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December Minutes

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Chapter Minutes
17 Dec. 10

The meeting was called to order at 9:40 AM. Those in attendance were: Jason Johnson, Elmira Heights; Ron Smith, Addison; Warren Smith, Bradford; William Green, Bath; Michael Fetherston, Avoca; Wayne Hoffman, Avoca; Marvin Wood, Leonard Bus Sales; Dave Rindo, Leonard Bus Sales.

We want to thank Avoca CSD for hosting the December meeting, and Leonard Bus Sales for being the sponsor and providing the lunch.

The treasurers report was read and excepted.

Old Business

 The 2011 Safety Seminar in Syracuse was mentioned.
 There was some discussion about the fire Suppression System issues.

Round Table

 The new right side stop sign and mirror option was talked about.
 A letter from Harlan Pudney concerning D.O.T. was read.
 Marvin Wood talked about some D.O.T. issues.


Marvin Wood showed a film clip on the new AE bus from IC.
He had a Power Point presentation on the Navistar 2010 Emissions Solutions.
Marvin also had a short Power Point presentation on, On Command Education: Custom Learning Management System.

Next Months Meeting:

The meeting will be at Bradford CSD with Matthews Bus being the sponsor.

The meeting was adjourned and we all ate lunch.

Respectfully Submitted,

Wayne Hoffman

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