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Post 10 Mar 2010, 15:47

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Just replaced first exhaust sock on a 07 C-2. Very simple to do. Take the front and rear clamp off Particulit filter take wireing off and loosen mounting bolts. Have a assistant push exhaust to rear off bus. Seperate the pipe from the filter,then seperate the filter from the pipe.Remove fliter completely from bus. Cut the clamps holding the sock on and remove sock. Replace sock over pipe with the end with excess maretial end towards filter. Work sock over pipe foldin the excess end over at filter end. Replace clamps with new clamps that come with sock. Use a good silicon sealant when reinstalling filter to pipe connectios.reinstall in reverse order. Whole job took me 1.5hrs.

Post 17 Feb 2011, 15:55

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Location: 80 S West St,Homer, New York, US - 13077.
We have found that complete removal of the DOC/DPF unit is unnecessary. We remove the front v-band clamp, loosen the bolts at the hangers, cut wire ties holding wiring harness up, attach a come-along between the unused DPF heat shield bracket and the nearest rearward drive shaft support and draw the entire exhaust system back. You only need approximately 1 1/2 inches to install the sock as stated in the above post. Also, be aware that the new sock will wear much faster than the original. We are currently adding a heat shield over the area of the sock that is be bombarded with road debris, which is causing the failures. Mathews Part # on the shield is 04-16566-001, mounted with a #72 worm clamp. Problem Solved!
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