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Post 31 Jan 2011, 11:34
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Just looking to see how people are making out with the new 2010 International engines. I have 11 of the new maxforce DT.Even this past Monday at 9 below zero they started great. Espar Heaters..no block heaters.

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I have had no problems. Engines are running great and are also doing pretty good with fuel mileage. Drivers love them as well. They are a strong motor. They are all outside. I recently just purchased 1 ventec heater to try on a bus. It mounts where the the A/C compressor would go. Can heat up a bus at dead cold within a couple of minutes. I have had it a while now, and just got done ordering 3 more. Have had no problem at all with any of it. Any other questions don't hesitate to give me a email. Jason jajohnson@gstboces.org
Jason Johnson

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