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Post 22 Oct 2010, 06:54

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While being associated with NYHMA, NYAPT, the International Automotive Technicians Network, and various other organizations, I have realized that there are provisions and funding being made available for the purpose of driver training and education at the state level. It seems that there is much legislative effort in the state to improve driver education (hence safety). However, I don’t see the legislative effort being made or the recognition of the need when it comes to the school bus technicians, mechanics, and service personal that are responsible for the service, maintenance and repair of the safest vehicles on our nations highways, (transporting our most precious natural resource)…With the ever increasing and changing technologies that we face daily, I feel that great gains can and should be made in this area. I also know that things change and evolve slowly. The encouragement of certification to establish competence is certainly welcome, just as drivers must establish themselves as professionals what we do as tech’s is no less important. I also feel that by dropping our “S” endorsement and focusing solely on the technical aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair, we would better serve and provide our drivers, students, and motoring public with reliable, safe, and cost efficient transportation in a professional manner. There seem to be many goals and standards for drivers with accompanying infrastructures and training to accomplish this. While I see the Automotive and Trucking industries embracing professional full time qualified technicians, it would seem that the School Bus industry has yet to move in that direction. I feel that any movement in this direction would be moving us toward a more complete and well balanced industry, while improving the safety and confidence of those that we so proudly serve…

Clifford Halliday
Head Mechanic
Owego-Apalachin Central School District

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