sept. 29. Commercial fleets statewide including school bus operators complain that biodiesel's higher freezing point and increased levels of glycerin have led to clogged fuel filters. Bacteria in fuel storage tanks are also suspected of causing a black sludge to form and choke fuel lines.
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This has been resolved and was due to a combination of poor quality and bad blending techniques.

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