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Allison Transmission class

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Post 29 Mar 2011, 14:13
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On March 25th the Head mechanics held a training Class on Allison Transmissions At the Saratoga bus facility. A big thank you to Chuck and Cheryl for letting us use there Facility for the morning. Also for our sponsor Camerota Truck parts and Dave Clark from Camerota and Territory Manager John Karin. Harry Folckemer opened the meeting by introducing the Camerota staff. The training topic: was on Perventive maintenance , diagnostics , troubleshooting, and Prognostics of the Allison 3000/4000 transmissions along with the 1000/2000 transmissions. Dave covered the accessing of Prognostics via Allison shift selectors for the oil level sensor ,and oil life monitor, filter life monitor , trans health monitor and most important dignostic codes. Dave also talked about the 1000/2000 transmission shift selectors require OEM to display the monitor status that is broadcast on the J1939 or user can access monitor status via dearborn Doc.We were also told that we should be running 7.0 version of Allison soft wear and that a new version was coming out very soon and it will be 8.0 This may be purchased through Camerota for about $700.00 they have version 7.0 on the shelf. Dave also said that you could update it from the Allison web site which is http://WWW.allisontransmission.com Our up coming class will be in April on the subject of electronics but to be anounced. In MAY we will have a class with Pesh to be hosted at Boces in Latham and sponsered by NAPA. There seems to be alot of interest in this subject on rules and regulatios. The class was ajourned by Harry and a anoucement was made about our raffel of tickets for the Dover race on October 2nd only 500 tickets are being sold. It includes 2 front strech tickets 2 race day shirts 2 hats proceeds to benfit the Steven and Scott Scholarship fund of the capital area Head Mechanics.Meeting was adjourned by Harry,
After the class we had a excutive board meeting we discussed the local Tech Mech road-eo and set a date for May 25th at South Colonie bus garage. We will be using three used buses for the road-eo provided by the big three vendors. Certificates will be given out to first second and third Places Our Chapter has also decides to pay the fee for the state road-eo in July. We also talked about our annual Christmas party and a date was set for December 2nd this will be held at the Saratoga Hoilday Inn with door prizes. Harry has asked us to start asking vendors for door prizes and donations to off set the coast of the party. We also talked about the Scholarship fund and have asked Casda to mail out the applications to all of the Chapters Head Mechanics and Guidance offices in the Capital area.The dead line for the applications was set for May 25th. So that the award could coincide with the schools awards night. Harry then adjourned the meeting.

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