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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation.
• In Attendance: Mark Kozina (UECSD) / Cliff Halliday (OACSD) / Rob Truss (OACSD) / Brad Jacobs (CVCSD) / Bill Hawk (WCSD) / Gray Ingraham (SVCSD) / Jim Hogan (LBS) / Jim Davis (MECSD)- retired / Ron Zelowicz (MECSD) / Bob Carey (NYSDOT)- retired / Jeff Corey (NYSDOT).

• Cliff brought our meeting to order by introducing Mark Harahan and Roger Harrod of Matthews Buses.
• Mark is the areas sales representative and Roger is the technical instructor for Thomas Buses.
• Mark told us of Rogers experience and qualifications as a trainer which includes certifications in Mercedes engines, Cummins engines, and extensive experience and training in Allison transmissions.
• Roger then took the floor and gave us a brief history on diesel emissions and EPA regulations leading up to 2010. Advance EGR and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) are currently the only two technologies used to accomplish the desired reduction in Nitrogen Oxide ( NOx).
• SCR’s use a diesel exhaust fluid, which is a UREA and de-ionized water mix that is then injected into the exhaust stream where it enters and reacts with a catalyst housed within the SCR unit itself. The results of this chemical reaction are nitrogen and water vapor being emitted at the tailpipe.
• The SCR systems designed and used on Thomas Buses weigh a total of 212 pounds. The DEF tank is warmed by engine coolant. Federal guidelines require a completely frozen system to be thawed and 100% operational within 70 minutes of start-up. Engine software is designed to allow unrestricted engine operation during this period. There will also be ample warning given before the 12 gallon DEF tank reaches empty, and even then the bus will not shut down but allow you to complete your run and return to the lot under full power. A DEF tank gauge will be dash mounted and include a series of warning lights to alert the driver well before running out. Only after a bus is started with no DEF present will the system monitoring the catalyst activity recognize the lack of activity and derate engine performance. The bus will run however allowing service personal to drive into the shop for fill up, etc.
• DEF usage rates are 1.50% that of diesel. Fuel economy increases of 5-9% are being seen in Europe. At these consumption rates the cost of DEF usage will be offset with anticipated fuel savings.
• The shops that are currently running SCR’s are just topping off DEF tanks at the time of service and the usage has not presented a problem either logistically or maintenance wise.
• This brought our meeting to a close with a question and answer period.

• Our next meeting is scheduled for February 8th 10 am @ J.C’s Bus garage.
• Stadium International will be sponsoring our next meeting bringing with them a Rep. for Silver Back H.D. Ceramic Brake Linings.
• Hope you all can attend…

Cliff Halliday

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