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bus shutting down going down road

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It happened to us with a Blue Bird D3 forward control bus, but Bendix makes the same ignition switch for several buses,

Driver complaint, especially cold mornings, driver would be driving down the road and dash would light up like when you turn the key on before starting, and then shut down, they could turn the key to the off position and restart the bus and continue on. As usual when we brought it into the garage and checked everything and even sent back to distributor twice and traced all wireing and cleaned all connections and the bus would not do it.
The last time in December that the bus bothered, I figured to go back to the basics and start at the source of ignition power and I changed out the ignition switch, to date what was a every couple day problem has not come back.
Anyone else having this problem, changeing out the ignition switch might help.


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