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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation Dept.
• In attendance: Rick Crowe (WPCSD) / Mark Painter (NVCSD) / Cliff Halliday (OACSD) / Paul Schoch (LBS) / Terry Wilkerson (Silver Back HD) / Jeff Corey (NYSDOT) / Bob Carey (NYSDOT)- retired / Jay Quail (Stadium International) / Scott Dodge (NCSD) / Rod White (NCSD) / Bill Hawk (WCSD) / Scott Gorman (Stadium International)

• Rick Crowe started our meeting by thanking Stadium International for sponsoring our meeting then introducing Terry Wilkerson of Silverback H.D. Makers of Heavy duty ceramic lined brakes.
• Terry started by explaining that their shoe tables are a full .020” thicker material than O.E.M. making them less prone to stretching and distortion. All shoe table ends are heat treated for longer life. A bi-directional reinforced welding method is used on all shoes assuring each shoe exceeds OEM specifications for sheer strength. Terry also states that Silverback uses an electroplating process that magnetically adheres paint to the metal preventing rust jacking damage and enables them to offer lifetime warranty against such damage.
• Terry states the benefits of using ceramic braking are cooler wheel ends, up to one half second better stopping times from 60 mph, and 35% longer brake life with no increase in drum wear.
• Brake spring kits offered by Silverback are heaver duty than OEM. All springs are heat treated and powder coated and are built to last up to 150 thousand cycles while OE’s are manufactured to a 100 thousand cycle standard.
• All cam rollers and anchor pins are heat treated and gold zinc plated resisting corrosion five times longer than standard white zinc coatings.
• Terry concluded his presentation by telling us that many upstate school districts are currently using this product as well as refuse haulers, all but one with satisfactory results.
• Stadium International is a dealer for Silverback and will encourage all interested parties to give this product a try and see that it lives up to its claims.
• A short discussion was then held among members present, with no new chapter business.
• Our next meeting is to be held on March 8th 2011, 10am at Johnson Cities Trans. Dept. Hope to see everyone there…
Cliff Halliday
HMA So. Tier Chapter

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