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Oct. Chapter Meeting

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South Western Head Mechanics
Chapter Minutes
15 Oct. 2010

The meeting was called to order at 9:35. Those in attendance were: Mike Fetherston,
Avoca; William Green, Bath; Douglas Witter, Andover; Greg Preston, Hammondsport;
Paul Fish, Addison; Ron Smith, Addison; Ray London, Hammondsport; Warren Smith, Bradford; Brian Grant, Bath; Vic Stewart, Addison; Larry Vose, Wayland; Wayne Hoffman, Avoca; John Kitto, Addison; Kevin Passaretti, Corning; Chuck Preston, Corning
Jonathan Smith, Leece Neville; Scott Krise, Cook Brothers Truck Parts.

The meeting was hosted by Addison and we want to thank Jonathan Smith from Leece Neville, and Scott Krise from Cook Bros. as the presenters and for the fine lunch.

The treasurers report was read and excepted.

Round Table
 The question was asked if anyone else’s fuel filters were turning black from the ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Most everyone agreed it was and it was suggested that the filters should be changed more frequently.
 There were complaints about algae in the diesel fuel. Addison said they used an additive from cook Bros. and haven’t had a problem since they started using the product. Other districts stated they weren’t having a problem.
 There was also a concern about the new gas (with Alcohol) swelling gaskets.
 Changing the fan belts on the Ford vans was brought up, and it was said the fan shroud does come apart making the belt change much easier.
 It was stated that because of the misuse of school property by a district in the Southern Tier the officials may be checking each school district closer.

Presenters - Jonathan Smith from Leece Neville.
 New Products from Leece Neville were shown.
 There was a Power Point presentation on the Charging System.

Next Months Meeting
 The November meeting is in Corning with Valley Tire being the presenter.

The meeting was adjourned and we all ate lunch.

Respectfully Submitted

Wayne Hoffman

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