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15-March-2011 Minutes

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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting held at Johnson City Bus Garage.

• In attendance: Rick Crowe (WPCSD) / Mark Painter (NVCSD) / Mark Kozina (UECSD) / Gary Ingraham (SVCSD) / Bill Hawk (WCSD) / Justin Williams (OACSD) / Cliff Halliday (OACSD)

• Our meeting this month was sponsored by Penn Commercial Vehicle Solutions (formally known as Penn Detroit Diesel Allison).

• Rick opened our meeting by introducing Steve McLyman and Steve Novak our guest speakers from Penn.

• Steve Novak took the floor and notified everyone of a problem that he has noticed concerning ’02-’05 Series 2000 transmission thrust bearing failures. Anyone noticing an accumulation of debris stuck to the magnetic transmission drain plug should have the trans. oil sent out for analysis. A service that Penn performs.

• There is a new version of DOC software available for Gen. 4 transmissions which is said to be much more user friendly.

• Anyone that has intermittent check transmission light illumination should check the transmission wiring harness very carefully as it is routed along the trans. and is secured with “P” clamps and zip ties. Wire chaffing and pinching is more often than not the problem. Many times a visual inspection or use of an ohm meter is inadequate to locate these problems, so the Techs at Penn load test these wires using a headlamp to pin point the problem.

• 2010 year series 2000 Gen. 4 transmissions can be spec’ed for torque convertor lock-up to occur in first gear instead of second gear. This may be a problem that interferes with DOT parking brake stops at 10 mph. The engine may stall as the convertor is in lock-up mode at that time. It requires factory supported software to make the proper parameters changes to the TCM (transmission control module) enabling the convertor to lock-up in second gear, elevating the problem.

• Steve Mclyman then took the floor explaining the full line of products and services offered by Penn Commercial Solutions. They are now offering a line of heavy duty radiators as well as charge air coolers and many other products and services from filters to brake drums. This concluded Steve’s presentation.

• Rick then opened the floor to general discussion. It seems that everyone is concerned with staff shortages, budget cuts, and an ever increasing work load. At least we know that we all face these difficult times together and are not alone.

• This concluded our meeting at aprox.11:45 a.m.

• Our next scheduled meeting is April 12th. At Johnson City Bus Garage 10 a.m. Hope to see everyone there.

Cliff Halliday
Secretary/ Treasure
HMA So. Tier Chapter

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