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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation Dept.
• In Attendance: Brad Jacobs (CVCSD) / Cliff Halliday (OACSD) / Bill Hawk (WCSD) / Mark Kozina (UECSD) / Jeff Corey (SMVI-DOT) / Jim Hogan (LBS) / Ron Zelowicz (MECSD) / Wayne Paro (Burr Truck) / George Entwistle ( L3G)

• Our meeting this month was sponsored by Burr Truck, with a guest speaker from representing K-100 fuel treatment products.

• Cliff gave the floor to Wayne who introduced George Entwistle President of L3G Solutions. George began by explaining the history of K-100 Fuel Treatment Products. K-100 was introduced over 40 yrs. ago in Buffalo, N.Y. Since that time they have flourished as a regional supplier of fuel treatment products.

• The two treatments currently marketed are K-100G (gas), and K-100D (diesel).

• K-100D is a complete diesel fuel treatment. It contains cetane improver, lubricity additive, stabilizer, injector cleaner, algae preventatives etc. K-100 is the only product advertized to make water burnable if used at a 1:1 ratio (all others require you to drain water from the tank).

• Satisfied users of K-100D include Shenendehowa CSD, Bernie Bus, and Watertown CSD, to name just a few, as there are many other school districts that use and are satisfied with this fuel treatment.

• K-100G a gasoline additive is an excellent product to use with ethanol. When properly treated K-100 will even reverse the effects of phase separation, but is designed to be a preventative and treatment. Phase separation occurs when the saturation point of the fuel to suspend water is reached. This separation results in the gas floating to the top while the ethanol and water sink to the bottom. Ethanol fuel can absorb enough water to reach the separation phase in as little as 2 months at 70% humidity. With the proper use of treatments this Phase separation can be avoided.

• A Q &A period was then held and this concluded George’s presentation at which time Chapter business was discussed.

• Chapter elections were held with current positions remaining unchanged with the exception of our Chapter President. Rick Crowe will be resigning effective 30-June-2011. Elected as So.Tier Chapter President was Brad Jacobs of Chenango Valley CSD. Welcome aboard Brad… Sadly Rick is stepping down as Whitney Point has contracted out their vehicle maint. Rick has contributed much time and effort to our origination and will be missed. We wish you well Rick and hope to see you in the industry…

• Much discussion was held concerning budgets and the future of our industry. One thing is certain, times are changing. This makes it all more important to develop working relationships and contacts with in our local area in support of one another.

• Our next scheduled meeting is August 8th, 2011 don’t forget to join us all at the July 21st, Safety and Training Seminar. Registration forms are available at www.nyhma.org

Cliff Halliday
HMA So.Tier

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